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  1. if you plan to run stock, then yes. Change it to OCZ Spec of 3.2V CL 2-2-2-8 at 3.2V (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS)
  2. that is because VX needs a lot of voltage ATLEAST 3V to run @2-2-2-5 @ 200MHz probably
  3. why not get a 3-4 pin adapter with a fan rpm sensor 3pin connector...
  4. what voltage/ timings do u have the ram set at?
  5. the dfi bios's have Memtest86+ 1.55 already built in already, don't they?
  6. 6604....in 01SE??? something is definately wrong, you should be atleast getting 20k+ or more.
  7. No offense but you should read up more that heatspreaders sometimes actually impede overclocks....a fan blowing cool air on the DIMMS is good enough. TCC5 are still good chips, same ones they use on the PC5000 DFI Special...so whatever you choose, its the luck of the draw, most overclockers need to get a couple pairs to see which to 300 and which don't, unless you are real lucky.
  8. Bah, Sudbury elimated us in the first round this year....and yes...major junior hockey has come a long way. AG, learn to play! join a house league weekend warrior league
  9. not too cold during summer :nod: gotta love pong hockey in the winter tho....i miss those days oh and i almost forgot....FREE health care...
  10. They don't show hockey on american channels? That's odd...us Canadians would die without it. You should move up here Yes, Crosby is sometimes called "The Next One" by sports reporters. Also, don't doubt the skill of other players in the CHL like Correy Perry(OHL Leading Scorer, OHL MVP, CHL Memorial Cup MVP, Member of the 04-05 Canadian World Junior Champs, 04-05 London Knights, OHL Champs, CHL Champs) and Danny Syvret (OHL Top Defenseman, Memorial Cup Top Defense, Member of the 04-05 Canadian World Junior Champs, Captain of the 04-05 Knights, OHL Champs, CHL Champs) Syvret looks to be the most underrated player going pro, my former AA coach used to coach his AA team and he said that...so I believe him
  11. That's too bad...it was a great tournament, as the chl memorial cup always is...but this year was special....this year's london knight's were what i honestly say, the best minor team in north america. And with Crosby at the other end....wow, it was exciting, I had seats in the semi's in London, Rimouski Oceanic vs. Ottawa 67's...that game was high scoring. That 67's goalie carried the team to the OHL Finals and Memorial Cup Semi's. I'm hoping to make the Under 18 Canadian squad next year and the World Junior team the year after...we'll see what happens.
  12. By the way AG, did you watch the CHL Memorial Cup Finals between Rimouski and London? That game was amazing ...too bad when my team played London, they wrecked us. You have probably heard of Sidney Crosby and Correy Perry...
  13. hahaha I did alright in my rookie season in the OHL. As a LD, I had 2 goals and 8 assists in around 50 or so games this year. I'm pretty sure no one knows me as I'm still a rookie.......but just wait 'till next year and you'll see...btw, i pmed u with my profile. I was drafted this season in the 1st rounf, 6th overall in the O. The OHL is part of the Canadian Hockey League(CHL) so thats major junior.
  14. AG, do u play in the ECHL? I play for the Brampton Battalion in the OHL, I just finished up my first season in the O. :nod:
  15. the dell you can find < $400USD sometimes on sale's with a 35% off coupon and another coupon, it was around $400 for a while. The Apple is around $750USD at most places.
  16. Bigfoot is the only store i know of locally in the T.Dot area that has Thermalright HSF's
  17. yes i had the same problem with the loud static with VLC/VideoLan player...i just ended up using media player classic/wmp10 for video, itunes for audio.
  18. http://anandtech.com/tradeshows/showdoc.aspx?i=2431&p=7 RD480 chipset on a DFI mobo that supports ATi's Multi-VPU spotted at Computex 2005 Atleast it won't have the chipset problem where the chipset cooler blocks the video cards....looks promising...Karajan on board...8 SATA ports...what looks like a VIA chip and a Marvell chip...can't wait! Crossfire is gonna be great!
  19. I got them off a local reseller clearance on some old stock...the 80mm L1A's were $9CAD, 92mm $13CAD and the 120mm was $17CAD those prices were tax included. Even so, yes i realize it wasn't cheap but silence is great especially when the case is only 2 ft away from me on the desk.
  20. 280+shipping is a great deal...I'd take it if I lived in the states...but sadly I don't :|
  21. < $100...Fortron Blue Storm 500W for sure.
  22. also, don't try to use needle nose plyers if u don't have to, you may be able to use your fingers if they are small enough. if you need to use needle nose plyers...be careful, one slip and there goes a bunch of mobo traces and the mobo.
  23. usually its unneccesary to use vx above 3.6v unless you plan to buy new ram every month.
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