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  1. I think its normal curruption as a result with overclocking. I've had the same problem with my PC twice in the last 8 months and a reformat usually solves my problem.
  2. LOL Yes I am. Its currently stable at 2-2-2-10 @ 258 with 3.5v. Voltage rails are: +12v - 11.96v +5v - 4.99v +3.3v - 3.69v Ran memtest & prime95 for 12 hours w/o any problems. I couldn't be happier with my memory.
  3. Hi guys. Thanks for the replies. I have no idea what happened, but today, when I tried raising the voltage of the DRAM to 3.4 & 3.5, the votage came up with it. :confused: Everything currently is okay, but I dont know what I did to make it working right now.
  4. I already adjusted the pot to 3.65v-3.75v but it still wont go higher than 3.3v Everytime I adjust the DRAM voltage settings over 3.3v, it goes back to the default voltage even though the BIOS settings show otherwise. Any more suggestions?
  5. Im plannig to raising it to only 3.5v but even if I pushed it to 4v, the memory voltage still wont go over 3.3v. Ill try clearing the cmos first, thanks!
  6. Glad to hear that your rig's flying!
  7. Try putting your RAM in slots 1 & 3. Also try using SATA 3 & 4 for your hard drive instead of SATA 1 & 2. You can also try this settings. http://www.angrygames.com/NF3.htm
  8. Hi. I upgraded my BIOS to TicTac's 504 BIOS which allows me to raise my memory voltage to 4V thru the BIOS settings. But the highest memory voltage I could get is only 3.3v. When I set it to 3.4v and above, the voltage is still less than 3.3v even though I have raised my 3.3v rail to 4v. (I have an OCZ power supply which allows me to do this) What should I do?
  9. What do you guys use to copy entire drives to another drive? Norton ghost?
  10. Welcome Please dont forget to enable your signature and put your system specs on it.
  11. I agree. Its just a picture of a man holding a cigarette pack!!
  12. So that would be stipe 64K and and cluster 16k?
  13. What stripe and cluster sizes do you suggest?
  14. I just benchmarked my 2x36 Raptors and the speed is slower than normal. My stripe and cluster sizes are all defaults. My RAID rivers is 5.10.2600.518. Need help.
  15. Will my board be able to supply the required voltage (3.3v) w/o any problems? http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...pc_4000_gold_vx Need input from those who have tried this memory on a DFI Lanparty NF3.
  16. Another question. I completely forgot if need to install the Nvidia IDE drivers for my RAID 0 setup? Or do I just use the windows IDE drivers?
  17. Im not clear on this. Do I make the "drivers" folder inside the "$1" folder or in the "$OEM$" folder? I understand that I need to make the "drivers" folder inside the "$1" folder and the "IDE" and "RAID" folders inside the "drivers" folder, am I right?
  18. My RAID 0 got weird and eventually crashed. Im now doing a clean windows XP (w/ SP2) install but I cant find the thread made by either angygames or Rgone about doing a clean XP install with RAID 0. I remember using a floppy disk with RAID drivers when I installed before, but I dont know the actual steps anymore. Can anybody post a link to that thread? thanks in advance
  19. That is what I currently have and your system will run 42-45C at idle w/ the fan turned off :shake:
  20. My MB died and I just ordered a new one today. I want to have my old MB replaced so I can use it on a 2nd setup in the future or to sell it. Any of you guys know who to email for warranty replacement? I got my MB from newegg.com last November and their site says warranty services will be handled by DFI, not them. Has anybody tired to return a board for replacement here thru DFI and if so, how long did it take?
  21. Well my board is offically dead now. :sad: I was fun while it lasted.
  22. bumpage! Can I send my board back for warranty with this kind of problem?
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