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  1. AG, 1.28.3 or 1.28.4 + [edit] they just updated the download version to 1.28.6 just now.
  2. nice AG can't wait to get my hands on a 3700+/4000+ SD...all because of the upgraded onboard memory controller....the one on this 754 newcastle is wonky. And get possibly a new pair of TCCD's and a 3200+ Venice or 3700+ SD
  3. 1. No 2. Yes 3. Yes 4. 2700-2800 for a 3200+ @ 275x10 or so
  4. either your doing something wrong, or its just the memory controller on your winny is crap.
  5. DVD-Rebuilder w/ CCE Nero DVD Decrypter
  6. Have you tried any other BIOS's? I've tried the tictac modded 1/28 and it was fine @3.4v...atleast for me with my previous BH-5
  7. Id either go with a 6800GT or BBA ATI X800XL, if your nervous about it and don't wanna break anything, just learn to put together stuff on crappy components before you go all out, it's not that hard to put together a nice all-around pc, just do your homework before you purchase. The reason ExRoadie is using a Enermax 350W is because he is not running an nF4, only an nF3. RG and AG recommended the 480W+ because well, they've probably tested enough DFI motherboards and seen problems with the lower wattage PSU that could have been easily solved by steapping up and getting a higher wattage PSU (e.g. OCZ PowerStream 520/600) If you plan to overclock, don't get value ram...your spending so much, why cheap out on the ram?
  8. You only need a 80GB hard drive? Why not buy a single 74GB WD Raptor...
  9. yea, u should get some tccd...or just the samsung oem that im using...great ram... stable on memtest @ 233 2.5-4-4-10
  10. NC's are safe up to 1.7v ish on air...and try easin' up the ram tiimings....almost all TCCD should run high if you use CAS2.5 instead of CAS2
  11. k...what is his question about helping him to get to 2700? he is already there?
  12. ok?....nice oc....and btw, nice pirated programs that cost > $5000
  13. just the sticks individually in Memtest86 and see which stick is defective.
  14. wait...so what psu were u using to power the system before this ocz..
  15. hm,mmmm all of that is triple checked correct and nothing...i can HEAR the mic when in Direct 6ch mode analog input. but when in digital coax mode or optical nothing...in analog stereo or any other mode i cant hear the mic. In 6ch mode, I can hear it thru my speakers but the sound isnt registered on any program.
  16. yes its connected into the back I/O panel. and but what about the new NV IDE drivers etc. ill try using the old driver pack that came on the cd..
  17. any program and doesnt even work in windows doesnt work... everything is set, unmuted, selected, max volume.
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