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  1. I had trouble running 3 sticks before. The BIOS will automatically set your memory to 333 instead of 400. You can change it manually, but me and some others here had difficulty having it run stably, especially if you plan to overclock it.
  2. Rgone, any new official bios releases in the near future?
  3. I once tried running with 3 sticks at 333 and the computer is A LOT slower compared to 2 sticks with less memory at 400. I suggest you sell or trade your 2 512 sticks and get a 1G stick to pair with your remaining 512 stick. I did that before.
  4. I also used to have that problem, but all of that changed when I replaced my memory. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=4038 Good luck with your overclocking Edit: Your 240 FSB does NOT suck! LOL
  5. RGone, What is the latest DFI approved bios for the NF3 Lanparty and are there any new ones coming out soon?
  6. My stock HS got very hot as well. Now it is noticably cooler to the touch. I also put the extra HS fron the Vactec kit on my PWM IC as it also got pretty hot If your interested this thread has some pic of where its located. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...=&threadid=2064
  7. Nice. Im glad to see another TT SilentTower user here
  8. Anandtech has recommended a Patriot TCCD memory in their new guide. http://www.anandtech.com/guides/showdoc.aspx?i=2324&p=4 It does 2-2-2-5 and is the cheapest so far.
  9. I does move a little bit when i try to twist it, and i think this is normal as the retention clip's are a bit slimmer than the original ones. But as long as the clips are pushed all the way thru, I dont see any problems. Did your temps improve?
  10. I also currently use the vantec cooler in my nf3 chipset and those retention clips seem to do their job of holding the chipset pretty well.
  11. I got tired and changed my memory to a PC4000 and im currently running at 250FSB with no problems at 3-4-4-8. CPU voltage at 104% Chipset 1.6V AGP 1.6 V Dram 2.7V So far so good. No errors no far. I'll try to run a prime test for 24 hours straight to see if any errors crop up. Edit: I encountered some errors so its down to 245FSB now, but it is completely stable. CPU voltage at 110% Chipset 1.7V AGP 1.7 V Dram 2.8V
  12. My PC system now is acting very flaky lately even though it isnt overclocked so I've decided to reformat my PC. What NVIDIA drivers should I install and avoid? What other tips, drivers and utilities do you guys suggest for a person doing a clean system Windows XP installation?
  13. Timings I tried are at 3-5-5-7. Normal timings of my RAM is 2-3-2-5. BIOS is Oskar's 10/05/04 version. CPC is on. Should it be off?
  14. I had 2 256MB OCZ 3200 EL Platinums before and they could overclock to 250 FSB easily and was rock stable even with stock cooling. I changed by memory sticks to 2 512 OCZ 3200 EL Platinums and now I cant pass the memtest even at only 220 FSB and at very relaxed timings. Ive tried increasing my chipset and memory voltages, relaxed my memory timings & tried different memory slot configurations. What gives?! BTW my chipset is currently actively cooled and I also installed a passive heatsink in the PWM chip. I have a 90mm front intake and 80mm side intake fan. I also have a 90mm exhaust fan for my case. Heat is not a problem. The only thing I changed is my memory and videocard.
  15. So you suggest raising the chipset voltage to 1.8?
  16. I dont know why, but it might have something to do with your new video card. I also had better overclocking results with my 9600XT compared to my 6800GT. Of course even if you have considerably less FSB using the new card, your benchmark speed will still be faster with the new videocard compared to your old setup.
  17. Hi. How did you uninstall it? Thanks UPDATE: I re-installed the new drivers that NVidia released (66.93) and I have not encountered any crashing problems since.
  18. My Silencer in on the way to me too and I was thinking of doing the same thing myself as my old board didnt have any AGP lock at all. I think it would be extremely hard to remove the Video Card with the AGP lock from the board if the Silencer is installed to the card.
  19. Update: I tried overclocking with my single 512MB OCZ EL Platinum and I could go nowhere near my 2 256MB OCZs overclocking. I could reach 250FSB easily with the 256MBs with stock cooling but I could never post at 250FSB with the single 512MB even with extremely relaxed timings and a great CPU cooler.
  20. I hope someone will post the detailed specs on how much amps the fan controller can take. Im also planning to use a 3-wire splitter on the 3rd 3pin header.
  21. I currently also have an Audigy and I have set the AC97 to disable since I have no plans to use the on-board sound. But even before I disabled it, I had no problems installing the Audigy's drivers. Try moving the Audigy to a different PCI slot, maybe that might just do the trick.
  22. It just drops out of games, a game-crash window pops up when it does this. I have another 512 stick coming on the way so that the uneven 256 & 512 possibility will be tested. But no problems encountered in memtest, both in standard and extended tests. Currently I've set my timings at 2-3-3-5 since one ram's default timings are 2-2-3-5 and the other is at 2-3-2-5. I hope Nvidia makes a driver fix for this since I noticed all people who have problems with their 6800s have NF3 motherboards. Which is a bummer since I bought the 6800GT over the ATIs just because I wanted to get a matching Nvidia Videocard with my NF3 MB :mad: Hi Gix, I tried those fixes in that thread and the problem is still there.
  23. Its going out the desktop. It happens at random points in the game and random times. I havent tried putting an external fan on it yet. My card is not overclocked, so I dont think temperatures are the source of problem. I do have a nvidia silencer coming though...I hope it solves the problem.
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