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  1. Well, the latest BIOS'es seems to be more about stability than overclocking. I'm running 623-3 and it's working just fine for me (and most people). Besides, I read some horrorstories about ND4LD406 killing boards.... :/
  2. Drop to 2.5Ghz and see if you can get that stable. Some chips and steppings are just bad overclockers. I'd sell it on ebay and get a chip from a known stepping (from that list I showed you).
  3. That's impossible to tell. A 3000+ could outclock a 3100+ and vice versa..
  4. You should reach 2.7-2.9 without breaking a sweat with that core. Just bump voltage to 1.45 and set the system to 9*320 Or do the gradual thing and go 9*300, 9*310, 9*315.. and dualprime @ each step.. and raise voltage as needed.. and check temps, and add ~3C to every temp just to be sure... edit: I've done some testing on my chip and core #0 fails prime95 after 2-3 minutes when the temps reach ~55C (1.5V), so I def. need better cooling. Going for a Tuniq Tower 120 (big mofo sink). Hope to reach 2.8+ stable with better cooling that can handle the volts of 1.55V.
  5. I had 4... ATX, Molex, 4-pin CPU & 4-pin floppy-like power connector.
  6. Well, seems you could go to 1.6+ if needed and heat kept below 55C under dual prime. What stepping is your chip? We could have a fast one here...
  7. Sorry, but your chip is on the "shitlist" over @ xtremesystems.org: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=96900 Seems most CCBWE's should be avoided. However, that's just a generic list, particular chips may go higher, but it's usually a good pointer what to go for.
  8. 34C? That's... wow... I idle @ 29C and hit 52C dual priming. Try setting voltage to 1.45V and push it to 2.7. btw, what temps does BIOS tell you?
  9. Depends on your cooling, but ~1.5V with your cooling.. But Opterons are nuclear plants when it comes to heat so monitor the heat all the time while trying out stuff. I use 1.45V for my 2.7Ghz Opty. Burning it in @ that speed before going any further.
  10. You're kidding me, right? "cus 165 doesnt do 3d aswell as a fx 60"?? lol Where did you dream up that? The only difference is branding. But it's your $$$ :shake: :shake: :shake:
  11. OSA165CDBOX is the generic partnumber and is the same for all retail Opteron 165's. As dab said, the stepping is printed right on the IHS itself.
  12. I think I'll stick with my 623-3 which works fine. I would like to have the latest NVRAID-firmware but I'll live...
  13. Never seen anything like that.. Sounds like a PCI-e issue though which happens to affect 6800GS cards in particular... My card has a redesigned board and different components than normal cards so I guess that's why I haven't seen any problems.
  14. Sciencemark v2.0 can be downloaded straight from their site: http://www.sciencemark.org/frame.php?frame=40 I ran the 32-bit version and this is what flabbergasted me: :eek: Says that core #1 (as opposed to #0) is running @ 2670Mhz.... huh!!! Either it's a bug, or something is just weirding the whole thing out.... Please download and check what it says for you guys... Edit: downloaded AMD's CpuInfo and it said both cores ran @ 2743Mhz.. However, is that measured or is it calculated by the multiplier/htt ?
  15. Uhm, the Venice's are supposed to have low temps since they die's are shrunk and use less power. And it IS possible to have a lower degree on the cpu than the room temp due to the reason of fan adding energy to the air which in turn absorbs heat energy from the sink (which absorbs from the cpu). I don't know with how much though...
  16. Why would anyone disable the hotfix just after installing it?????? You should enable the hotfix (set it to 1), the rumour to set it at 0 is wrong.. at least from what I read @ xtremesystems.org.. but I guess everyone can try for themselves...
  17. CPU Score 2021 Marks With the stuff in my sig.
  18. To run Dual Prime, start one normally and set it to run on CPU 0. Start the other one by using the commandline: Prime95.exe -a1 and set it to use CPU 1. Create a shortcut for it and add the -a1 command.
  19. www.station-drivers.com they have x64 for marvell as well a tons of other drivers.. updated daily...
  20. Opty 165 @ 2.6Ghz = FX60 which is a $1000+ chip....
  21. I got my chip yesterday and I'm leaving it at 2.7Ghz until I've gotten myself some REAL cooling. The old trusty slk-948-u was great for the 1700+ tbred, 2500+ barton and 3200+ venice but this DualCore Opty 165 just heats up like a hot chick walked past. It just doesn't cut it... I booted in @ 2.8Ghz but the temps weren't comfy so I dropped back to 9*300 (1.425) and will let it "burn" in for a week or so... Happy as a clam..
  22. I'm currently running my Opty 165 @ 2.70Ghz (9*300) and I got it yesterday morning. I just HAVE to get better cooling, I can run it at 2.8+ but heat is definitely an issue already. This chip just goes HOT, and my cooling was bought for the old 1700+ tbred era.... I'll wait and see if the AS5 will bond a little, but I doubt it'll make a big difference, the sink just can't get rid of enough heat... I've seen temps @ 56+ celsius while doing Prime95 on both cores while it's idling @ ~30-32 degrees.
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