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  1. If you read more than one post...you will see that I TOLD everyone that I swapped processors and outlined the voltages. :cool: I may not keep the 3500 as it is not mine. I am not going to quote it as mine until I BUY it. -Mack
  2. Also...a big thanks to you guys for the assistance thus far! -Mack
  3. My 3200+ Venice was running at 1.414V but my new 3500+ Venice is running at 1.568V (please refer to my original post a few above the one you quoted to see the link provided that contains more details). They are two different cpus. I do believe my voltage is close to 1.6. I know my S754 @ 1.7V and the same HSF, the temp never went above 45C. That is an apples to oranges comparison. Thank you for the link you posted. Thanks, Mack
  4. Im using default + .4 for the processor. I am running the 7/5 bios (tried the 7/11 and did nothing but reboot and reboot) and it has been solid minus the temp problem. -Mack
  5. Hey guys, I wanted to find out if any of you guys are having the same heat issue I am. I reading about 60C via Speedfan under load, but is that correct? I searched this thread and saw alot of people saying their temps were UNDER what they believed the temps should be. I thought it could be a bad install of AS5, but I took the processor out and added a 3500+ with fresh AS5 and it still gives me 60C. It plays BF2 fine and passed an 18 hour Prime95 test. Could it be my heatsink not contacting the heat spreader well enough or am I just going to have to "assume" that I am alright? Here is a link to an image of my 3500+ OC with the temps and volts... [email protected] and 60C TEMP UNDER LOAD!!! Thanks, Mack
  6. I jumped on the bandwagon and bought the NF3 Ultra-D board and I have a 3200+ currently...look for the details in my sig. I am prime stable at 277 x 9 for 2.493Ghz @1.414V. I am going to try to push the CPU higher, however, I read that after week 17 (my CPU is week 22) the 3200+ CPUs start to go downhill as far as the massive OCs. I am running 1:1 and 1T so I am happy at this point, but the OC bug wants more!!! :nod: I will let you know my results as I OC higher. -Mack
  7. I am referring to the S939 NF3 Ultra-D boards. I have a S754 UT NF3 and love it... however... I want to move to the S939 NF3 Ultra-D in the future with an X2. -Mack
  8. Does Anyone know where to purchase this "bug free" revision??? -Mack
  9. Also, I am budgetting a purchase here in the next couple of weeks to join the high HTT club as I am purchasing a Mach 2 GT!!! Wooohooo... I cant wait.
  10. People that have been able to hit EXTREMELY HIGH HTT / Ghz speeds use a divider and run 2-2-2-5. They have all the best RAM sent to them for FREE and they run what is the best. I think that says alot. For most average people (ones without a FX-55), a lower HTT speed is easier to obtain than 300 or 310+ HTT. I already said that I know the 240 x 10 ran a minimal % faster because of the faster CPU speed, however, the 32Mhz difference did not put it at a drastic disadvantage. If you look at PC Mark, 3D Mark, DVD Shrink, and many of the popular games; they all like the tighter timings compared to high HTT. SiSandra, SuperPi, etc. like the higher HTT speed. Have you tested VX/UTT? As far as the voltages on the board and processor, I believe Tony and Andy said that they run 3.4V all day everyday on the DFI S754 board without a problem and have done so for many months. Once again, I am not trying to flame. -Mack
  11. I am not trying to flame, but how can you make that statement? The TOP A64 OCers...aka MACCI, OPPAINTER, etc. all use VX/UTT. If you can get 2-2-2-5 at 265HTT (~3.5V by the way) you will score HIGHER and run FASTER than 2.5-3-3-7 at 300HTT. I bought both RAM types and took the Gskill LE kit and ran my processor up to 296 x 8 HTT. Now I have the VX running at 240 x 10 and the VX runs faster overall albeit not by much (due to higher mhz). Having rediculous bandwidth is good for a couple of apps, but most like the tighter timings. Check out this posting from OPPAINTER as well as from Macci's site about VX and UTT respectively. Also, look at this post by Macci (scroll to the top) , do you notice the RAM speed and timings? Look at this thread to see 7267 at only 257HTT with a 3500+ (not even a wonderful FX!!!) I am not trying to flame you as I have respect for you, however, I think everyone wants to go 300 or more HTT when the best performance is in the timings. Also, the VX is gauranteed to 3.65V by OCZ and you can get a solid Fortron 530W P.S. with adjustable pots for $70 that will give you solid reliable power for the RAM. -Mack
  12. Rabbi... I have read that ThermalTake under rated that fan's db as well. From what everyone else says... that fan produces about 35 - 40 db on high. -Mack
  13. Are you refering to the exhaust fan in my pictures? If you are the fan is 25mm thick. It has closed flanges so it could not be used on the XP-120 heatsink as they need open flanges to use the clips. Here is a link to the fan on the egg... Enermax 120mm fan -Mack Update: I forgot to mention that the egg lists this fan as a 30db fan at max RPM. They are wrong...it is 40+db on high.
  14. Here is a picture of my system. I too have a SuperLanboy and this heatsink. It fits wonderfully. I may have a slightly different heatsink from everyone else as it does not seem to align as well as the others. An RMA might be in order if this does turn out to be an issue. Anyway, here is the link... SuperLanboy and XP-120 Pics
  15. You will need to watch out for the RAM sticks contacting the heatsink. I have it installed and I had to install my sticks into slots 2 and 3 to prevent contact and for removal. -Mack
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