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  1. yea worked great, and the best part is that we didnt have to buy a new heatsink and fan! Money Saved! Plus, the Venus12 has a huge copper block at the base, should help disipate heat very well. The Venus12 Fan is a monster tho, runs at about 5500 RPM and its loud! Not so bad with the case closed up, but still alot louder than my old water cooled P4 Prescott which sounds something like a small fish aquarium. hehe My next rig will definateyl be a A64 and DFI combo. We tested the system with UT2004 and Need for Speed Underground, runs great with everything turned all the way up at 1024x768. Nice Rig!
  2. Hey Guys, We got the Venus12 working good with the DTR Chip! I had to lower the heatsink mounting bracket a bit tho. I did this by removing the heatsink mounting bracket and sanding down the bottom. I used medium sand paper on a flat surface. I also measured the amount sanded off each end and corner of the plastic bracket with a pair of calipers to insure that I lowered it evenly. So little by little I lowered the bracket and tested the grease pattern. As soon as I saw good contact I lowered the bracket another 5 or 10 thousanths of an inch and re-applied the A.S.5 and set it in place. Powered up the system, loaded optimised defaults, set FSP to 200 and CPU Voltage to 1.5 and booted up! CPU runs cool, 38c under load, and about 32 at idle. Actually at my house, in the middle of the night, it was running at about 23c. It was very cold here tho. Problem solved!
  3. Holy Shiznits! Nice scores guys! I guess AMD Rulez, just as I suspected! hehe Of course DFI Rulez too! Yea me wanna AMD/DFI now!
  4. Hi Cantankerous, heres a link to my higest 3dmark05 test so far, http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=199653 3dmark score was 4911 cpu score was 4688 cpu was running at 3751Mhz, I have backed it down to 3.6Ghz since then. I would be happy to provide you with more test results if you need any. Nice to meet you!
  5. Excellent! Are you going to post some of your benchmarks in here? Like pcmark, 3dmark, sandra, etc... Im very curious to see some results! I think my next rig will be a AMD/DFI combo. Good luck with your overclocking!!!
  6. Hi guys! Jess, thanks for the info. We will reflash the bios twice as you suggested with the winflash as soon as Dereks new PC3200 comes in. I have talked to Derek about the cooler, I asked him to take off the heatsink and check the 'grease pattern' to see if it looks as if its making good solid contact. If it looks like it is making good contact we will try it and monitor the temps with Ihdoctor. If temps are running high we will replace the cooler with the one you suggested. z3scott, thank you, found it! 'Ihdoctor' you were close enough! hehe Thanks again Guys!
  7. Hi guys! Thanks for your prompt replies! We really do appriciate your help! bldegle2: we have a Tt Venus 12 now, but we are not sure if it is seating onto the top of the DTR CPU? Do you know if a Venus 12 will work well with the DTP CPU? jess1313: we have tried changing the CPU/FSB in the bios without results (system would not boot at all, had to reset CMOS with MB Jumper J12). We also set the CPU VID control to 1.5v. We will try the Winflash Bios instead of the DFI Bios, but before we do so I would like to know for sure if the ThermalTake Venus 12 cooler will be ok. Can you verify if this cooler actually makes good contact with the CPU for us? I cant do this since I am not at DerekZ's house, and he is inexperienced as this is his first home built rig. I also wanted you to ask if there was a good hardware monitor for the Lanparty UT 250Gb, something to monitor CPU and MB temperatures, voltages etc...? You guys are great! Thank you so much for all your help and support!
  8. Congrads on your first home built rig! Do you have the DTR CPU or the regular A64? Way to go!
  9. Hi Travis, I talked to a friend last night that has the same 3200+ DTR CPU, he is using a Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu Intel P4 / AMD Socket 754 Cooler. I know you suggested the Thermalright, but its a bit more expensive. We are on a budget, I would like your opinion on the Zalman. Can you verify for us if the Zalman CNPS7000-AlCu Intel P4 / AMD Socket 754 Cooler will actually make good contact with the CPU core? My friend says he has it installed on his MSI board with the 3200+ DTR CPU and it works great. Also, this means we may have a brand new Venus 12 cooler and fan available for someone who needs one. Thanks for your help and suggestions Travis!!!
  10. Hi Guys, thanks for helping, this seems to be a great forum from all the posts I have read so far. We have tried the settings you suggested, and did not boot, not even to bios. I think one problem is the PC2100 Ram. We have ordered DerekZ some new Mushkin PC3200 DDR and expect it to arrive next tuesday/wednesday. Once we get that installed we can try again. Another problem maybe the Tt Venus 12, since I am not at Derek's House (he lives in Louisiana, I'm in California) I can not verify that it is actually making contact with the CPU. Can anyone verify if the Tt Venus 12 will work with this DTR for us? He is using Arctic Silver 5 on CPU/Heatsync. We do appriciate your help! Thanks and talk to you all soon!
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