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  1. For me it turned out to be Norton that was crashing it. No norton no problems. :shrug:
  2. Enabled it is. On a side note... I just started playing World of Warcraft and it is great
  3. Yea I have come to terms with the fact that the card sucks and that the 3dmark05 score is correct. I was more worried about the 3dmark03 crashing rather than the 3dmark05 score. But even that I am really not worried about. I can play Doom and UT2004 just fine so I am not worried.
  4. Its funny because if Norton is installed 3dmark05 runs slower. I get 1500 with Norton installed and 1600 without it.
  5. I actually found that on the futuremark forums too. They posted that in early september about a patch coming out for it but still no patch. And mine is working fine now that Norton is not installed. Don't know what I am going to do for anti-virus now.
  6. I will just repeat some obvious things and some things that I heard from other people. Check Temperatures Check Voltages Get new drivers Run Prime95 for 24hours Run memtest86 for 24 hours Do windows updates Reinstall the game Also keep in mind that it could be a bad windows install too. Especially if you are installing it from a burned disk, that is a copy of a burned disk, that is a copy of a burned disk... and so on. (Of course you own the original! But for some reason you like to use the backups maybe because you have updates slipstreamed in)
  7. I crashes back to windows after the first (sometimes the second) test. I click on the windows error report and si3.dll is making it crash. Maxud - You should check the windows report to see what is making it crash. Then you can know if it is the same issue on both and if it is a hardware issue or software issue.
  8. I found the issue with it crashing. I got frustrated and just reinstalled windows. It ran perfectly after I reinstalled and did drivers, I got 3950 for the benchmark. Ran fine after windows updates. Then I installed Norton Systemworks. It started crashing right after I installed Norton. Then I uninstalled it and it runs fine again. So I found my issue but I want to be able to run Norton. Where do you guys think I should go from here? I know si3.dll was crashing it by the windows report. Thanks, Nathan
  9. Do you think it would be fine if I just uninstalled all the drivers and DX9c. Then reinstalled them again. I just dont want to reinstall windows unless I have to. Also I can lower the refresh rate in the Catalyst Control Panel right? I will give that a shot tonight because I know my moniter isnt that great and it even has distortion at the bottom like there is a cellphone by it or something.
  10. conscript - I allready tried disabling fastwrites in the Bios. All it did was slow down the FPS on the first one. Still crashed. Also tried it from the Catalyst (sp?) Control Panel. Still didnt work. Samurai Jack - When you quoted me what did you mean by it? Did you mean that the order I installed everything was the issue or did you mean that I allready tried fastwrites, or did you mean something else? I didnt get a chance to mess around with it at all yesterday night I had a huge paper I had to work on. I will post the results of my playing around tonight. On the plus side though my roommate installed Doom 3 on my computer and gave it a run. It played without crashing but I don't know what settings he had on in the game. (It is hard writing a paper when you want to mess around with your computer and your roommate is playing Doom 3 on YOUR computer in the background(sp?))
  11. Yea I was trying to figure out the url. I assumed it was because that is localhost but it didnt work. I will try uninstalling the drivers and direct x then reinstalling. The order I installed everything in was Nvidia drivers, windows updates, video drivers, sound card drivers, Norton Antivirus. I read somewhere on these forums saying which is the best order. I dont think I did it in the order stated. 4-pin connector is hooked up. All the settings are the defaults. I havnt touched anything yet. Besides fastwrites to see if that would fix it. I will check what all the timings and voltages are set to tonight though once I get home.
  12. For memtest86 I dont know which one I did. I just put the cd in and restarted the computer and it started automatically I think. I allready tried with fastwrites off. The first test goes slower but it still crashes after it. And my cpu temps are actually 29-30 idle and 38 under load. Those were my temps before the bios update. And no I dont have a forceware link in my start menu the only nvidia thing is have is NvMixer. Tonight I will try underclocking the videocard and messing with the ram timings. Any suggestions on what to try for ram timings? I will also try without the sound card in.
  13. I just built a new system last weekend consisting of a dfi lanparty nf3 ut 250gb board, 64bit 3000+, 2x512 of corsair valueram 3200, radeon 9600xt videocard, 200gb maxtor ide drive, a soundblaster audigy 2 platinum zs audio card and a thermal take 480w PSU powering it all. I tried running 3dmark05 and I get a rating of 1500 (horrible) and I get a max of 15 fps and sometimes all the way down to 1 fps. I tried to run 3dmark03 and I get 80-150fps on the first game and less than 10fps on the second test. Sometimes it will crash back to windows on the first test others it will crash after the second test. I downloaded all the driver update for the motherboard, video card and the sound card. I did all the windows updates. I flashed the bios. All did absolutly nothing. I ran memtest86 for 16 hours the other night and then I ran Prime95 for 16 hours the next night. Neither had any errors so I think that means that the ram and cpu arnt the issue. My cpu temps are at 37-39c idle to 49c under load cooled with a Thermal Take Venus 12 HSF. What do you guys think I should try next. Or any known issues any can think of? Thanks in advance, Nathan Also on a side note. In the pdf manual it says the icon for the Forceware network utility is supposed to be on the desktop. I must have unchecked that option. How else can I configure the firewall?
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