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  1. When I play video files on Media Player, Divix Player and Winamp, and also run Teamspeak Client, I get Pink Flashes in the Video PLayback. I tried disabling the onboard AC97 Audio and the video is fine. Seems like this is a conflict between the on board sound and video. I have no PCI Sound Card to try. Can you please look into this and see if you can find a fix for the onboard sound and video whilerunning TeamSpeak Client.


    Thank you very much,


    Your Pal,


    Derek 'the MadMan' Zimmer

  2. my board is DFI lan party ut nf3 250gb . proc is amd 64 3200+ the dtr the mobile chip. its riunnin slow but we gettin closer to fixin it . i been downloading win xp pro 64 from 5 different places and none of them will boot. i tryed usin win 98 boot disk but it cannot rfead hdd or floppy if yall know anything let me know or if any of u have the win xp pro 64 installed can yall make a boot disk and i can download it?

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