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  1. tortie: Where did you purchase your Raptors from?


    Some companies will sell "pulls". These are drives that have been removed from OEM or branded (Dell, Gateway, Compaq, etc) systems or servers.


    The warranty for these types of drives is much different as it requires you to go back to the original place of purchase for warranty replacement.


    Examine the label on top of the drive and see if it has a brand name on it, besides the Western Digital logo.


    Nope bought mine direct from the WD site. I just called up their support and they will update my warranty to 2008. Thanks for the input guys.

  2. Hmm, I bought 2 used raptors off Ebay, and sent them both back to Western Digital, with no problems. I simply told them there were errors while running their utility, and they sent me new ones (first), then and I sent them the bad ones back in the same box. I didn't have to wait forever on hold, they were very friendly, new ones arrived 3-4 days later, and they even paid return shipping. I'd call them up.


    If this is true, then maybe the early ones only had a 1 or 2 year warranty. Maybe the 5 year warranty came out later.



    Are you having problems with the drives and wanted to return them, or were you just interested what the warranty is?


    I have tried replacing my Raptors once and their service is second to none.


    Im asking about their website because when I first got the drives, it showed having warranty until 2008, but when I checked now, it shows that the warranty has lapsed in 2004. The first raptors out already have 5 year warranties with them. Just wanted to know it theres a problem with their website since they show incorrect data. I have contacted then western digital and they still havent replied.

  3. I currently have 2 36GB WD Raptors that have a standard 5-year warranty on them, but I checked Western Digital's site and it lists my 2 drives as out of warranty since June of 2004. Obviously this is a mistake since the Raptors were introduced to the market in 2003. With a 5-year warranty, the earliest Raptors would end their warranty in 2008. :confused:


    I was just wondering if other 36GB Raptor owners experience the same problem with Western Digitals warranty site. My 74GB Raptor doesnt have this problem.



  4. Yup no kb light either!

    Nope only 754board i have so cant test the processor. However its brand new from the box into the board so...


    Its most likely the board, as I have tried different vid cards and memory also. My PSU also works with no problem on my other system. Try clearing a couple of times by removing the battery and powercord for a minute. I've also noticed that sometimes my optical mouse also doesnt work, this will light up after a clearing but the keyboard and monitor will still be dead. You should be able to boot up after a few tries.

  5. Same problem with me. One moment, the system is 100% stable (24 hrs. prime & OCCT) then 2 weeks or a month after, it wont boot up to BIOS. I would open the case, unplug and plug the RAM, vid card, hard drive connections & clear the CMOS. Sometimes this cures it, sometimes it doesnt. But once it boots up, it would then be stable again for the longest time and would show up again after a few weeks :(


    Does your keyboard light have no power when this happens to you? Cause mine's dead when this happens. Hope somebody knows why this happens cause its driving me crazy.

  6. Wrong. That board IS intended for overclocking and 3.2v is good enough for almost any memory type, except those VX ones.


    Answering your question tortie, I don't think there are any bios mod out there. I haven't found none yet.


    Anyway, I don't think a simply bios mod would "unlock" higher voltages, I think a vdimm hard mod would be required.



    Hi. Thanks for the reply :) Im leaning mostly on going with the Infinity and Opteron combo and I currently have these VX Ram so I just wanted to make sure before buying it. Im hoping someone would do a 3.3v+ BIOS mod for the Infinity in the near future though, just like what they did with the NF3 UT.

  7. Hi. Im planning to upgrade in a month or so and I would like to know what's the best DFI NF4 and Opteron combo out there for $350 for less. Im going to overclock and DONT plan to go with an SLI config. Im keeping my old OCZ VX PC4000 memory and OCZ Powerstream 420w PSU. Im planning to get a 7800GT to go with the new board and this rig will be mostly used for gaming and music.


    There's a lot of DFI NF4 boards out there (Infinity, Ultra, Ultra-D, etc.) and the same goes with the Opteron (144, 146, 244, 246, etc.). For those who have tried, what's the best combo for my budget?


    P.S. I know DFI support does not go with the opteron but I've read lots of success with the chip, so im willing to try it out.

  8. I currently have this cooler on my 5500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16835110103 which is not any better than stock one. Will it be better than the stock passive heatsink on my chipset?


    I currently have the same ICEBREQ chipset cooler in my board and I think its better than the original passive heatsink. Also fits nicely under my 6800GT. It comes with its own push pins, so you dont need to remove the board in order to install it, just cut off the old plastic pins.



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