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  1. Forgive my ignorance on the matter as I am starting to get back into updating my rig. I am switching from my current AMD X2 over to Conroe for obvious reasons (after 8 years with AMD). I normally run DFI with my AMD's, but what is the best MB for Conroe? I am looking to run 2x7950GX2 for quad video video cards and overclock like crazy. thanks in advance
  2. I am finding that most X2's are xlnt overclockers. Odd that your is not going past 2300mhz. I can boot mine at 3ghz but not stable. Inching my way past 2900 at the moment. Hella fast cpu. Lee
  3. Glad to hear it. Yes, I agree. I do alot of photo editing with PhotoShop with my 8.2megapixel pics from my 20D and the X2 flies compared to my other cpu's. It's nice knowing you have the power. Lee
  4. Well for one, create a signature before the DFI police find you. From what you posted you went from 260x10=2600mhz working to 250x11=2750mhz which is a large bump. Have you tried to increment using smaller bumps? Such as 265x10,270x10,240x11,245x11,etc.... Lee
  5. I sure do hope 8x.xx forceware is everything I am reading about. SLI is working great. Only issue is 3DMARK01 will not run in SLI at all.
  6. Your welcome. Frys has the 3800 X2 sometimes for under 380 bucks. That is a good price. Newegg is sitting at 430. Plus factor in selling the old stuff you may have if that is your intention. The 4200 and 4400 are the same except for the cache. 1mb vs 2mb total. I do alot of video editing so the extra cache really helped in Photoshop. Lee
  7. From what I have read and seen, the X2 performs just as well as single core cpu's 200mhz higher in single core applications. I would have to agree with my personal experience and benchmarks. Plus I have read that the 1mb oc's just as well as the 512 versions Now the single core 1mb cpu's did not seem to oc as well as the 512 versions, but the dual cores appear to be a different story. I have yet to hear of a bad overclock on the dual core thus why I bought it. I have heard of some that were dismayed that their 3800 did not reach 2800. But gheesh, your talking a 600 overclock! Also that 2800mhz is equivalent to a 3000mhz single core! Currently my X2 4400 at 2850 is blowing the doors off of my 3800 at 2940 plus I have more room to go. No contest. Glad I made the switch. Would not go back and this is after 2 days of ownership! Lee
  8. See my sig. Had a 3500 Venice (IHS on)at over 2806 Prime stable. My 3800 which has the same clock as the 4000 with the difference in cache would reach 2940 Prime stable (IHS off) and the benchmarks below is the result. I just picked up a 4400 X2 and currently it is running prime stable (6 hours) at 2806 stable with me at 2827 prime stable so far (IHS on for now). My 3Dmark01 score went up 650 points even though this cpu is at over 100mhz below the 2940. My 3Dmark03 and 3Dmark05 scores are also a tad higher but not much. HOWEVER, my Photoimpact , Photoshop, and DVD encoding is so much faster with this setup. I take many pics with my 20D and open many pics at the same time in my photo editing software. The 3800 even at 2940 just could not cope and would slow waaay down. The X2 is laughing at it. I did not have my hopes high for this cpu and bought it due to the many rave reviews here and elsewhere. I can now say that it is a keeper and the 3800 is for sale. No second thoughts about it. Any buyers? For games, I swear FarCry is faster and this is reflected in some bechmarks I have see elsewhere with FarCry with the X2 stock at 2.2 pulling in close to FX-55 frame rates which runs at a stock 2.4. Now if I was ONLY playing games and nothing else and do not believe that I would be anything else other than games in the future I might stay with the 3800 but I know the future holds more powerful software and dual core is the way for ME, possible not you. Lee
  9. I was able to reach 2840 with my Venice 3500 with watercooling. Stable as Prime can make it. Since then I have gone to a 3800 (2940) and now a X2 4400 (over 2900 stable so far-IHS is off). My 3500 id is ADA3500DAA4BP Lee
  10. Did you try to disable one of the sets of SATA in BIOS? I heard the port the Plextor is plugged into plus base on my experience is that it will not work if that port is setup for Raid. Try disabling it. I have two Plextor burners on my setup but of course I have the extra SATA as well. Lee
  11. I ran into the same issue with my Plextor SATA burners. They simply do not like the NForce ports once in Windows with Raid setup. I had them connected to the NForce to install Windows (only way BIOS would recognize them) and then switched them over to the SIS ports. They now burn like crazy with no issues. Lee
  12. Here is a pic of my 3800 A64 venice. This is my 5th AMD that I have removed the IHS. Generally I can pick up 60-80 more mhz by doing so. However this unit only gave me 40 mhz at slightly higher voltage. Worth it? To some yes. To others no. The easiest method for me is to use a single back razor blade and ROCK it back and forth on each edge working it closer to the middle each time. Takes about 5 minutes taking my time and not one damaged cpu. Proceed at your own risk and don't forget you lose any warranty. Lee
  13. I loaded these today from 77.72 and went from 31420 to 31831 in 3DMark01. However my 3DMark05 scores went up slightly-100-150 points. So far so good. I am going to download the 32 bit version for my XPS Gen II laptop. Cheers Lee Dye
  14. Got 9286 in 3Dmark05 with one BFG 7800 GTX @ 521 and 1.45 Not bad. Waiting for my second BFG card. Lee Dye
  15. Hmmm, I have purchased from the Egg in the past, but recently I have experienced some pretty shabby service. 1) Purchased an MSI SATA combo drive for my Lian Li case. Does not fit. Will not fit. Front bezel is too large and screws will not line up because of this. Newegg said, "This is not our problem, we cannot install the unit in every case out there!" Restock fee and shipping from and to would cost a total of $21.00. For a $45.00 item. Now on the shelf collecting dust. May go in one of my other 4 computers. 2) Newegg advertised a Jetway motherboard with a $30.00 rebate. I get the item and print out the rebate. Oooops rebate expired 3 WEEKS ago! Yes is was still listed on their website. Call the Egg. They tell me that rebates are there for the customers convenience. Take it up with the m/b manufacturer. Left 2 voice messages and 2 emails over 1 week. Nothing. Newegg has since corrected their website. Newegg wants a reference number from the manufacturer before they process the RMA. A supervisor allows the return without reference number that cannot be obtained anyhow. Restock fee -$6.00, $shipping from $5.00, shipping to$6.50. Once again I am out $17.50 (look familair?) for bad experience due to the EGG. I would have to agree with some. Newegg shipping is way high for small items and their service has taken a turn in the wrong direction. Tom (Todd?) over there is not customer friendly. If you get him, hang up and call back. Granted nobody is perfect. But for a while, the Egg was a good thing. It may still be at times. But nowadays I spread the wealth. Will start to buy from Allstarshop, LADtek, or ZipZoomFly
  16. Had two 3400 Newcastles and they overclocked very poorly. One hit 52 degrees with default everything. Other was a bit cooler but neither would reach 2500 stable.
  17. I would have to agree. I never cared for ,"Kits" before when I had my nice hdor pump, 1/2 lines, pci trigger for the pump, cpu peltier, etc...... However, I got tired of the 1/2" lines blocking everything and put-together look of it all and read very good reviews on the Exos. I run 36 degrees C under full load and 1.425x123% vpu volts. Major drop in temp. Looks good. Built good. Cools good. All with 1/4 lines. Currently I only have the gpu cooler. Have not thought about the S/B at all. Curious to see your results if you go that route. To answer your other question on how many blocks is max, it all depends on things such as cpu voltage, gpu voltage, etc... Since your running some low temps, you have a bit more room to go, but I am not sure if any gain elsewhere would justify the possible loss in oc the cpu from the increased heat. Lee
  18. I have had good luck with the DTR cpus myself. See sig. Not had any luck with two 3400 Newcastle's and 1 3700 with overclocking at much more than 2.5. Give G.Skill a look as well. I am able to run with nice tight settings with this stuff with only 2.8 voltage. CPC enabled.
  19. I would just diconnect everything except the essentials. One HD and one CD unit. I am sure it will get fixed in the 4th or 5th BIOS update.
  20. It is not about the patience. It is about time. I have 6 computers total in this house and usually update one a month for something, so I understand computers abit. Had one since the Commodore days. This board is finicky unlike the last Abit,Asus, and Epox boards I have had. Reminds me of an old Asus board I had years back that was garbage. Not yet calling this one garbage. Just finicky. Computers. Computers..... HOWEVER!!!!!! I did get it. I disconnected the other cd-rom and everything is working fine. I almost always install barebone, not sure why I connected 2 drives. Not sure if the drive is bad or incompatible. Does not matter much as this is my game machine and I use another for copying. Will explore that in time. Right now I need to load everything in and run some bench's. Now I just need to figure out why I get artifacts when I connect my peltier to my video card all of a sudden. Never occurred before. thank guys
  21. Using desktop AMD cpu's. If the only way this thing works is without Raid ), then I will just go back to my Abit NF-7s mb. I have 3 of those in the house along with an Epox based system. I am going to try to flash the bios to a beta bios and see
  22. thank you. Tried that several times to no avail. Still same problem.
  23. Wish this board was free. That way I would not be so frustrated with this (*&^*&^%^& thing. Sorry to start my first post on a negative, but DFI left me with no option. A64 3000 and A64 3200 9800 Pro 128mb video card, tried 2 NVidia video cards as well XP Pro 2xSeagate 160gb SATA HD in Raid 0 Problem Freezes on Windows boot screen. Nothng happens. Tried Safe mode. Same issue. Tried the helpful hints found on this forum (thank you) such as AGP fast writes, sidebanding, AGP voltage 1.8, swapped memory, etc.... Nothing. So here I have a nice looking computer that stays on the XP load screen. I am thinking I should return this unit for full credit and purchase another manufacturer. This board has some obvious problems and with DFI trying to keep up with supply, plenty of bad ones appear to be hitting the market. Anybody have any other suggestions before I RMA? thank you in advance
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