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  1. Have you tried memtest. I know you said (in another post) you used this memory in another board but every board is different. Having had to RMA my first 250GB because of a mistake I made, I killed it. I would advise not to give up on the board you have yet. Also check the forum for any post relating to Windows not loading.
  2. I found the network manager didn't like my sp2. must be something to do with sp2's new firewall. bit of a conflict i guess. I ended up uninstalling net/manager and now all is well.
  3. Try setting your AGP voltage in bios to 1.6 .I think default is 1.5 . I've got my 9800 Pro running at 1.7 to handle the card overclock. I am guessing you are not overclocking your card but 9800 pros really suck the volts. just make sure you have good cooling for the card. Also set you AGP apperture size to auto.
  4. a single SATA drive should install as simple as an ATA drive. You don't need to install any special drivers. Just use port 3 or 4, plug your drive in and install windows like normal. you DON'T need to press F6 during install to install third party drivers if you are not having a raid setup. I've got two SATA drives not in raid and I just installed windows like I would on any other drive. Also if you don't get windows with SP2 you could make a slipstream copy of your own. I think the thread for it is in one of Angry's stickies at to of threads. i have XP/SP2 installed from the begining and have had no probs. I think all window componets should be installed before any other drivers. hope this helps
  5. SP2 isn't going to be the problem. There are alot of people on these forums running SP2, myself included, that are overclocking the DFI board. Have you used memtest to check your memory? look in the stickies for the link.
  6. you need to do a sig so people will know what you setup is. check the sticky rules.
  7. have you set the jumpers correctly on the back of the 20g & DVD?what do you have on your other IDE channel? if it is free you should use it. that way both could be set as master. you may have to mess about with the jumpers. try "cable select" if you want them on same channel.
  8. User5, Before you get a new drive you should replace your sata cable. I am using two Sata drives not setup in raid and I did not need to install the raid drivers. I just plugged one drive into port 3 and was able to load windows with no problems. second drive connected to port 4. I had read on this site a few months back that some people were having problems with the cables that came with the DFI board.
  9. change your SATA cable. the ones that come with the board are not very good.
  10. Hi, what are you memory sticks set at? have you tried uping your cpu voltage?
  11. I think you need to update the bios.check the link below. http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/sho...p;threadid=2073
  12. Have you tried different drivers for the card? I'm using 4.11 for my 9800 pro (overclocked past XT speed) and they work fine. but you might have better luck with 4.12 or an older driver.
  13. How about an easier release bracket for the AGP slot. with the bigger cards it is a pain in the butt to get the card out.
  14. I have had the same problem. I found that it wouldn't work when I started overclocking. I got around this problem by downloading the newest ISO version of memtest(1.4) and burnt the image to a CD and booted up from the cd. worked a treat. just remember to go into bios and change the boot order so it boots from the cd rom first. there's a link in one of the stickies for the memtest site.
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