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  1. Dont be shy.. I'm willing to get my answer from anyone here!
  2. Hey OCZ GUY, could you tell me what kind of chips my new ram is.. coming from newegg now! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16820227210 Also, is there a place on your site where we can look this kind of information up? thanks so much!!
  3. Anyone else have this problem?? Hope I didnt miss it as I searched for a long while.. When I fire up my computer it just hangs on the LanParty splash screen.. turn off and back on.. no probs.. every other boot.. everytime.. This is the only problem I've had so far, rock solid in every other aspect.. Any help would be appreciated...
  4. just for the record.. I'm using Antec 480 trupower.. I read 11.61 on software.. Multimeter shows it dead on the money 12.0 I nearly bought a new PSU after reading some of the Antec comments.. I'm just glad I got my hands on the old Fluke!! saved me some $$$ hope that helps...
  5. OMG.... I just spent 2 freak'n hours trying to resolve this problem... Thank you so much!!! it showed my subwoofer and rear speakers being assigned to my mic... what kinda dumb . is that??????/ thank you again!!!!
  6. LOL>. I must be the only one with this problem.. story of my life..
  7. Just installed my new board.. no real probs getting set up.. when installing windows I went through all the normal reboots again no probs... Now that I'm all set up.. If I try to restart the computer from the start menu.. It will just hang at the "WINDOWS IS SHUTTING DOWN SCREEN" no way to reboot without using the Pwr Button.. Any Ideas? I've searched all over the net... DRIVING ME CRAZY!!! Thanks for any help!!
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