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  1. It just drops out of games, a game-crash window pops up when it does this. I have another 512 stick coming on the way so that the uneven 256 & 512 possibility will be tested. But no problems encountered in memtest, both in standard and extended tests. Currently I've set my timings at 2-3-3-5 since one ram's default timings are 2-2-3-5 and the other is at 2-3-2-5. I hope Nvidia makes a driver fix for this since I noticed all people who have problems with their 6800s have NF3 motherboards. Which is a bummer since I bought the 6800GT over the ATIs just because I wanted to get a matching Nvidia Videocard with my NF3 MB :mad: Hi Gix, I tried those fixes in that thread and the problem is still there.
  2. Its going out the desktop. It happens at random points in the game and random times. I havent tried putting an external fan on it yet. My card is not overclocked, so I dont think temperatures are the source of problem. I do have a nvidia silencer coming though...I hope it solves the problem.
  3. Update: The problems are BACK! I dont know what I did, but my 3D games are crashing again.
  4. Sorry for the newb post but how do I edit the boot.ini? I tried looking for the file and I cant find it.
  5. Yes, it seems that the windows reformat solved the problem. Thanks guys.
  6. tortie

    Slow windows starts

    Thanks for the responses. It was network related. I tried removing my DSL modem and the boot problems were gone.
  7. Im currently running my PC on default settings because I got tired of all the problems I encountered. All the problems were solved, except 1. When my PC was overclocked, there were times that the initial start of windows (just after booting into windows) would come down to a crawl. Its so slow that my smart guardian would only load up after 15-30 seconds. I cannot access any program during this 15-30 sec lull. I cant even open the 'my computer' icon. But this does not happen always, sometimes the computer is snappy after windows loads, but most of the time its in this slow state. I dont have any programs that autoload except smart guardian. I had set my PC back to default settings and reformatted my PC, but the initial slow start is still there. Anybody encountered this irritating problem? Help!
  8. Aperature is currently at 256MB, should I reduce it back to 128MB? The OCZ powerstream have dedicated molexes (which are sheided and has ferrites) for the harddisks and videocard, so it must be my drivers. I have tried exchanging several drivers and still no go. Any more suggestions? My last resort will have to be to reformat the computer :sad:
  9. tortie

    Slow windows starts

    Hmm. So it must be the network then because I had already disabled my audio in the bios since I have an Audigy. So do you use a PCI network card? BTW where is the prefetch folder?
  10. This happened to me before, try reseating the heatsink.
  11. Im now running in a non-overclocked system as i was tired of all the problems and went back to the default settings till I got a better CPU cooler. Edit: So far the lost hard disk problems are still there for SATA 3 but SATA 4 currently seems problem free. Try putting your 2 memory sticks in slots 1 & 3, this helped me in my problems somewhat.
  12. Hi thanks for the tip. Im currently running oskars 10/15 bio's. How do you set the HTT btw?
  13. I currently have 2-256MB of Dual Channel OCZ 3200 EL Platinum and 1-512MB OCZ 3200 EL Platinum memory sticks. Here are some of the configs I tested. 2-256MB 2.5-4-4-6 Stable at 250x9, no problems encountered. (mem test, prime 95, 3D mark) 2-256MB & 1-512MB (/w 512 farthest from CPU) 2.5-4-4-6 Surprisingly stable at 250x9. But computer recognises the sticks as a 2700 instead of 3200. Crystal mark tests lower than the 2-256MB config by about 5000 pts. With Sandra mem bandwith, bandwith was only at 2800-2900, down from 3700 on the 2 256MB only sticks config. I tried the 512 in the slot nearest the CPU w/ both 256 sticks on the remaining slots @ 250x9 and the system wont boot into windows, sometimes wont post at all. Relaxed the memory timings, increased voltages, still no luck. I tried only the 512 stick at 250x9 overclock and system was unstable, sometimes wont boot into windows. Tried the 3 sticks at stock speed of 200x9 and erros were found in the very first test of Prime95. So im currently using 1 512 stick and 1 256 stick at stock speed of 200x9 and so far it has been stable. I wanted to put 1G of memory while still achieving the 250x9 overclock. What do you suggest guys? Do sell my 3 sticks and get a dual-channel 512 pair instead?
  14. When is the Non-beta version of the 6.14 Nforce drivers expected to be released?
  15. tortie

    DFI uInfinity best cooler? help

    Check this cooler out: http://www.1coolpc.com/mightymachine.htm
  16. tortie

    CPU Idenification Program

    Nice program. Thanks!
  17. tortie

    Unstable Suddenly

    OCZ's Powerstream has 33A on its +12 rail.
  18. tortie

    DFI 250GB ViperSink - 56K Warning!!!

    RGone, So VJ's fanless heatsink was more effective than the Vantec chipset coller with the fan?
  19. I just ordered an OCZ 420 for my computer, but im currently using a 4-year old 350w enermax PS for my overclocked A64 and its pretty stable. Mine maybe a fluke but I doubt it has more power than the Antec 480w. I still dont have those power hungry Nvidia 6800s though.
  20. tortie

    smart guardian ?

    I would like to know the answer to this too. I also want to know if those small thermaltake heatsinks would also fit when placed on those mosfets the epoch talked about
  21. So using 3 memory slots is not advisable for overclocking with the NF3? I currently have 2-256 sticks which enables me to run my A64 2800+ @ 9x250. I currently have another 1-512 stick on the way, and basing on this thread it wont work with my system