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  1. Yup, thats me... always have to have the bleeding edge - but thats the part i enjoy, learning about it all, putting it together. Im not one for the easy life. But then along with that I know exactly what Im getting myself into, and you wont find me coming on here saying "This board is S**t cos i cant do this, or it wont do that" I am quite prepared to learn and put the effort in myself as I have done many times, and usually my persistence pays off. I am also then happy to pass on my experiences to others who are undecided or having problems themselves. I guess im one of the lucky ones, that can experience pretty much everything at some time, as I said ive had alot of SLI setups, I just wanted something new to play around with, and i dont doubt SLI is great and what nvidia has done is fantastic. For a newcomer I would certainly recommend it over Crossfire, cos its simpler and easier, however, to say crossfire doesnt perform isnt exactly accurate either. Angry, I certainly dont think you are a hater, and I definately respect the work you do over here for the DFI community, and always consider your views on things. Im just speaking from my own experiences, thats all.
  2. Angry Games mate, i actually dont agree with you on Crossfire performance. My rig is performing great. This board is working great for me too - 100mhz higher overclock than on my Expert. Scores wise im running around 10,400 in 06 16,300 on 05 which is right up their with the highest SLI numbers, and there is more left in these yet. I think these are great scores considering my CPU is only just over 2.9ghz. Also, value wise, any dual GPU setup is gonna be pricey, but i have to say, compaired to my SLI 7900GTX's this was about £200 cheaper! I have run SLI since it first come out and have had multiple platforms (SLI 6800GT's on Asus A8n, 6800U's & 7800GTX 512's on DFI SLI-DR, and 7900GTX's on my Expert. SLI is by far the more mature technology (god knows how many hours ive spent wresteling with the ATI tool BETA to get it to overclock crossfire) but the current state of crossfire is no more different to when SLI came out 16 months ago. Also, clock for clock, these X1900's are beasts and clock for clock i would say they are more than a match for my 7900's. I agree, its a mission to get this platform going, ive spent a fair few days getting it going, but i expected that, u dont jump on a new technology and expect it to be perfect, it often requires you to get to grips with it, and get your head around. Especially when it comes to DFI boards. But fortune favours the brave as they say and now ive got it going, its great!
  3. Hey mate, I'll post you some bios screens later, im at work and cant remember all the settings. I know my crucial is running at 3-3-3-8 2.77v on the vdimm, with a drive strength of 4. My 4800+ is at 2.94ghz on 05 score and 2.92 on the 06 score. 1.66v running through it. Ive been using ATI tool, for overclocking the GPU's, which is a little tricky with crossfire, but i got it working ok. Nice being able to up the voltage a bit without a vmod! As for my cooling - its all watercooled with custom kit consisting of the following: Danger Den blocks inc. A64 TDX CPU block 2x Maze 4 LP GPU blocks 1x Black Ice Extreme 2 dual 120mm rad 1x Nexxos exxtreme 2 dual 120mm rad Innovatek Fass-O-Matic Res Eheim 1250 pump.
  4. Right guys, after a week with this rig im really getting to grips with it now. Got my 4800+ ticking along at 2.94ghz, which is a bit higher than i could get on my expert. Havnt tried higher, so we will see. As for crossfire, well, thats been a learning curve as well, but check these out: http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm06=262453 http://service.futuremark.com/compare?3dm05=1975892 The board is now running really nicely on my crucial ballistix too. Great board really starting to love it. The problem i mentioned a few posts back was actually my X-fi, sharing an IRQ. I could install it, and everything seemed fine but i was developing issues in 3dmark 05 & 06 after a few runs. Unistalled creative drivers, removed it and reinstalled cat 6.3's and problems gone. Guess this is starting to become a common issue. I'll have a look at it and try the card in the other PCI slot (thank god for DFI's great board layout - what would i do without 2 free PCI slots eh?) and see wot happens.
  5. yeah, 6.4's have some bugs. Im still on 6.3's just to be on the safe side.
  6. Yep, i think my temps are about the same. Its saying i am idleing at 20-22 degrees which has to be wrong even on water!
  7. No problems with my x-fi here. Installed fine, and works ok. Infact the only problems i had were pretty much with the original bios. Installed Tony's and they went away. Just testing the new DFI one. Flashed according to Rgones instructions to be on the safe side. One issue I am having (and i know not many, if any of you have xfire atm - but just for the record) is with my X1900 xfire. Basically when i install everything it all works great. However, after a few runs on 3dmark i suddently start to get juddering on the canyon test on both 05 and 06 at EXACTLY the same point. Its like one card is rendering a frame or two behind the other, so its going backwards and forwards. LOL. Its killing my scores. No amount of driver cleaning or resintalling fixes it or resintalling 3dmark. Yet, if i reformat, bang problem solved. I carry on overclocking abit, and after a while, it happens again. Its pretty frustrating!
  8. Have to agree with wot Rgone said above. DFI boards take patience to get working right, especially when u get one within 5 days of coming to market but you are rewarded in the long run. I remember my SLI-DR was diffficult to begin with, but with all the bios's support and once i get my head around it it overclocked like nothing else. Anyhow, im really pleased with my CFX3200, I was expecting the board to be a bit tricky to setup, and initially I was having blue screens and freezes - would crash whenever I booted a game and like AG I couldnt run prime at stock for more than about 10-15mins. I had been reading Tony's thread over at XS so i nipped over there and grabbed his bios, bang problems at stock were gone, but games were still crashing. Tracked it down to a direct draw issue, so reinstalled DX, Catalysts and the bechies I was running and problems gone. Other issue I had was overclocking - couldnt get above 220 on my crucial ballistix (micron-IC's) which was aweful compared to my Expert. Anyhow, i suddenly clicked that i had the memory in the yellow slots and i had the same issues on my SLI-DR and Expert boards with crucial in those slots. Switched to Orange ones slacked off my timings, now can hit 250 no probs, and im working on getting my head around the new setttings and tightening timings up a bit. I recon i can get this higher. Anyways, my point is, u gotta keep playing with the boards to get the results. If you dont wanna spend the time, go get an Asus. But dont say that you want all these options and then moan when u cant set em up right to get your overclock working. Anyhow, rig in sig... ooopps... better go change my sig!!! LOL!
  9. Right, well its in and installing windows. Im not gonna bother posting pics here, but here is a link to a thread with some pics i posted over at Guru3d: http://forums.guru3d.com/showthread.php?p=...465#post1705465
  10. Its arrived!!!! Pics here: http://img137.imageshack.us/img137/7758/fan10246jg.jpg http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/840/box12806oz.jpg http://img58.imageshack.us/img58/3101/12807xu.jpg
  11. Right well, ive had shipping confirmation from OCUK today, so i should have my board tomorrow all being well! Cant wait!! Perfect time for the bank hols so i can give it a good test
  12. Nice! Thanks RGone, gonna read through that now. That is an unbelievable amount of Vdimm options! LOL!
  13. Luckily I got in early when it was at £152 as they initially listed it. I am happy to pay a slight premium - £5-£10 maybe, for a DFI, but £176 is too much though. Don't wish to cause any trouble with the mods around here, but maybe you should pass on this thread to someone 'in the know' http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?t=17560859 A few ppl not too happy about the pricing. Take note of Gibbo's posts, he's OCUK's rep on the forums...
  14. Yup, I sure will let you all know what i think. Just hope there are no issues with it being one of the first boards to ship. Dont want problems like people had with the first shipment of Asus RD580 boards! I guess thats the risk u take though as an early adopter. Thanks for the links btw... a bit of reading for me
  15. Well, I see it has been officially announced now! http://us.dfi.com.tw/Press/press_header_co...411.jsp&SITE=US And ive ordered my CFX3200 from overclockers UK today http://www.overclockers.co.uk/acatalog/Socket_939.html just hope it arrives quick... cant wait to get my hands on it, my X1900's are standing by! Anyone managed to buy one yet? If so what are your experiences?
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