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  1. The Tuniq Tower 120 is just as good, and a behemoth as well..
  2. Well, you can stop if you're looking to press more juice out of it. But when you're satisfied, run a 8+ hour prime. That way you'll know your system is stable.
  3. Oh yeah, I'd back down voltage (& shut down my computer) if my chip was hitting 59c. You've got some serious cooling problems mate.
  4. Follow Praz advice... and for simplicity: 1. Overclock the CPU first, keep the RAM loose and slow as well as hyperthreading and other parts. 2. AFTER you've found the sweetspot of your CPU (with it being 100% stable) you can start playing with the RAM and see how far you can push it.
  5. Please tell us which stepping the chip is.
  6. Well, have you tried dropping the RAM to really low speeds (like using a 133 divider) as well as setting the HTT multplier to 3.0x to rule out any problems there?
  7. Oohh yeah, the CCBBE's are the current sweeties...
  8. Well, I'm getting myself either a Tuniq Tower 120 or Scythe Ninja... They're the cream of the crop at this moment.. and they're huge as well..
  9. Yeah, I'd like to know that too... edit: must've been spread spectrum or Cool'n'Quiet or something like that..
  10. Duh, I was thinking about a different setting, not the 1T/2T setting.. Sorry about that... :nod:
  11. If you're running 1.36V core I'm certain the original temp is more true (30c) than the one you got with the new BIOS (38c).
  12. Well, you should be somewhat worried until you've found the real temp. When temps come near 55C, that's when you should worry. TCaseMax for my 165 is 57C, it may be different for you. You can check your TCaseMax (TCaseMax is the temp the IHS is certified for): TCaseMax 1.19 Use the search button because there's lots of stuff about the temps on the Expert. And voltage.. depends on cooling, but I wouldn't use anything over 1.55V without water.
  13. Ah, I had the same damn error @ stock (with non-OC RAM). I put everything to Auto or Default in the RAM timings and it was fixed. Which BIOS are you using? ps. I got the error at one specific adress, every single time, any frequency, and it was a particular bit as well. When I set everything to Auto (no 3120 etc. ) I didn't get a single error. I then flashed to 623-3 and it's been working ever since.
  14. CPC On = major slowdown. Adds stability at the cost of performance.
  15. Well, that's probably your "problem" then. The new BIOS is calibrated differently than whatever you used before.
  16. Have you flashed your BIOS lately? The Expert can be calibrated in it's temp-readings etc.
  17. I'm sticking to 2.7Ghz until I've bought the Tuniq Tower 120, the behemoth of coolers...
  18. Seriously, there is no answer for you. Every board is an individual piece of hardware just as the rest of your stuff. Browse the threads and see what people say about their experiences and then try yourself.
  19. Break a leg... prices are okay as well, just noticed the Opty 165 goes for $327 @ newegg.
  20. Pretty much, if you can't walk into a store and check them out personally, or if you find a vendor that will check steppings for you (good luck with that), alternatively, buy cpu's off ebay, there's plenty of auctions with known steppings of new retail & oem opterons.
  21. Yes... http://www.amd.com/us-en/Processors/Produc...9_11604,00.html
  22. Well, you're running the stock cooler so that's definitely one bottleneck. It was designed for stock settings, it can't handle overclocking well at all.
  23. Well, a 2.4Ghz Opteron 165 equals the 4800+ X2 which costs $632, twice the price of the Opteron 165.
  24. Tmod's boot-cd is amazing... http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22031 And I've been using DFI since nforce2, then nforce3 and now nforce4.. and next year, when AM2 have matured and become the main thing, I'll go nforce5...
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