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  1. hah, too bad we are just so lucky and got CBAEC's in the first place because with a [email protected] OC i wouldn't even bother upgrading...but the fact that 2300 is barely reachable is just sad. even with ram running a massive divider, makes no difference.
  2. same reason as you, dont wanna give up my x800xt aiw with all its features and purchase a x800xl or xt that will be obsolete because of the R520 and G70's in a couple of months, if the performance isnt really 2x the current cards like it is said to be, then maybe i will get a x800xl or xt at the cheaper prices...i just cant justify spending $300-400 right now...but a local store has OEM Sapphire X800XL's for $320CAD(~$256USD)...i may consider that, just dont have $1500 to spare yet to do a complete system overhaul.
  3. heh, i upgraded my cpu/board in oct 04...oct 6 ordered...oct 8 received...old stock...like yours ...CBAEC042x's sure do suck fat ones :| if the dfi nf3 ultra-d doesnt come out by end of this summer, im going with the msi k8n neo2 platinum...even if it isn't as great an overclocker or as stable...3200+ Venice LBBLE0515 or maybe something better that will do 300fsb(which 90% of venices should...unless i get another cbaec) and pair that up with some OCZ PC3200EL Platinum R2 TCCD...290mhz... or maybe 4200EL Plat. And I gotta get a new PSU anyways...OCZ PS520...damn and i forgot...new LCD monitor aswell...how in the world am i going to afford this lol The problem then lies with the MSI motherboard...only a slim number of people manage to hit 300FSB on it, so hopefully the DFI does come out...because that would just make me wet my pants...because I know DFI's commitment to high quality motherboards and I can basically predict all of them(if they come out) will be able to do 300FSB Now, I'm just dreaming...OT 312FSBx9 Multi =2808MHz on a 9:10 divider... on some OCZ Plat. R2 PC3200 280MHz...damn...sure beats the crap out of my CBAECrap 0421 @ 2.2 with 1.55v.
  4. we share common ground then, fellow CBAE Crap owner...the highest i can do prime stable is 230x10 with 1.7vcore...cry...CBAEC is probably THE WORST stepping of all of them, what luck we have though ...the stupid place i bought it from was clearing out some old stock...0421 in october 04...thats like a May 04 chip in Oct 04....if I had gotten a 043x or 044x...omg...those things are monsters...but no...its just my luck... im also contemplating whether to sell this off(nf3 250gb + 3000+) for like $250CAD..when i just bought it for $400CAD 7 months ago...but this time im buying the cpu in store...keeping close attention to steppings. NF3 Ultra-D(when its out) or NF4 Ultra-D...+ 3200+ Venice = 400+Tax. Darn...and I have to basically overhaul everything from a new OCZ 520w powerstream to 2x512MB OCZ Gold "New BH-5" and a PCI-E video card(dont wanna give up my aiw x800xt tho...got it for $250CAD a while back)
  5. so is the problem with the half multipliers making the ram run slower than the actual speed that affected the old Athlon64's still present in the Venice's and SD's? or has it been fixed? thanks.
  6. Not sure what cold boot issue you are talking about but never once did I experience it. Try updating your BIOS.
  7. Did you not read anything that AndyOCZ wrote? 24 Pin ONLY! If something dies and has to get RMAed because of a stupid user who doesn't follow the manual, the company ends up raising prices to compensate for the extra RMAs and will hurt the consumer in the end.
  8. oh my RG...that is something...u should really put a phase change to that proc..
  9. 4/15 Memtest 1.55+ works fine on mine if i set it to enable in bios...
  10. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=10104&page=1 please read stickies.
  11. lol ya...if it was dead in the first place...might aswell try.
  12. or u could get ocz vx 4000 or 3200 which are speed binned utt @ 260 for the 4k..some people even get more than that... and 240 for the 3200. with the 11x multi of the 3700+...u'll be screamingly fast @ 265x11 just like RG & AG plus @ 2-2-2...that will wreck any system out there...provided you have a new gen video card...x800/6800 or sli.
  13. your not going to get a lot for < $1000 if your expecting Mobo/CPU/Video Card/RAM. But if you just want Mobo/CPU/Vid Card... Prices from monarch computer DFI Lanparty NF4 Ultra-D $139 http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=110224 AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 1MB 90nm Rev. E Retail Box $344 http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=120273 eVGA GeForce 6800 Ultra 256MB PCI-E $499 http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...uct_Code=190149 Total: $139+$344+$499 = $982
  14. its good if u dont overclock...if u do...spend the extra on speed premium or mushkin blue or gskill 3200.
  15. Enermax 485w Noisetaker is a good deal aswell...dual 12v rails, ATX 2.0 24 pin...i might pick 1 up myself...either that or the fortron blue storm.
  16. i would have to go with value vx or pc 3200 gold...like ryderocz pointed out...the value vx is relatively cheap around 140 for 2x512 with winbond UTT chips that do very well @ 2-2-2-5. The gold on the other hand also does around the same...but @ 200 for 2x512, apparently vx is better than gold but the vx is really "untested" because it just uses the same components as the higher end vx pc3200 and vx pc4000 and sold as cheaper value ram
  17. still a long shot better than my crappy newcastle 754 with the absolute worst mem. controller amd has ever fabbed....does 2.2 prime stable on default vcore...needs 1.65 to reach 2.3 prime stable and 1.83 to BOOT INTO WINDOWS 2.4...havent tried any higher.. i cant wait to ditch this chip + 250gb and go nf3 ultra-d or nf4 ultra-d with a venice or san diego...i can almost guarentee that even the worst mem controllers on the venices could probably do 2.6 with stock vcore.
  18. Look for some value VX or mushkin blue...stuff that uses the new "BH5"... OCZ Value VX Mushkin Blue TwinMOS Speed Premium
  19. so a 4000+ SD @ 240x12 and a 3500+ @ 250x11...k..the benchies look about equal though, how come the 1MB L2 cache of the SD hasn't distanced the two chips apart.
  20. wait....so ur newcastle 3500+ @ 275x10 = ur 3700+ San Diego with 1MB L2 @ 240x12?
  21. heh thats why my next cpu will either be a 3500+ venice or 3700+ san diego depending on my cashflow i'd get a 4000+ SD if i had the cash haha..that 12x multi sure is tempting.
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