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  1. OK, after talking with the rep at this company for a half hour, he informed me that the 3200+ and 3400+ 90nm 35W mobiles were mislabeled. He is contacting his supplier to get an updated, correct list of models. Once he hears, he is going to e-mail me the updated price list of all of the 90nmb 35W mobiles. He did confirm that he has the 3000+ 90nm 35W mobile is in stock and that they are indeed what they say they are. What do you all think overclockability of these will be? -Ben
  2. Right. I talked with the rep, and he said that all he saw on his spec sheet was 512k of L2 cache. He is sending me the spec sheet for that processor sometime today. I'll post it when I get it. Hopefully it looks good. :cool: -Ben
  3. I found some of the 90NM mobiles. Here's where they are: http://www.bytewizecomputers.com/products/7/9/571 I checked out www.resellerratings.com and these guys didn't get too good of reviews, but still. They don't have a link to any spec sheets, and the description is pretty vague. I am chatting with their live representative now to try and get some spec sheets on these, but they look good to me. 90NM 3400+ 35W Mobile... mmmm. -Ben
  4. I am a big fan of Swiftech myself. I use the 6000 on the cpu, the 50 on the graphics card, and the 20 on my chipset. I'm using a 2x120mm radiator, and just upgraded to the 650 Swiftech 12vdc pump. I get very low temps with my setup at stock speeds (mid 20's), but my CPU doesn't overclock much so I can't really say how much the water helps. Once I get my mobile 3700 or Turion, I'll let ya know. -Ben
  5. I LOVE my Deck keyboard. I got the 'Fire' model. It's great to play at night. -Ben
  6. Bummer. I got RAID 0 to install on SATA 1 and 2... but 3 and 4 still no go. Thanks RGone. Please let me know if you hear anything. -Ben
  7. Alright, well I flashed the mobo to the 3/31 bios, and I'm still having the same problem. Any other ideas? I'd hate to RMA the board because taking all of the watercooling stuff off takes a while, but I'll do it if it'll fix the problem. Thanks! -Ben
  8. Thanks for the replies!!! I'll flash the mobo and see how that works. Thanks again! -Ben
  9. Hi! I just got a second 74GB Raptor, and I started to attempt to install RAID 0 on the two last night. Just about every time I booted/started the PC, either SATA 3, SATA 4, or both didn't recognize the drives. If I move them over to SATA 1 and 2, then they recognize them everytime. I followed RGone's installation procedure to the letter, and it started to work one time, but then when the PC restarted SATA 3 was not recognized. I am using the 10/15 Oskar bios. Any suggestions? Any help would be awesome. Thanks! -Ben
  10. Hey! Started to install this board into my HTPC, and I got the 4 LED's of death. I switched power on, and it stays on for about 3 seconds then shuts off. I purchased a replacement BIOS chip, put it in, and it still doesn't work. The only things I have in there are a mobile 2600+, 512mb PC4000 Geil Ultra Platinum RAM, and a 9800pro. Any ideas on what I should do to fix the board? Any advice is MUCH appreciated. Thanks! -Ben
  11. Hey Rabbi, could I get in on this PM action as well? I want to replace my crappy 3200+ Clawhammer soon, and these Turions look sweet. Thanks! -Ben
  12. I was having the same problem. I just removed the springs, spacers, etc. and just went directly: screw --> mounting bracket --> yellow backplate. That's a little more dangerous because you can overtighten it and damage something, but if you're careful and tighten one screw, then the other, back and forth then there shouldn't be a problem. I'll post a pic of how I did it when I get home. Good luck! -Ben
  13. Haha, yep. This CPU just doesn't want to go faster. I think I had it up to 2.4 for a while, but it wasn't stable in Windows at all. So, I moved to raising the FSB and tightening the RAM timings. Not ideal, but this CPU is fighting me.
  14. Hey! I thought I'd post the results from my first overclock. While I'm not blown away by it, I think it's pretty good. Can't get over that 240 mark. I've done what a bunch of people have done on the forum (updating bios, moving SATA drive to 3 or 4, using DIMM 1 and 2, 1 and 3, etc), and it still doesn't like it. I've put in a custom water cooling system, and modded the 120mm fans to run on 5V so I can barely hear them, and these are the temps I'm getting after a half hour of Doom3: Not too shabby I think. Seems like no matter how much voltage I dump into this CPU, it just won't be stable over 240. It also won't stay stable with a multi over 9 though. I've loosened up the timings of the ram to 3-4-4-8 or something, and still no go. Strange. Anyway, I'm pretty happy with it and see sig for my specs. Any suggestions would also help. Thanks! -Ben
  15. Hey! I'm just about ready to install my nf3 motherboard into my PC, but I added MOSFET ramsinks to the board and want to make sure I got them all. I counted 16 total. Did I miss any? I attached some pics to show the ones I got Just wanna make sure. Thanks for the help! -Ben
  16. The new ATI e-Home Wonder cards do hardware encoding, don't they? Anyone know about them? I've just had bad experiences with nVidia, and I really like ATI. But, I don't want a blurry picture at all... if that's possible. ***Edit... I was thinking of the Theater 550 Pro card. Would this one work well?
  17. Hmmm... a lot to consider. How about video cards. I've reading that the ATI cards make a blurry picture when fast-motion sequences occur. Most people say the 6600 is the way to go, but I want to make sure. My plan was to use my 9800pro 128mb card, but if the picture is blurry then I'll trade it for a 6600. Any suggestions? -Ben
  18. I may want to record two shows at once, which would require 2 tuner cards, correct? The LP NF2 RevB is what I'll use then. How about processor? I have a mobile 2600+ thats in my backup PC now. Should I use that or buy like a 3000 or 3200 or something?
  19. Thanks for the replies! I've got a LP NFII RevB sitting here that I was thinking of using. I've heard that the A64 and P4's are MUCH better than AXP's, so I may get a second LP UT 250gb for the HTPC. Any thoughts?
  20. Hey! I'm thinking of puting together a Media Center PC, and I was wondering what motherboard you guys/gals think would be best for it? I'd like to get a DFI (obviously ) if possible. Any help would be awesome. Thanks! -Ben
  21. Should I stick with this RAM or go for the HyperX PC4000? Which would be better?
  22. Thanks for the reply. Yep, already have the sticks. Bummer though... the Ultra-X stuff looks pretty good. Thanks for asking about them, I'd really like to find out how well they'll do before I slap them in there. I may be getting some HyperX PC4000, and I've heard that does pretty well. Hmmm....
  23. Hey! I am going to be switching over to a LP UT here within the next week or so, and I was wondering if anyone had tried Geil ram with this mobo.... specifically the Ultra Platinum ram: http://www.geilusa.com/proddetail.asp?linenumber=24 I haven't had problems with it in my MSI board, but I was wondering if anyone knew how the LP would like it. Thanks! -Ben
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