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  1. Hello,


    I am looking to sell my LP nF2 UltraB setup. I don't have time to play around with it, and right now it's just sitting in boxes. Here's what I've got:


    -LANPARTY nForce2 Ultra B mobo. I added a Swiftech MCX159-CU NB heatsink to the board (fan isn't attached, but it's included). Board is complete with all original packaging, cables, etc. The only thing I can't find is the backplate, but I'm looking for it. :)


    -AMD Barton Mobile 2600+ (AXMG22600FQQ4C 1.45v 15x Mult, 266MHz, 512MB 130MM). I purchased this used, and never overclocked it. Like I said, no time to play with the setup. ;)


    -2x512mb Corsair CMX512 3200PT XMS3200 V2.1 DDR BH-6. I've only run it at stock, so not sure what they're capable of. The guy who had them before me ran them at 260FSB (3.5V).


    -Thermalright SI-97A heatsink. I purchased this new, comes will all original packaging and brackets.


    -XFX 6800XT graphics card. Awesome card, never OC'd. Comes with original packaging and installation CDs.


    Right now everything is in the boxes, not being used. Individually, I paid somewhere in the neighborhood of $300 or so for everything. I'd like to sell it all together for $250 shipped in the immediate US. As far as trades, I'm looking for:


    -DFI LP ICFX3200 RD600 motherboard

    -large SATAII hard drives


    Please PM me with any questions. Thanks!




    BTW, I'll get some photos up as soon as I can. Thanks again!

  2. Hey!


    I am selling some extra PC parts. Here’s what I’ve got:


    DFI Lanparty 925X-T2 LGA775

    I purchased this board new hoping to build it for a backup system. I decided to go the ‘toaster’ route with a LP nF2. ;) This comes with the following:

    • Motherboard, with extra BIOS chip from DFI with the latest BIOS on it… in case you wanna run a 64-bit processor. Backplate also included.

    • UV SATA, IDE, and floppy cables. I also added two 10” single device UV orange cables I was planning to use

    • PC Transpo

    • Karajan Audio Module

    • Serial cable with bracket

    • ‘LANPARTY’ UV sleeving

    • FrontX box (no FrontX included)

    • All documentation and installation CDs/discs

    I installed the system, booted it up, and found that my P4 651 wasn’t supported. I dismantled the system, and now the mobo is for sale. :) I paid over $100 for it, but I’ll let it go for $80 shipped.











    2x512mb PNY PC4200 (533fsb) DDR2 RAM

    Here are the specs on this RAM:

    • Manufacturer: Infineon

    • Part Number: aet660ud00-370a98z

    • Timing: 4-4-4-12

    I purchased these used, and used them for maybe 10 minutes. They have never been overclocked by me, and the previous seller also did not overclock them. These sell for about $100 on Newegg, I’ll sell for $60 shipped. ***SOLD***




    Antec Black P180B Silent Case

    I used this case for a few months. I changed out the Antec fans with the Yate Loon 120mm silent fans. I am including the old Antec fans as well though. Awesome shape, no exterior damage at all. Inside has scratches just from installing hardware, normal stuff. Comes in the original box with original packaging. It is all packaged up already, but I can take photos of the box if need be. ;) Due to the large size, I am asking $75 + shipping. ***SOLD***


    As far as trades, I’m looking for the following:

    • DFI Lanparty nForce2 RevB

    • Built-by ATI Radeon 9800XT or X850 (pro or XT) AGP


    Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!



  3. I have two in RAID, and it's crazy loud. I don't know... even the added speed (which there DEFINATELY is) may not be worth it for the extra noise. I've thought about swapping mine out for something else.

  4. Well, the last deal fell through. The person I was trading my CPU to bent the pins off of his CPU when he removed the heatsink... so my Newark is back up for sale. :D


    -AMD Athlon 64 Mobile 3400 'Newark'. I bought this thing new a few months ago. The highest overclock it saw was 11x240 at stock voltage (1.35v). I never went over due to my old motherboard issues (SATA3/4 didn't work, so I had to use SATA1/2 and live with the 240fsb cap). It was cooled by water, so it never saw more than 34degC I would say. Perfect shape, awesome processor. I'm getting rid of it cause my Shuttle doesn't support Newarks, and I really like the little case. ;)


    I'd like $200 shipped via 2nd Day Air insured with tracking for the CPU


    I will also trade the CPU for another 754 processor. Ideally, I'd like a 3700, but I'll entertain offers. :P Please PM with any questions. I'll throw a screen cap from CPU-Z to show that it's a true Newark when I get home from work. Thanks!




    ***EDIT: Motherboard sold. :cool:

  5. Which speed grade did you get (3400+, 3700+, etc)?

    3400+, in the mail, should get it today


    What did you upgrade from?

    3200+ Clawhammer, topped out at 2.4Ghz


    Have you had any problems, have any weird things happened?

    Don't know yet. :)


    Did it improve your RAM overclock?

    Don't know yet. :)


    Are strawberries the only berry with seeds on the outside?

    I think so.


    What CPU speeds are you able to hit?

    Hoping to do around 2.8-3.0 (RAM will probably max out around 275)


    What cooling are you using?

    Water, Swiftech MCW6000-64, 2x120mm radiator


    Anything else you think is worth mentioning...

    The RAM I'll be using with it is the Corsair XMS PC4000Pro... heard it won't go past around 275... but we'll see. :) I've also got 2x512mb of Geil Ultra Platinum PC4000, so I'll test with that too. Pick whichever is better. :nod:

  6. I don't think they're Turion cores, I think they're Winchester (90nm, 512k L2). The company has updated their website, so the 35W 3200+ and 3400+ are no longer there. The rep is getting me the manufacturers part number for the 3000+ model. I'm kinda leaning towards a Clawhammer-core mobile though since I do a lot of gaming, but I'm still not sure. Thoughts?




    BTW, hope I'm not hijacking your thread, 'Crazy_Eddy'. :) I can start a new thread if you think I am.

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