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  1. how do i enable side-band addressing in cpu-z i see it says its on but only sometimes after i oc then sometimes its of ???
  2. i do some online shopping here www.kiwicomputer.co.nz
  3. i dont have a sata harddrive oh and whats some good ram timmings for my a-data pc-4000 vitesta??
  4. but im sure before when i looked there was some installed
  5. but im 16 and dont have any money and a credit card can dfi send me one??
  6. in the device manager under system devices are the memory controllers meant to have drivers installed cause mine dont
  7. does anybody have a spare bios saviour that they dont want or a bios chip that is flashed with the latest hellboy???that they can send me please if do pm me or something
  8. what about one on the psu and the 3 conector thing on the mobo to tell you the speed???
  9. is it alright to have my chipset voltage on 1.9v cause i got the thermalright nb1 and i can boot to windows at 235fsb???
  10. have you heard of this happening before???
  11. whats askew??? i could boot up at [email protected] before i starting to think its my psu cause hot aair stated coming out of the back
  12. after installing my sp-97 and nb1 chipset cooler i cant seem to oc at @ 228 fsb it gets to the windows screen then just freezes and the hdd light stops any ideas
  13. whats some safe voltages for my cpu and and mitherbosrd i have a sp-97 and a nb1 chipset cooler also what about agp votages will it harm my 9800pro???
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