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  1. You can do all the test you want with smoke, just dont smoke near you computer. Thats what the previous posters were trying to get accross. I wouldnt use a cig cause they are nasty IMO, use incense so it will at least smell good when you done.
  2. Thanks, they look perfect. I found them at frozencpu, does any other place have them cheaper? where did you get yours? (oh and a lil way to tidy up your case, on those rounded ide cables; you can remove the system board, master and slave tags easily for a sleaker look)
  3. What water blocks (or block) do you guys recommend for water cooling two nvida sli cards?
  4. I would get one raptor and run your OS off it, then some big high density 7200rpm 8mb cache drives for deep storage. I wouldnt risk the failur rate of 4x raid 0. I thought it was pretty much agreed upon that raid 0 wasnt worth it........
  5. dont run asynch. There is no gain if you dont have the mem speed to back it up. Lots of people have wrecked bios running asynch.
  6. Yeh I was probably confusing the probs were have with teh 250 baords with this one. I never used the sata before so I never did any research on it. As far as lan drops, I didnt get them till over 256 fsb. My audio starting breaking up too, until I put an iceberg on the SB. I guess it doesnt matter as far as lan nemore for, as I use wireless now. I just finished up my slipstreamed iso. Just need to burn it and try it out.
  7. I know that the sata ports are locked, but there are two seperate controllers on these boards, is one better then the other? I thought I read something about one of them misbehaving at high fsbs. I found some info on slipstreaming winxp myself, it seems like the best way to approach my problem (and there are some cool things you can do while you are at it) Thanks for the info on the apic disabled, I knew i had to do it before to fix my lan drops but I wasnt aware that disabling it in bios would completely solve hte problem. Thanks.
  8. Hey everbody, I havent been back to these forums in a while, well because most of my funds have been goig to the truck as of late. But I recently build a rig for a customer and used the profits to get a WD 160gb Sata. Does it matter which sata header I use (will either of them limit my overclock?) When I re-install I need to choose which uniproccessor pc type? I assume ill need to install a floppy drive to get my sata drivers for windows, the only problem is my floppy controller has always been sketchy, it's never presented a problem before, beacuse ive never needed a floppy drive. Is there any other way to get windowes to install, possibly an updated version of windows availible that lets you load them off a cdr? Anything else I should do on the fresh install to maximize performance? Ps Its an inifinity board., and AG sorry I didnt have the title set up right, I havent been here in a while and wasnt aware of the change in the rules, Ill see if i can edit it.
  9. tdamocles, its obvious that you havent even read the thread, the uinfinity and lpb do use the 5v line for their memory but the memory power regulation on the board will only offer up to 3.3v to the ram. This mod allows you to go past 3.3v. An analog meter should work fine granted it can read up to about 130,000 or 130k ohms.
  10. What vdimm are you running? (please put voltages in siq)
  11. dice, by installing them at once you are doubling the load on the memory controller and like loner said it is most likely a c0 stepping if this happens. not to mention doubling the load on the vdimm regulation circuit. on the UT it is off the 3.3v so there may be more flucation under load (meaure with a DMM!)
  12. email muskin with your part number and ask them the recommended timmings and warrentyed voltage range. And/or what chips you have so we can tell you. For starters try 2.9v (auto is horrible)
  13. I have a screenie at 4004mb/sec but I got 4024 at 260fsb. (didnt take a screenie) http://s93795131.onlinehome.us/Boosted/w00t4.JPG
  14. Wow dude, don't rag on DFI when you dont even have the brains to buy a decent psu. Spend your money on whats wrong with your system, not the best part!
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