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  1. Yepp Taiphoon Burner does the thing. After buring in SPD data from Mushkin to TwinMos stick they can work together. They boot and there is no issue with dual channel. Only problem i had with makeing it stable in Sp2004, but i disabled Bank Interlave and now its fine. Thank you guys for your support, Regards,
  2. Hi I've got Twinmos SpeedPremium PC3200 based on CH-5 UTT, if i use two same sticks its running dual channel fine, but when i am trying it with Mushkin Redline PC4000 CH-5 UTT, no matter what i do they dont work together( SP and Redline ), no matter if it is in dual channel or single, orange slots or yellow, defaults timings or 2-2-2-5 3.3v. I tried couple diff bios version, still same. The situation now is that one of my Sp died and one of my Redlines' died, got 2x512 but cant have them in slots in same time, any cure for me ? Regards,
  3. Yes i tried without divider, 9x 240 1:1 , still same errors. I tried Yellow slots but i dunno if it was with bios you suggested. My ldt multi is set to 3x. About goldmemory its better then memtest, finding errors faster then memtest and is more solid, try it yourself. About my timings , ill post them l8 but i dont think theyre problem. Ive tried many suggested settings by Ocz , by perople from xtremesystems and my old timings from TwinMos Speedpremium UTT CH-5. Im accurating more into defective ram or mobo.
  4. I dont use any particular bios for perm. What bioses ive tried for most wanted configuation ( cpu , 300x9 , 166 div - 245 2-2-2-5 3.3v ) is: 3.10p, 5.10-1, 5.10-2, 5.10-2-FIX, 6.23-2, 6.23-3, 7.02-2. Was always same , failure begins around 122 test of gm. My psu is very good, its brother of OCZ psu family. And its native 24 pin ATX compatybile. Here its statistics: http://impreza.sobol.org/psu/topower/3.jpg My rig pic: http://impreza.sobol.org/rig/ Psu pic: http://impreza.sobol.org/psu/topower/ Also i wanted say that 480 PSU for such rig as mine is myth, 350 W would do it without any problems. My mem durning gm is berly worm, those fans are doing good, and yes one of them blowing at mosfet. Well dunno but i heard PWMIC is safe to around 100 C.... anyone have else opinion on that ? About 4v jumper, ive tried with normal settings and with voltage taken from 5v rail, still same. Any othe idea ?
  5. Oh i forgot to add. I have opened case + 3 80mm fans. One on memory area, second on pwmic area ( also blowing partly on memory ) and thrid blowing on chipset. My temps are 45-46 C for cpu, 46 C for chipset and 55-59 C for pwmic. My chipset v is 1.6 and ldt is 1.4.
  6. Hello One of my TwinMos SpeedPremium (2x512 ) died. So i decided to buy new mem pack. GeIL Ultra-X 2x512 based on UTT BH-5 was my choice. I got strange problem with them. I tried to run them at 245 2-2-2-5 3.3v but i have all the time errors in Sp2004. Decided to test my sticks with Goldmemory. Seems they separatly pass 245 2-2-2 3.3v but as soon as i put them in dual channel i got errors beginig at 122 test. I tried different bioses and alpha settings from angrygames page suggested for Ultra-X. I strarted to try different combinations of multipliers , voltages, timings , slots , bioses. Only thing i figured out that they do well with voltage 2.9v. I can run stable then my sticks at 220 2-2-2-5 ( cpu 9x293, mem div 150 ). When i switch voltage to 3.3v they give out error at same settings, eaven at default settings. Few errors appears at around ~97- ~100% of goldmem quick test. Now im trying to figure out whats wrong , is it my mobo or mem sticks. Any idea ?
  7. Hello Ill be updated my cpu to Venice soon. Im wondering if there are some specific timings on our mobo that are critical for Venice to work stable ( pass super pi and prime95 ), and that are different that Winnie need ie. Tref ?
  8. I had Win XP on my DFI NF3 UT, then ive switched my mobo to DFI NF4 Ultra-D it was working over 2 months without any problems, there was needed just some drivers updates that was missing.
  9. Doesent work for me too, and you guys says that default are 1-4 keys ? when to press them exacly ?
  10. Angry_Games where is stored "Cmos reloaded" psychicaly ? is it eprom bios chip ? is yes how i can overwrite it , or erase it?
  11. Where you are ? Coz it might be cheeper and faster for me to send it to shop where i bought it.
  12. I Did. Orginaly i had dell usb keyb. Now i got some generic ps2 keyb, same thing. I just want to tell that ive taked out mobo from the case for whole night. I removed bios chip, batter and set jumper to reset cmos. This morning , ive connected it to differ psu, and still same. Routine is: i see boot logo of dfi nf4, then when i hit tab i see booting routines ( memory checking , hdd detection etc... ) then i hit del and then should appear blue bios screen , instead i get blinking "_". Other thing is that when i hit escape , i see table of choicing booting device. I thougt orginaly that i broke up some display routines.... but it can't be.
  13. I did broke without flash. I just oced system, then loaded windows it was unstable so i did reset, and tried enter to the bios... and powah it hangs, i press reset , hangs again. Ive used reset bios jumper , and from this moment when i try get to bios i get blinking "_". About hot flash i got some Asus P4 Delux board, ill try use it.
  14. I think its CMOS RELOADED related problem, anyone know where is it stored ? ( on eprom chip of normal bios ? ). Dfi support guys, pls help !
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