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  1. Ok, left my Geil Ultra Platinum 4000 running for 16 hours in memtest, fine so far. That's at 233 mhz 2.5,4,4,8 and 2.75v. Not tried anything else, that's what I stuck them in at just to get a starting point. Seems they do work ok after all
  2. Just seems to work for some people though. There must be a setting somewhere it likes.
  3. I have this bios running on the spec in my sig and have a weird problem. If I try and set the lower dividers, the board gets to the screen where it backs up the bios and reboots after a few seconds. With the stock bios this didn't happen, which is odd. Anyone found a way round this? Cheers
  4. Well it looks like the board is going back. It appears that if I am priming over 215mhz and I move the mouse, the machine locks up ! Oli
  5. How do you rename them? Not sure if it's worth the hassle of taking the board out etc to return it. Board was spotless, so cant have been run long in a system. Cheers Oli
  6. I bought a new LanpartyB nf2 and I'm not sure if it's as it should be. Under the BIOS Reloaded option, there's a few different names, firs two are Neo and Morpheus and the others are 'Z's in random places. Is this how they come new? I'm concerned the board is 2nd hand, though I cant see how anyone can rename them. Cheers Oli
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