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  1. BUY ALienware PC, They cost around $5000 - watercooled etc....
  2. I'm having warm/cold boot problem too. It won't detect my SATA 3&4, I have to hit the power switch on/off many times before it can detect the SATA Drives. How can I RMA this? The vendor (newegg.com) where I purchased won't accept it because it has been more than 30 days. thanks
  3. Well, it happened a few times, it froze when detecting Raid Array, and still it did not freeze much as it was before
  4. I hooked up on SATA 3/4. I believe I found the problem, The second partition is in FAT32, and FAT32 does not support file over 4 GB. Thanks
  5. I enabled Sata 1 & 2, and now it's working fine without my IDE drive. If I plug in my IDE drive, it just hang at the POST. Any one else having this problem? I updated the BIOS to 10/15
  6. I enabled SATA 1 & 2 last night, rebooted it a few times, so far there hasn't been any problem.
  7. Any one else adjusted the voltage? Mitro-> Do you use stock fan for your video card? I want to flash my 9800PRo 256mb (retail) to XT, but afraid it may fry. Bought the Silent Cooler 3 but didn't fit the board.
  8. Also, another question: is it better to have a pair of RAM rather a single one? Thanks
  9. I tried to adjust the voltage in the BIOS. As a newbie myself, the menu is so confusing so that I don't where to adjust the Tcl, Trcd, Tras, Trp .... I'm searching around to understand that menu
  10. How do you make the bios to load the picture? thanks
  11. How could be swappable when it is the hd that running the OS? Weird, I have exact same thing, and both my hd appeared on that list
  12. Apparently that I can't copy any file like 4GB or over from my IDE hd to SATA hd. The error was "Insufficient Disk Space", but there was 240GB diskspace available, and it allowed me to copy small files like 50MB after the error... I'm using 9/14 bios
  13. Same here, after the sata raid sometimes showed up and then disappeared. Now it's showing "Disk Read Error", is there away to get the hds back and running again. I have my 2 WD 160GB SATA on SATA 3 & 4. My current bios is 9/14, will upgrade to the lastest bios soon. **** Also, does any one have problem copying a large file about 4GB or more? I tried to copy a DVD iso from my IDE hd to my RAID hd, and it won't let me, the error was insufficient disk space, but I have like 240GB free. Admin, any suggestion???
  14. Same here, I thought it was my video card issue, looks like most of the radeon 9800 pro has this issue. It's annoying.
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