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  1. ok bsods still happening, albeit not so frequent due to the clean OS install (sp2), using default drivers on dfi disk this time around can be instant or can take a few hours to occur, is bound to be driver problem just cant be bothered with having to chug through memtesting everything only to find out what i know already
  2. i use all connectors dude, also use the 24pin ATX connector Ok i have solved my problems, if your interested I reinstalled my OS to find my original bsod problems had disapeared, excellent i turn the pc on later to discover bosd straight away The motherboard keeps undervolting my memory which i seemed to have sorted with selecting the 2.5v option and the +0.3v disable, tho sometimes it does undervolt :mad: like suggested above the dam board vdimm overrvolting is what caused the first bsod to occur, this in turn killed my OS so sorting the vdimm problem didnt solve the bsods dam motherboard, will a 510 bios sort this vdimm trouble?
  3. ok not done any of that yet, because i ahvent wanted ot turn my pc off, as its been stable since posting the above iv been priming since as well so the setup seems all good, just something is ticking away on boot and within the irst hour or so in windows making me think about the OS more now
  4. ok mate will try and report back 2night or 2moro
  5. why dont you stop benches and just go play some games? that way you'll see for yourself if its stable or not
  6. this is what iv tried guys: Htt x5, x4, x3 at my overclocked 305x9 setting and at STOCK up to 1.5v LDT, and 1.8v chipset, both overclocked and at stock 1.57v (normal for my OC) and used the same voltage at stock, also 1.4v at stock makes no diff vdimm is what iv noticed changing a lot and put it down to that, but now that its stabilised and it was always memtest stable it isnt my mem dropping multi doesnt help timings at stock have tried 2-2-2-5, 2.5-3-3-7, 2.5-4-3-7 and 2.5-4-4-7, all at 200 at my 305x9 OC iv tried loosening to 2.5-4-4-7 and no show super pi 32mb is fine as always as long as i can get it to load windows without bsoding within typically the first 10seconds, or if im unlucky the first 10 minutes when im in the middle of writing a post o here for example lol not ran prime 95 yet, as i seem to be in windows for about 15mins now ill give it a run btw its always the same bsod message, the one printed above
  7. hey jimbo how did the water come along? iv tried this all at stock mate with the same results, with another chip also, starting to think the OS in all honesty, have a ati card coming 2moro so will do a format then memory is memtest stable also
  8. already have matey nothing makes a diff, either the OS is borked (which i will find out 2moro) or the mobo is causing the instability im lucky to be able to avoid a bsod within 10 seconds of windows startup on 1 in 5 boots now
  9. the thing is mate why would it decide to all of a sudden stop working ok fair enough the memory settings may help incases where by they could never get it to work, but in my case iv been running stabley for 2months with no change of settings then bam! i get the bsods it isnt teh chip either as it does identical stuff with a 3700 diego new gfx card 2moro so will do a reformat then, this last week has been a frustrating one, im even thinking chucking this dfi and plumping ofr an epox at £70
  10. was on a roll then, no bsod for 1hr and 30mins DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL
  11. i will do this, but have an assignment due 2moro, been trying for the last few days to do this but bosds mean i lose my work and keep getting put back its a few week old instalation, and the problems started out of the blue 2 days ago, formally an extremely stable system maybe the OS is just fooked, damm, well better thna a broken mobo, we'll see whats up anyway think i may ahve to walk to the campus library to do my work cheers mate, tho if anyone else has any suggestions feel free to post away
  12. mine seem all to be DRIVER_IRQ_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL i think, ill keep an eye out and take the bsod down next time, i just get so annoyed and restart before i take it down it used to do this 3 weeks ago, but stragely a defrag fixed it, wierd resetting cmos does nothing here either likewise mate if you get it sorted
  13. Instead of ranting like id love to atm im going to stay calm and refrain from smashing this board in This is my third attempt in 20mins at writing this Ok basically since monday iv had nothing but bsods on almost every boot, its fine until it gets into windows then it bsods At first i thought it was down to the mobo giving my mem 2.68v when its best at 2.6v (very voltage picky tccd 437 chips), also set to 2.6v. usually 3 reboots and bios toying got it to boot and be fine for a few hours. But today it does it no matter what i try and make the voltage get set to This is with the chip overclocked at 305x9 1.57v where by it is prime stable previous to this. Taking it to stock makes no difference bsods are just as frequent. I upped the LDT to 1.4v and chipset to 1.7v and it hasnt bsod'ed as frequently tho it seems to last 10minutes at a time at the moment before each bsod i ran memtest for 20mins test 5 and all was well as it has been previously It isnt the chip as i ran a 3700 san diego to test yesterday and the same things occurred, again all at stock im on bios 414-3 spec will be added to sig asap PLEASE HELP ME, i dont want to rma as i heard it takes 3 weeks from dfi regards
  14. my gskill is optimum at 2.6v, anything else causes memtest errors, it doesnt scale with voltage like 440 chip tccd cant seem to distingwish which are the bsod errors in my event log cheers for the replys so far guys
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