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  1. ah ok. wasnt sure whether or not you had the stock hs bracket on or not because I saw some guys water cooling setup and he still had the bracket.
  2. BTW, what kind of mobo do you have? Because if you have a lanparty ut nf3, the heatsink wont fit on the mobo with the stock HS bracket. You would need to remove it or cut down the heatsink.
  3. PWMIC Pics Dont mind the chincy website. Quickest way I could find to upload these pics.
  4. Ill post mine when I get home. At work right now. Ill be home around 11pm PST.
  5. Just want to throw this out there. Will there be any kind of toaster sig for 64 bit users?
  6. You can push your FSB as high as your RAM can handle. Put your RAM on a divider and you can go a lot higher. Than you have to take in consideration of cooling and power. If you really want to push your FSB just lower multipliers. Edit: Water cools a lot better than air therefore you can OC higher without overheating and destroying your cpu.
  7. With fastwrites off, I can get through 3dmark benchmarks without them locking up but when the card is OCed, graphic intense games lock up or crash and I get poor benches with anything over 390 core for some reason.
  8. Its weird too because I can benchmark at 390/1100 but I cant play games without them crashing. Whats also weird is I got better performance at 390 than at 400 when trying to benchmark. Edit: What also bites is I see people who get in the 11,000s on 3dmark03 without OCing with their GT's but I only benched in the 10,000s. Dont quite understand that :mad:
  9. Id go with the EL Platinum Revsion 2. I have seen that RAM benchmarked at DDR606: http://www.ocforums.com/showthread.php?p=3182039#post3182039 Also, AMD64 systems love TCCD chips so pretty much any kind of ram with TCCD chips is a good way to go.
  10. Im sure your FPS are normal for that vid card since I get only as high as 30s and as low as 7 with my 6800GT. You might want to try some different ram timings. Having all your ram timings on auto might be causing some problems and they could use a little adjustment. Your soundcard shouldnt be an issue if im not mistaken because 3dmark game tests dont use any sound.
  11. If you are going to OC that high, you will want to drop your LDT mulitplier to 3x at least for stability since the NF3 lanparty defaults at 4x. This will put you at 1602mhz instead of 2136mhz which I think is damn near impossible to keep stable. And like DAMAUL said, overall HTT really doesnt make too much of a difference as far as performance. Mine is at 1470 and I benchmark higher than the stock 1600 with my FSB at 245.
  12. Like IT.F.R.O.M. said, try raising vdimm voltage and cpu voltage and possibly even chipset voltage. Also, like Angry_Games said, post more info about your bios settings. It's hard to help when we dont know anything about your setup.
  13. I figured I would try posting here since I do have a DFI board. I have posted on other forums and have yet to get a response on this issue so hopefully some people here can help me out. I cant OC my 6800GT at all really. I use to be on an Intel setup and when I tried to OC I would get artifacts and cooling wasnt an issue. Now on my AMD64 setup, when I OC 3dmark will lock up for a few seconds than start up again and kill my score and games will just crash to desktop or lockup completely. I have tried turning off fastwrites and setting the 2d and 3d clocks the same and all yield the same outcome. 3dmark will finish through without problems with fastwrites off but games will crash. Im using the 66.72 drivers and I have tried using the 66.81 drivers and they not only dont work but decrease gaming performance for me. Any and all suggestions are highly appreciated and thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
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