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  1. Sadly my board refuses to post now after a good couple days on 623 bios. No worries, I will use Eprom programmer to reflash exsisting chip, and see if I can get it going - not a crisis for now anyway, but it's a good thing to avoid 623 and earlier beta's. Like DFI staff has informed us to do But we never listen anyway. Oh well, it's an acceptable risk, I will reprogram bios, and keep you posted.
  2. I will be happy with official support for one 7950 as well. And after all, nVidia is busy creating support for Intel chipsets in their drivers, already in the testing phase, so, I wonder if this excuse will still be valid when these get released? The hacked drivers don't support 7950's ... After all, I am not asking for SLi switching to happen on the motherboard, just support for this to happen on the gfx card?
  3. @ The Drewster: Your overclock is failing, that is the reason it shows/perform stock in Windows This board needs a soft touch, start at low overclocks, even below 300 1:1, and make sure cpu can handle it, as well as ram. Max stable fsb at 1:1 will be ave 320, so keep this in mind. I am playing with 623 bios now, and am running 370 fsb with mem overclocked with 667 strap, and no problems. Worked well for me, but be careful with this bios - it may render board unbootable. I have Eprom programmer, so do not mind to flash if something would go wrong. Best to wait for official bios of the 623beta, which has some very nice features, and sorting some mem divider/overclocking issues. Highest I can do is 380 1:1, but experiencing warm-boot problems then. Hope this helps you. Br, Mrbean.
  4. I can run 1x 7950 in this board, a few artifacts in 3dM03 with everything default, but that's the only benchie giving me issues. When I try and boot with my 2nd 7950 installed, board would not drive video output. Fans, harddrive etc spin up, but no video. So, hopefully Mr DFI will give us a decent Bios that will support 7950 fully. Of course the memory divider issue when overclocking must also be resolved. Looking forward to when that may happen. edit: Bios is 731, and highest I can get in bios with 1:1 is 320 fsb That's not even 2.90 gig on my cpu which can do 24/7 @ 3.6gig) I need some power to run Apple Cinema Display at 2560x1600, and still get decent framerates. Of course official 7950GX2 support will help.
  5. Well Guys, Must be some incompatibility with 6800U and DF board. I sold the DFI board, and got myself a replacement (rma) for the dead card from Newegg, and got another 7800GTX. New Abit board running like a dream. Wife enjoying her new gaming rig, while I am having fun wih my Dothan setup Thanx for all replies. Can a Mod please close this thread, thanx. Br, MrBean.
  6. I am almost 100% sure now it is memory related, not necessarily faulty mem, but rather some incompatibility with your system. Twinmos has a cheapish BH5-based product on the market, just came out around 4 months ago with it, which works rather well on this board with some of the older (Feb) bioses. You could give that a go, or try TCCD-based with Bios 618-3 I think it was? Good luck, and keep the feedback coming in.....this way we can built a nice DB what works with this board, and what should be avoided. Br, MrBean.
  7. Yip, that is quite weird that it would take out both 2 electrically seperate busses - one PCI-Express, the other PCI. I am running on abit AN8 now, and can run both old Virge S3, and 7800GTX, by selecting first boot slot in the Bios. Works great.... But, I hope these DFi guru's will give an answer....
  8. Mmm...Interesting! Thanx for your reply. Did you keep everything stock, eg clocks, voltages etc?
  9. UPS=Uninterruptable Power Supply Use something like APC, which is a very good regulating UPS, and can filter quite a largish input variance. In South Africa, we use 220Vac, un the range for input variance is from around 190Vac to 240Vac...... So, it provides a stable 220Vac output for your system, which does not fluctuate, and when the input raw mains exceeds the input limits, the supply will switch to battery output to stabilize these excursions, so your system is always exposed to good, clean power. In the States, it is 110Vac.
  10. Yes, and then boot of the floppy, then run the .bat file. Please have your setup connected to a good UPS, so you don't suffer bad flash
  11. Actually, if you could pass memtest for 10 or more times, without error, it should be relatively safe. I have found memtest would normally make 1 to 2 passes without errors, but then, if mem is bad, they would start. My feeling is it is memory related, more specifically timings, set your SPD to manual timings, and start with relative slow timings, and work your way up from there. Seems to me there is not to much variety of memory these boards like, I know BH5 does quite well though.
  12. Phil, When you say raid0 it bsod's......which raid are you using? native nVidia, or Sil?
  13. Is it really this hard to answer my Queries, DFI? Been browsing this forums for quite a while now, 8 months or more, and quite amazing how selective you guys are in what you answer or not. To put things in perspective, I have been in top 15 on the Orb quite regularly, best was no7, ad this board flies. So, for the high-flyer benchmarkers out there, it is fine. For everything else it is .. Random resets, Twinmos BH5, Mushkin Level2 Black BH5, OCZ Rev2 3200 TCCD, Mushkin TCC5. Memory it aint. Powersupply, yes, 24pin 600W Enermax. Rails checked with Oscilloscope. Steady as a rock. Idle, fully loaded, very little ripple voltage. So, psu it aint. Tried with single 6800U, SLi 6800U, even old S3 Virge PCI card, always these nigglie resets. In case you wondered, I have a 1000VA APC UPS, and a smaller 750VA APC. Tried both those, but the smaller 750W switches to raw when benching, cannot handle load. So, (external) power it aint. Where does this leave us? Guys, I am a power user, and a skilled Electronics person, and I am telling you we have a issue here. So, instead of ignoring this post, speak to your designer Oscar Wu, and give us some feedback. For now, I have sold this POS, and got an Abit AN8 SLi, which, up to now, I could run with all of my different memories, without special Bios-releases, and it works like a charm. So, yeah, basically your "Professional" feedback would be appreciated.
  14. Water will do the most for reliability, and stability - if you subject your system to heavy use. Enjoy, it is a nice experience
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