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  1. Vmch you add to 1.3V, so +0.2 = 1.5V which is just fine long term if you have a fan over NB! I am running 6300 7x500 and I need +0.2vmch
  2. It is a known problem. That is why many people sold tccd and bought BH5 type instead Also there is a new DFI board Venus coming that is supposed to work well with both types of RAM.
  3. Sorry, but you won't get it working, especially with mushkin lvl2. That stick simply does not like others. At least I couldn't get my LVL2 working with other sticks.
  4. No, there are no settings is bios. I know NF4 and NF3 s754 has this: CPU fan fully on if cpu temp > xxx But nothing like that in 7/11 bios.
  5. Hi, Is there a way to control fan speed on NF3 Ultra-D? It works great on NF3 s754 and on NF4 LP but I somehow can't do it on NF3 Ultra-D. Smartguardian and SpeedFan don't wanna work. I have to use physical fan spped controller instead like zalman.
  6. Anyone knows if there is modded NF3 6/23 bios that supports 4V vdimm? NF3 250Gb 6/23 bios: http://www.dfi.com.tw/Support/Download/bio..._FLAG=B&SITE=US
  7. Excellent! This is what I need Just got Sempron 64 754pin for NF3 rig
  8. Are you using SATA drives on ports 1&2? If yes use ports 3&4 i.e. the ones closer to cpu socket. And set AGP frequency 67
  9. Yeah i know but my 2nd mushkin stick died (heatsinks removed, so no warranty) and I needed replacement. I guess this time I bought the wrong one.
  10. Anyone knows why does the DFI NF3 board shows only 256MB in bios and windows with two sticks of BH5 chips. The sticks are different though - mushkin pc3500 (chips on both sides of RAM) and twinmos pc3200 (chips on 1 side of RAM) but both bh5 chips. However, CPUID SPD shows 512MB by spd and that 2 slots are occupied. Tried 2T and changing slots, using 504 4V modded and 504 official bios. CPU is sempron 2600+. Modules work great if installed separately. I tried on my rig NF4 running dual channel but the system won't post at all (tried yellow and orange slots). Does that mean modules won't work together even though they are both BH5?
  11. ridikolous: Is that 3/31 bios by tictac or 4/15?
  12. This is a difficult question to be honest as I haven't seen many results with ocz nf4 pc5000. They will do 625Mhz at 3-4-4-10 but it might be better to run a pair of LE at 600Mhz 2.5-4-3-x. And ocz nf4 pc5000 is more expensive too.
  13. I was told so by Onepagebook from Xtremesystems forums. He is GSkill representative and he is very respectable man. I have no reason not to believe him. I didn't say LA is bad. Just LE is better than LA.
  14. hmm, will try. I see that you have Sapphire 9700.
  15. LA is not that good (trustable source of information), better LE or OCZ.
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