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  1. I took the liberty to take a camer phone picture to show a little one that i thought was prety cool RD
  2. video game awards--voted it as "The most addicted hame of the year" Woot!
  3. dude get the movers, they are usually woth every penny in the long run.
  4. heres a good one http://www.computing.net/cpus/wwwboard/forum/6130.html
  5. go do a recheck on your speaker setup, i take it your using the onboard sound(no card in sig)-cut each channel till it may stop-recheck your standoffs on the middle and bottom for a contach to a circut
  6. same thing, same family i take 1 or the other for knee surgry's good stuff!!
  7. dude, why e-mail me when we can throw a rock at each other as close as we are I also have about 9 of them--Woot!
  8. go for the bios savior its a damm saver in the long run
  9. dead battery, it will still post but not retain settings when al power is cut--sounds like hardware failure--id start removing parts and trying to boot it, retest the parts like you said
  10. dude, get the tool its a life saver if your new at this issue. you may also use very small toothpicks to pry it out (they will break before the socket does) but really get the tool, or even better a bios savior, thats the real kicker there
  11. hmmm?? have we got a big deal with the Western-digatals?? Maybe we shouyld start a poll of some sort and list out what type of problems happen or we have?
  12. go recheck your molex connections. You really sound like your power connection to your o/s drive is loose and having a jolt every time it get a jiggle, try to move and bend the wires with the case open and listen for the har drives to spin down-heads parking, then a spin back up, which should reproduce your locked computer everytime RD
  13. 4 ping 5 ping whatever, as long as you have 1 in for juice 1 out for jiuce it will spin, then your dongle yellow wire is the rpm header, with a volt meter you can find whats what the easy way all before you even hook it up
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