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  1. lol good one, had a good laugh.
  2. Hey guys, Just need your thoughts on which OCZ Platinum 2x1024MB PC4000 DC kit I should buy? EB: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...ual_channel_kit vs. EL XTC: http://www.ocztechnology.com/products/memo...el_platinum_xtc I'm leaning towards the EB kit because it has Infinion CE-6 ICs (plus I've read only good things about them), plus the EL XTC has Micron 5B-F ICs, which from what I read dont OC quite as well. Your thoughts, thanks.
  3. Bump - anyone wnat to share their input?
  4. Hey guys, I'm looking to get a OCZ PSU and 2GB RAM kit for my AMD 64 S754 system. For the PSU would I be good with the 520W ModStream or should I go for the PowerStream 520W (I'm guessing the ModStream will suffice?). For the 2GB RAM kit I'm looking to go with PC4000 Platinum ELs, or would I be good with the EBs or maybe even the XTCs (and yes, I've got cash to burn ;p)? Input would be appriciated, thanks.
  5. Yeah well those aren't bolt down so you can't use with a lidless proc... FYI
  6. Yeah, I love Thermalright's heatsinks, and luckily a store near me that specializes in cooling products still has some (surprisingly)!
  7. Hey guys, Just want your opinions on which HSF you think would be better for my A64-M 4000+ Newark - Thermalright SLK-948U vs. Zalman CNPS7000BCU? Your thoughts, thanks.
  8. I already knew that the NF3 Ultra-D is 939, not 754, but thanks for the heads-up nevertheless (and yes, your right ;p). Yes, Mobile 754 Newarks are. I already have one, and yes, I fully agree - it's a great board from what I've seen - will definately keep me happy until NF5/x2/Vista (or whatever ;p).
  9. Just found a 4000 Newark here at Monarch: http://www.monarchcomputer.com/Merchant2/m...&AFFIL=FRG&NR=1 Plus they ship to Canada, and I do have the budget for this proc (plus I've just been looking at some pleasing OC results for it), so I'll consider it (I just want to get off the 32-bit bandwagon badly at this point ;p). It'll keep me going with my new Lanparty NF3 250GB and BFG 7800GS OC 256MB until Dec06/Jan07 for sure.
  10. It's not that I'm on a budget or anything, I'm just u/ging a system from a AMD XP-M 2500/DFI NF2 Ultra setup to a AMD 64 Mobile/DFI NF3 250GB setup in the meantime and don't want to spend alot at the moment (plus I plan on buying a new system my the end of this year/early next year when Vista hits the streets, so I'd rather spend the big bucks that I have then...). Anyway, thanks for your sugguestion, I'll look into those 90 nanometer procs. P.S I would u/g to a DFI NF3 Ultra-D AGP mobo, but there almost impossible to find now (though I did find a sotre in the states that sells them, but unfortunately they don't ship outside the states...)
  11. Hey guys, I'm looking to buy a A64 Mobile chip and have narrowed it down to these two: http://www.frontierpc.com/ProductDetail.as...C-AMN3000BIX5AR vs. http://www.excaliberpc.com/AMD_Athlon_64_M...-id-552861.html Also note that I'm in Canada, so itd be alot cheaper for me to buy the one from Frontierpc... Anyway, any input is welcome, thanks.
  12. Yeah, everybody so suddenly switching to A64 is making me impatient to wait and make the switch once the NF4 board comes out, though I might treat myself to early X-Mas gfits Anyway, I think you should just ditch onboard sound altogether and get an Audigy 2 ZS (awesome sound cards, especially for gaming and DVDs), though SoundStorm is still very good for onboard sound. What nForce audio driver version are you using?
  13. I should just get one of those Vantec Iceberg copper fan coolers, got one myself, pretty popular as you know.
  14. Yeah, no kidding . I really should have waited until I had installed this life saver, but yeah, heh. However, I might be able to hotflash it at the store where I bought it (they are a nice small store and the employees are DFI fanboys!), and/or see if a friend of one of my more computer savvy friends has by board. If I can't do the above, I will get make to you via e-mail asap. I also know of the site badflash.com and might speak to them too. Thanks for getting back to me with the info, most appriciated.
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