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  1. Yeah, thanks for the ISO, Tmod. I'm no newbie to BIOS flashing/modification, but it's rather convenient to have all of the pre-made mods and stuff in one place, especially considering that I've been playing musical chairs with my BIOS this week in an attempt to get F.E.A.R. stable during an overclock. Screw running Prime95 all night; if you can run that game in multiplayer for five minutes you're good.
  2. Okay.. but why did it start flashing in the first place?
  3. Erm, I just said I was using the machine. If you could explain how it could be hibernating while I'm using it, that'd be cool. I should also throw out there that I've never had hibernation enabled.
  4. Woke up this morning to find my box's power LED flashing at a seemingly set interval.. two seconds on, two seconds off.. can anyone shed any light on why it would be doing this? I have a LANPARTY NF2 Ultra B in the machine. The box is working fine, temperatures are very low, voltages look fine.. hell, I'm playing UT2004 on it right now. I've hesitated to try rebooting to get rid of the issue as aside from UT, the box is doing some important stuff I can't have interrupted right now. I just want to know why the LED is flashing, and how to fix it if it doesn't go away. I figure it can't be a loose connection, or it wouldn't be flashing at such a set interval.
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