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  1. what the heck is mooshkin? how does anyone ever get mooshkin from something that rhymes with RUSH, FLUSH and HUSH?
  2. 4. If I can recall for the DFI nF4 it's either you use all the connectors including the floppy connector on the board...or all but that one..consult the manual when you get it, it's in there somewhere.
  3. because the athlon64 non-venice's (newcastle and winchester) automatically downclock your memory from DDR400(PC3200) to DDR333 because of the strain that is put onto the already weak onboard memory controller in order to run 3 or 4 sticks of ram, which explains the loss in ram bandwidth but don't sweat it, doesn't mean much unless you overclock.
  4. i pronounce is mush-kin ....like the mush ...rhymes with rush. so thing RUSH-kin without the R and instead...a M
  5. pump 3.6v thru those gold bh-5's after a nice long burn in and u'll be flying at 260mhz 2-2-2
  6. its an enermax noisetake 485w w/ atx 2.0 support and pci-e support...nothing is wrong with that even if he was to overclock since hes not running a power hog like a n fx-55 or 2x6800's in sli or whatnot.
  7. he asked for a full spec....including power supply, hard drive type/size.
  8. nForce4 - the basic value chipset for 939 and754. This is the chipset that you will likely find in Socket 754 and low-end Socket 939 boards selling for less than $100. The nF4 is targeted at value boards, but it still includes on-chip gigabit Ethernet capabilities, support for 10 USB, full nVidia "any drive" Raid capabilities, support for nVidia Firewall 2.0, and support for the nTune Performance Utility. Four SATA drives are supported at current 1.5GB/s speeds plus four PATA (IDE) devices. The big disadvantage of the vanilla nF4 chipset is that it only supports 800 Hyper Transport. In addition, the HT bus is locked on the basic nF4 to prevent overclocking of the Hyper Transport. This means that the basic nForce4 is not a good choice for the enthusiast, who is better served by the Ultra and SLI chipsets.
  9. i didn't understand anything in your post except uv lights....so i suppose you want to see some uv ccfl's? 1. www.google.com 2. "uv cold cathode" 3. done.
  10. try a dolby digital 5.1 movie or dts 5.1 or dts-es 6.1 ...most content is not 5.1.
  11. yes and here's AG's oc with it... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread...?t=12070&page=1
  12. haha, im fine with intel....im getting the intel EPP anyways and from what ive heard its a dual core w/ mobo for a couple hundred $ which is sweeettt.. multitasking with intel's is much nicer because of HT....although i want the intel 840ee because it has 2 cores with hyperthreading enabled on both cores effectively producing 4 cores... but the price just scares me... $1500CAD...no thanks. I'm pretty sure im gonna go with a Pentium D 3.0 or 3.2 and get a DFI nF4 Intel or 955X when it comes out and oc the crap out of that...hoping for 3.8ghz on both cores on water which seems to be common from the previews ive seen Also, AMD is announcing it's dual core's May 31...and intel sometime around that date aswell if i recall correctly. [EDIT] Tested max stable overclock of my crappy cpu.... the best i got stable in Prime95 12hr+, SuperPI 32M, 3DM01SE was.... 2358MHz 262x9 1.77vcore (1.4 x 126%) Chipset: 1.7v AGP: 1.6v Memory 2.9v Memory running 5/6 Divider. Too inefficient to run that so right now im just running 2200MHz @ 1.525 other settings default all prime/super pi 32m/3d01se stable. I'm just gonna wait for Intel/AMD Dual Core and a 955x/nF4 chipset that supports either and with DDR2 ram prices almost equal to those of its DDR1 counterparts, Intel is getting better in the price/performance dept.
  13. What you heard WAS correct maybe about 2 years ago. As LCD's mature, the pixel response time becomes quicker and is much easier on the eyes. If you mean by colour reproduction, 8 bit panels on higher quality LCD's produce great colours rivaling CRT's so photoshop will be dead on. The added real estate with a widescreen display is great ...although americans can get the 2005fpw for $394USD...we canadians have only had the chance @ $600CAD which is still okay for the performance... Like it wouldn't be MUCH of an improvement going from 2310mhz to 2700mhz venice...although it sounds like much, i really don't see the cost benefit...maybe a couple more FPS for atleast $400 in upgrades? I'll just wait for dual core and see...as a user of Premiere Pro and Combustion, dual core would do wonders for my rendering time and real time playback
  14. hah, you can go nf3 939 but im just gonna rough it out until dual cores are on the market and see whats hot then. then sell this old nf3 250+3000+ on ebay or something for 200-250 and get something nice...first off, i gotta get my hands on my future monitor the dell 2005fpw
  15. lol same, my CBAEC is prime 12hr+ stable/super pi 32m stable @ 2300 @ 1.7v, my 12v has 26A. I also tried the 270x9 at 3/4...sadly it didnt even make it into windows...either just a reboot or a BSOD saying "Physical Memory Dump Error" probably meaning the onboard memory controller sucks on most CBAEC's horribly. Anything > 2370 in a no boot. I don't think 235x10 is stable .... 240x10, 270x9, 300x8 all with dividers.
  16. nope none of my 8 panaflo case fans vibrate, a bad install probably or defects. they are whisper quiet. 6x 80mm L1A, 1x 92mm L1A, 120mm L1A.
  17. ya thanks...will try it out sometime when i have time.
  18. They might have... Just think of all the Venice 3000+/3200+/3500+'s that reviewers received from AMD. Almost all of them hit like 3GHz on air...and yet only a small percentage of the actual production models do 3GHz on air.
  19. If ocing doesnt help(which you said you tried to flash to 6800U BIOS), it means that something else in your system is bottlenecking the video card's performance. please look at wherever u saw this 90fps in timedemo1 and see what specs the system doing the review is...usually it is not a measly 3000+ but more like an fx-55 or 4000+. Also, the system might be overclocked.
  20. No question is stupid. Download ATITool from www.techpowerup.com It's a great overclocking tool for ATI cards
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