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  1. Don't forget, the 3.3v line provides that voltage to the onboard CPU memory controller....so good luck in frying the mem controller on ur cpu...
  2. for me, it only takes 2 reboots for voltages only... and that doesnt really bother me so i dont really think that is a problem.
  3. use the search function...thanks and yes ppl are easily hitting 280+ with TCCD's, mostly OCZ
  4. the 3500+ winchester looks great but ur gonna have to find a way to be 100% certain that it is the winchester that u are buying and not the NC
  5. well no biggie my 2x256 corsair 3200LL rev 1.1 is running 254 prime & memtest stable at 3.2vdimm at 2-2-2-10-9-12
  6. i sometimes hear some buzzing,whining and ticking from my lp ut aswell. afaik, nothing to worry about.
  7. try putting them in different dimm slots and possbily raise the voltage to 2.75 at the least for them to run properly, maybe a bit more if u want to oc
  8. the dfi's settings are loose and the reason ppl buy this motherboard is for pure speed. RTFStickys
  9. most TCCD users are fine with 2.8v-2.9v, they dont like more than that so ive heard
  10. mine picks up DHCP fine and static is fine aswell, no need to enter the mac addy....thats odd...
  11. A64 3000+ NC @ 240x10 2x256mb Corsair 3200LL running 1:1 CPU HS feels moderately warm I'd say about 35-40C
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