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  1. Oh, sorry, didn't enter my mind. I'll shrink them... I've got a fresh install, and paint doesn't shrink pictures well at all...
  2. Hey, I'm just feeling the water here, focusing on finding the CPU's sweetspot and experimenting a little. Let's try something different... Like raising the FSB enough to get the CPU past 2.6Ghz... EDIT: w00t w00t, I broke the 12k-barrier in Sandra CPU-test.. :nod: http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/clockgen.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/cpu-z3.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_cpu3.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_ram3.jpg I'm happy, all on stock-air... Time for some Prime95 and MemTest86 3.x (whatever version it may be now). I expect to end up with errors since I've heard 2.6Ghz+ is difficult to attain with stock cooling. I think I'll have to order a Thermaltake SLK-948U... Voltage doesn't seem to make as much difference as on earlier generations of CPU's. btw, I've noticed a certain problem, NIC seems to drop every now and then. Some more voltage to the chipset perhaps.. Or less.. or better cooling. edit: increased chipset voltage one notch, no noticeable problems.
  3. Okay, I bought and built the stuff yesterday (check my sig) so I'm a novice in the A64-world. Anyway, here's the first results I've got after some moderate overclocking. Feel free to comment. (changed images to URL's, I just got 10mbit and forgot about all modem/cable/xDSL-users) http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/cpu-z.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/cpu-z_ram.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_cpu.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_ram.jpg This got me confused since I had just changed the timings from 2.0-3-6-3 to 2.0-2-2-2, both with T1, but I didn't gain anything. Could it be because I run HTT @ x4 ? Any advice on the HTT-setting? Also, why is Sandra telling me I'm running @ 2x808? FSB is running 230Mhz, and DRAM-timing is 200:/1. Shouldn't that be 2x~920??? I'll use ClockGen to see if 11x230 is attainable without raising voltage and with stock heatsink. brb....... HTT @ 5X was a dud... POST entered the RAID-bios and then reboots. Raised CPU-multi to 11x, and reset RAM to Auto (SPD): http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/cpu-z2.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/cpu-z_ram2.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_cpu2.jpg http://home.swipnet.se/scyphe/otherstuff/sandra_ram2.jpg Looking better... and I figure that 10.5 lowered the FSB/HTT (whatever). This time it's as it should be. 96% in RAM-tests in Sandra... I wonder how I'm gonna raise FSB and lower multiplier and keep some bandwidth... Hmmmm... perhaps I should strain the timings to the ultimate 2.0-2-2-2 and see what happens with this CPU/FSB-setting...
  4. Okay, I stole your stuff... EDIT: Here's my current progress... Not sure I need timings so relaxed with my BH5, they did 2.0-2-2-11 on the LP B @ 230FSB.
  5. Thanks for the links, I'll print them out for reference. I flashed to the october BIOS, and that worked wonders. For some reason, after turning off CPU TT and disabling all unnecessary stuff and setting a moderate OC (215mhz), my CPU-temp dropped 15 degrees C. Now it's time to play with ClockGen and RAM-timings to find a suitable O/C that will satisfy me.
  6. The only reason I went with the s754 is the DFI LP UT. When I couldn't find a place with them in stock (actually a huge backorder @ the only place I found it at the time) I decided to go with s939 NF3. But a few days later, just before I ordered it, I made a last raid on the internet after viable online vendors, and lo and behold, I found a place that had them in stock, so I ordered it and got it the day after.
  7. DFI went the cheap way with the chipset-sink on this board too. A slightly better heatsink would've been welcome, but it's not that difficult to replace.. I just have to completely dismantle the whole thing again. Perhaps attaching a fan on top of the existing sink will be enough...?!
  8. Hmm... Thought I'd registered here way back.. Oh well.. Anyway, took me quite a while to figure out it was the CPU Thermal Throttling that stumped me every time. I built the machine last night an d panicked at the thought that I'd might have another Lanparty Ultra ver.B on my hands (hours and hours of BIOS-swapping, settings, CMOS-resets before even being able to use the dang thing). Now, where can I find newer BIOS'es? I've seen the latest beta from Oscar Wu, but from what I've read, most people seem to stick with the september bios, is that right? And I can't find it in DFI Bios Collection etc. I'm confused enough already with all the new stuff I've got to learn (zillion RAM-settings I know nothing about, balance of HTT/CPU/AGP/FID/VID/OOGABOOGA) before I can do any serious OC'ing.. Besides, I've only got the stock cooling since I decided to wait with the latest Thermaltake ~0.7Kg copper-sink until I've learnt the basics of the board.
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