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  1. anyone know how to fix it? im using the nvidia unified driver 5.10...
  2. Isamu77, as a fellow owner of a CBAEC chip, i can tell you right now that CBAEC stepping chips are garbage overclockers. take a look over at OCforums A64 oc database...S754 Newcastle...the bottom 4 entries are all CBAEC's....my CBAEC0421VPMW can only hit 2.33 max even with 1.75vcore+ [edit] here are the bottom 3 results... ADA3200AEP4AX CBAEC 0423 TPMW 2400 MHz (266.0 x 9.0) 1.70 V memory 266 MHz 2.5-3-2- 8 1T 3.20 V LDT x4.0 (AZN) details ADA3000AEP4AX CBAEC 0423 RPDW 2300 MHz (230.0 x10.0) 1.55 V memory 230 MHz 2.5-3-3-10 1T 2.80 V LDT x3.0 (amd_luvarboi) details ADA3000AEP4AX CBAEC 0423 SPMW 2200 MHz (220.0 x10.0) 1.64 V memory 183 MHz 2.0-2-2- 6 1T 2.55 V LDT x4.0 (helloguy) details
  3. also please consider that the price of the sempron 2800+ is around $114CAD street and the street price for the A64 3500+ is $335CAD...you can almost buy 3 sempron 2800+'s for the price of a 3500+...
  4. check out the ocz vx 3200 for 179....speed binned @ 240mhz 2-2-2... http://www.us.ncix.com/products/index.php?...gy&promoid=1033
  5. heh well well...good job tictac... [edit] removed link...look for it in BIOS factory section.
  6. 1. Not too sure if anyone has done it yet but will probably be soon 2. Yes it does. And for the record, I never had this reboot issue on the 1/28 or 3/31..
  7. yep, if u wanted to run cool and quiet...get an asus or abit.
  8. once again...this bios is great...atleast for me.
  9. I didn't pay attention if I did infact get an increase in mem bandwidth but right now its pretty good around 3500MB/s in Sandra05, no problems so far with this bios, stable as a rock for me.
  10. ya rock solid for me too...its great...just primed for 9 hours @ the fastest ive ever gone.
  11. so what exactly does this bios fix? ok...flashed to see what the diff's are...so far nothing really...same results for me.
  12. 2T was a no go....same thing....the max that was stable in memtest was DDR360 @ 2.5-3-3-10-2T...with 2 sticks i can do DDR450 @ 2-3-3-10-1T...so ive decided to sell the over one off for how much i just got it for and settle with 1gb...
  13. well i got 3 sticks of identical Samsung TCCC 512MB CAS2.5 ram 2 days ago..not looking to oc much if at all anymore, just needs lots of stable ram for video/audio editing...arrived today...popped it into my computer...it defaulted my ram to DDR333 running a 5/6 divider from 200HTT. The highest I can get stable with 3 sticks in is around 180 in memtest...tried loosening timings...raising vdimm to 2.9. 2 sticks works marvelous...same with 1 stick...and i tested...none of the sticks are bad. It generates like 20 thousand errors per one test of #5 memtest86... The ram itself is TCCC, on Brainpower B6U808 PCB. any help is welcome.
  14. I'd definately go with a Fortron Blue Storm 500W... around $80US and it holds with the best of em....the quality is top notch...i really believe that antec isnt all that great anymore...my friend uses a truepower 550 and it crapped out on him so he rma'd it ...and the tp550 arrived doa.....3 weeks later...so he just tossed it and bought a ocz powerstream 520..problem solved.
  15. im pretty sure ocz powerstream's are made by Tagan...
  16. im using 3.4v and running a divider when not doing 230-240HTT. Like when i tried 300x8 I used a 5/6 divider for 250 on the ram, which I know it take do stable...It's stable up to 254ish @2-2-2-10-1T...my week and stepping code of cpu are in my sig... CBAEC 0421...can post the rest if needed.. anyways i checked on ocforums.com a64 database...of all the s754 nc's....CBAEC was in the middle of the pack with watercooling and the worst 2 cases were on air with CBAEC 3200+'s @ 2300 and 2200
  17. TCCD doesnt do 260 2-2-2....I think you may be talking about BH-5 or OCZ VX 4000... TCCD may do 260 2.5-3-3-11 or whatnot and then 300 but not 2-2-2 @ that high of speeds.
  18. Well... I've been having problems getting good oc results from my A64 box ever since I got it last summer... heres what it looks like.. AMD A64 3000+ S754 NewCastle DFI LanPartyUT nF3 250GB 2x256MB Corsair TwinX3200LL BH5 ATi Radeon 9800 Pro WD SATA 200GB 8MB Pioneer 109 DVDRW Enermax 350w PSU 5x Panaflo 80mm L1A Low Speed For a case I'm using the classic aluminum Chenming Dragon. As for HSF I'm using a XP-90 w/ Panaflo 92mm Medium M1A. Now, I've tried anything to get to 2.4GHz but nothing...tried 300x8, 267x9, 240x10...they all BSOD w/ some memory dump error before booting into windows. I've tried up to 1.75vCore and 1.9 chipset...so ya...no problems with the voltage...I had my RAM @ 8:10 divider so that was out of the question and pumped it to 3.1v just incase. The highest I've been able to achieve prime stable is 257x9 or 2.313GHz with 1.62vCore and 1.8 on the chipset. I'm starting to think my enermax psu isn't cutting it unless my cpu was just a dud but it boots at like 2.45 and such just crashes always before windows at any voltage....possibly psu unstable...afterall its only a 350w.....oh ya and my 9800 pro is OCed to 422/384. Or could it be my HDD doesnt like OCing or something? BTW, my HTT multi is set @ 3.0x Because if its my PSU, I'm going to upgrade to a Fortron 500w Blue Storm. If not...I'll just upgrade it later when I go dual core next year. Any help welcome, thanks.
  19. cough....ocz vx....260 @ 2-2-2-5 cough...read XS...
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