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  1. I know for a fact that the X800XT has an S Video input.....like 90% of video cards since like 2001 have S Video inputs
  2. i sense a bit of hostility in this thread?
  3. u can't compare cross-platform because it doesn't make sense....A64's can use up to 100W or so...compared to an AXP's 60-70?
  4. yep...on my aiw x800xt it just started happening when i got my new monitor...dell 2005fpw...also happens on my 9800 pro aswell...cat 5.7's w/ 4.40 gart was working fine before with my old crt (1024x768) now @ 1680x1050 it stutters randomly for about 5 seconds each time...
  5. shame that your hating on DFI because you expect so much...sure gigabyte's are better....and that is what they are designed for....being stock... I disagree with you because Oskar Wu's design skills are much better than those are other companies(why do you think DFI hired him when he was working with Abit after he designed the NF7-S series.....and guess what...now Abit sucks again)
  6. Goto the SPD page and take a screenshot and post it. It says module size and some other information.
  7. try running ABC client @ defaults...then see if it crashes.
  8. It's like any other return policy... From DFI.com.tw Terms and Conditions of Service Usage : 1. 1. DFI’s RMA service is offered as an “Additional OPTION†and as an “Additional AVENUE†for END USERS ONLY, who reside in the UK, France or Germany on all DFI LANPARTY and INFINITY series MOTHERBOARDS ONLY and not accessories such as cables, FrontX etc, all of which carry a 2 year warranty. The RMA service is provided only to end users residing in the above mentioned countries who have found their motherboards to be FAULTY. 2. END USERS residing in countries other than the UK, France or, Germany are requested to please contact their reseller / dealers / retailers or whomsoever they purchased their motherboard from for RMA service. 3. By END USERS in 1 above, it is meant – a user who uses their DFI motherboard for personal use either at home or, enthusiasts and or for business purposes. An end user who uses their DFI motherboard for business purposes is one who is not a dealer, vendor, retailer or reseller of DFI motherboards. Vendors, dealers, retailers and resellers are requested to follow a separate RMA process. 4. End users who have more than one DFI motherboard at a time for RMA service may be requested to follow the separate RMA process. 5. By “Additional OPTION†in 1 above, it is meant that end users have the option of requesting RMA service directly from DFI. They have the further option of returning the board to the point of purchase for RMA service. This option means that vendors and dealers are still expected to fulfil their responsibilities and obligations to customers who return their boards to them for RMA service as per the laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate. (For eg. in some countries the law requires the dealer to provide a replacement or refund if a purchased item is faulty and returned within a time frame as required by law). 6. By “Additional AVENUE†in 1 above, it is meant that END USERS can receive RMA service in the event that the vendor or dealer from whom the motherboard was purchased might have gone bankrupt or, the contractual agreement (eg. warranty) between buyer and seller might have expired and as long as the DFI motherboard is still under warranty as stated in 1 above. 7. RMA service is solely for the purpose of repair and not a means to receive a refund. Customers seeking refunds should do so directly from the vendors whom they purchased their DFI motherboards. 8. Once DFI has received your motherboard for RMA service, DFI will endeavour to have your motherboard repaired within 5 working days although this may not always be possible (eg. shortage of components) and delays maybe unavoidable. Replacement boards will be provided only at DFI’s discretion as DFI deems fit. 9. Please send a “PHOTOCOPY†of your invoice showing the date of purchase. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ORIGINALS as DFI cannot be held responsible in case it gets lost, although DFI takes great care to ensure that this is avoided. 10. PLEASE SEND ONLY YOUR MOTHERBOARD and not the items or parts that came with it. DFI reserves the right to change these terms and conditions without prior notice.
  9. OCZ Gold 2x512MB PC3200 with BH5 chips plz... atleast or some PDP/OCZ TCCD/TCC5
  10. I've run memtest86+ overnight...10hrs 30mins passed full test(lowered multiplier to 8x so 200x8)...occt passed..super pi 32m passed... my vcore is @ 1.5 default.....why would I raise it if it can't even run stock @ what vcore its rated at. Then I would RMA it.
  11. I think it looks more like "Jason" with the hockey mask on....
  12. alright...so i ran OCCT again...it passed...weird...i wonder why it failed so quick the first time...running super pi 32m now...and probably going to either memtest86+ overnight or prime95 it(if it reboots) ill post some more about it superpi 32m runs fine...time to loop memtest86+ tonight and prime95 tomorrow morn.
  13. Alright, I'm running OCCT Torture Test now..how long do u normally run it for? [edit] i ran the torture test fine...but i ran the stability test and a minute and a half into it, it failed...running it again as im typing this from my notebook. its @ 28% now and doing fine... what does that mean? my processor is busted?
  14. I know this may not be caused by the motherboard but I just wanted some help with this problem. I started getting random restarts with BSOD Memory Dump errors about a week ago(the ones when your memory controller or memory is defective or is crappy). Now, I've been @ optimized defaults(on everything) since then but it kept occuring. I ran memtest86+ built in to the bios and it shot lots of errors on almost every test...turns out one of my sticks of ram was defective...so I just sent it off for RMA yesterday. Now, I'm still getting BSOD's with the same error and random restarts even though with my 1 stick of 512MB left, I could pass memtest86+ test 5 looped for 2 hours. I ran Prime95 Blend and it went 8h fine when I stopped it. Any ideas what is wrong? Is my ram broken(I'm running everything @ stock) Is my memory controller damaged so much that it can't even run default settings without BSODing even though Prime95 and memtest says it's fine? Or is my windows XP Pro SP2 messed up and I need to reinstall? Any help welcome, Thanks in advance ProfChaos
  15. http://www.insanetek.com/index.php?page=co...raquagater120_4
  16. 300MHz on TCCD is not as common as reviews make it seem...after all...almost all of those are hand picked modules from the manufacturers to produce insane overclocks... also have u tried 2.9v and 3.0v?
  17. my fav game is mario bro's on nes.
  18. this deal was dead in a matter of minutes.
  19. pretty expensive aswell...but it looks so great! The special SPCR black version comes out 6/10/05 while the regular silver comes out in a couple weeks.
  20. try the yellow slots and isolate your memory as the cause of the issue...meaning lower your cpu multiplier to something like 7x or 8x to rule our your cpu as the cause of the issues. Also, it could be possible and likely that the memory is overheating, is there sufficient cooling for the memory? You'll probably need an 80mm fan blowing over your memory DIMM's because of the high voltages being used by VX
  21. ur using pc3200 vx right? please set the settings to those above i stated from ocz specs...
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