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  1. Im currently running it at 9. My default memory timings are 2-3-2-5. I'll post my new memory timings if I can make them stable in tighter settings. Im really happy with this OCZ Platinums.
  2. Just tried the Sandra benchmark again after reading longball's post, I got 3,693-3698 scores. Does running programs in the background affect these scores? I also want to know how to increase bandwidth, will lower timings help? I Just ran the memtest overnight and got no problems with my current timings, im thinking of lowering them a bit back to its original setting.
  3. 3364 MB/S. Is this normal? Im waiting for my Thermaltake Silenttower to see that the limit of my CPU is.
  4. Idle temps are: PCU 39 PWM 44 SYS 37 I added a small fan on my motherboard heatsink.
  5. Just got mine running at 250 FSB w/ stock heatsink and fan Passed 30 min standard memtest and 1 hour of Prime95 Torture test. Im doing more tests tomorrow to see if it can pass prime 24 hours straight. Memory settings are 2.5-4-4-6
  6. I would add a liitle more alumina if I were you, I tried this mixture with my old motherboard's chipset, and when I tried to remove the heatsink, the chipset came off with it. :sad:
  7. I made this giant heatsinks from an old Pentium CPU heatsink. I had a very hard time cutting it up, but it was worth it. I went with the humongous heatsink to avoid adding another fan and extra noise to my setup. Viper, do you have a website for all you products, I'd like to check them out. Edit: Sorry dont mean to thread crap. If this post should be considered a TC, mods please delete this.
  8. Got the same problem here, my SATA sometimes disappers in SATA 3/4
  9. Athlon64 2800+. Stock heatsink & Fan. Giant M/B heatsink. 2 80mm intake fans, 2 80mm exhuast fans. Temps of 38, 41, 42 at Idle @ 220x9 overclock with stock voltages. 1. Pic attached 2. Pic attached 3. Heatsink is warm, warmer than my CPU 4. Bios is 9/14/04 Im getting a Thermaltake Silenttower and ill post the new results here when its installed.
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