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  1. Ya.. you lied.. as you do repeatedly! As to "us".. I could have worded that better, I meant for all the peeps that have to read your flaming crap. You are the only flamer I see here on an everyday basis.. No way I can believe you are more than 14 or 15 yrs old.
  2. LOL.. WOW!! You really are a full blown idiot!! I've have never seen anyone, on all the forums I've ever been on, anyone as whacked out as you.. You are almost scary man. get some help brother, not for us, but for yourself.
  3. See sig.. My board rox.. DFI apparently had some problems in their Quality Control.. Nothing more than that.. The board clearly is not "DEFECTIVE" .. They did obviously ship some that were. Rodan.. I can assure you that my Nf3/x850 agp are running in the top 5% of everything out there.. I hardly consider it a waste of time to hang on to the NF3 for the time being... especially if one has purchased a high end card in the last 6 mo.. Bragging rights would be all you could get going NF4.. and you would have to look long and hard to find somebody you werent already beating in benches!! LOL.. Lets not dredge up tired old subjects.. Peace!!
  4. Not sure about using 4 sticks.. I'm using a OCZ 2 Gig kit, see my sig. Anyway, the whole key for me was a tip I got in some earlier posts, download and run A64 Tweaker, print or copy all the ram timings, go back into bios and enter them manually. After rebooting, you can feel free to tweak some of the timings, including 1T, etc.. Good Luck!
  5. LOL.. Wow.. I hope DFI is very, very careful!! The entire company could collapse without RODAN leading the simple people into the light. I bet most of us would have never got the board to boot without RODAN!! THANK YOU RODAN!! THANK YOU!! I'm naming my next child "RODAN", boy or girl... BLESS YOU RODAN!! God bless you man!! Who is John Galt?? It must be Rodan!!
  6. Rodan... I owe you the biggest apology of all.. Its confession time! I have been running around the internet for a couple weeks now, seeking out the 9 or 10 people that actually got a working board. After a great deal of persuasion, I was finally able to get those few peeps to show up here, and "belittle" the original posters ( some of whom are now ball-less from their tireless hours of work and sweat).. And we all agreed to pretend that the problems you speak of.. never have or will happen. WOW, MAN... SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP! You came here for the same reason everyone else did.. TO LEARN AND SHARE! Its clear that many boards did not function properly!!! who is denying that?? It's clear that other boards worked wonderful! Why does that anger you? I do Over Clock.. I came here to learn anything I could to help in that endeavor. I personally feel that I owe the success that I've had to this forum, I didnt just divine the answers, I read and read and read, and extracted the information that applied to me! Get over your problem, and let the ones who are continuing to work with this board enjoy themselves! Being burnt, or a dissapointed customer, by no means make you a unique individual in this world, no matter what product you are talking about. I am hopeful that DFI finds a way to make things right for you and any others, as I think any company should strive for customer satisfaction.
  7. Amen.. I would not have figured out how to get my board straight if not for this Forum!! LOL.. funny how much life has changed in the last 10 yrs or so.. There was a time you couldnt just get on the internet and get an answer to almost any problem in the world, it was such a nightmare to rely on tech support , if available, when a problem arose. I dont care what my son and I happen to be into, chances are, there is a forum out there somewhere to give us the edge. It's really a wonderful thing when you think about it!! Peace!!
  8. How in the world did you draw any of these conclusions?
  9. LOL.. Maybe if you get more obnoxious your facts will ring more true? I guess your testing that theory now. I'm on your case? Every single owner of the board has had the same experience as you? Why would I "VENTURE" beyond the stock bios when mine exhibits zero problems? You talk a lot. Yet you make so very little sense. I have not endorsed this board, I have only shared my experience. I even suggested a QC issue on DFI's part perhaps. This is not a contest, your not even a worthy opponent. Why do you want to engage me in a non-existent argument? Are you silly?
  10. Am I the only person Happy with this board? Please post if you've had a good experience with your board.. Based on the crap I'm taking from a few individuals, It's clear some are quite unhappy. Peace!!
  11. Hey man.. I can see your dealing with a slight attitude problem.. But you ought to remember I'm not the one that screwed ya. Should I apologize because my board works? Mine is not the only one. When this board arrived I was so prepared for a struggle as I had followed this thread from the very beginning. I was surprised when everything worked, however I am use to forums really containing more bad experiences than good. No double boot. No dfi did not call me. like I said earlier, the one thing which I thought was wierd, but completely changed everything for me, was when I read that I needed to run A64 tweaker to see what my ram settings were at stock, then go back into bios and manually enter them, including changing to 1t. from that point on.. it clocked till my ram max'd out, which is unfortunately 237. However, just to DISSAPOINT YOU FURTHER, with my 1 gig ballistix i was able to go 246x11 before I decided it was pointless as I had already made up my mind to stick with my 2 gig kit. If your just gonna piss, moan, and cry in every thread, you should get rid of the board like you mentioned, and move on to the next forum!
  12. I can only base my opinion on my personal experience.. And in my case, I've had zero problems and awesome performance. From this experience and the reading of so many others, I can only gather that it's a wonderful product with a serious QUALITY CONTROL ISSUE. How else can my eperience be explained? The only quirk I ran into was having to run A64 tweaker to get my ram timings and then go back into bios to manually enter these settings. Oh ya, and a crappy chipset fan. Other than that, you can see I have stock bios, ram at 1:1, 1T, and a nice OC. I'm just unable to duplicate so many of the problems I've read about. I am sorry for the bad luck others have had. I went through a similar experience back when Abit released their KV8Pro.. it was a nightmare. Peace!!
  13. LOL.. I think you got that backwards, no? Because mine is an absolute joy in every way.. I'm guessing yours turned out defective.. that, or you really dont know what your doing.. It simply must be one or the other.. :nod:
  14. Got mine at MWave.. they are 118 bux right now.. Great service to.
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