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  1. Hey guys, I recently sold off my 6800GT's in SLI and replaced them with a Powercolor x1900XTX. I had it running fine for awhile water cooled and several days back my board just wouldn't boot up. Had the 3 red led's light up so I thought it was a CPU or RAM issue. Tested everything else on another board and they all work fine except for the XTX. Now the XTX won't boot into WinXP. It restarts the system right before the scrolling bar shows even on a fresh install. On my mirror image of my previous OS, I get a BSOD which says BAD_POOL_HEADER but everything seems to work fine if I login WinXP in Safe Mode. I dunno but it seems that my board hates ATI cards. I've tried flashing to Bigtoe's latest BIOS but that didn't seem to change anything. It's weird how the XTX works perfectly fine for installing WinXP and in DOS. All the problems start when I attempt to login WinXP. Any clues or suggestions? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. 555 Hopefully I win so I can get a replacement for my dead SLI-DR
  3. Hey man, just wondering how'd the RMA go? Did you get a replacement?
  4. Anyone know of Hellfire's progress with the new BIOS?
  5. How bout the rest who regularly test Hellfire's bioses before release? Any word on the new bios?
  6. Should be a IQYHA 0351 MPMW. Those overclock like crazy!
  7. Yeay, can't wait to test out your new BIOS when my new 2 X 512MB BH5 kit arrives too! Btw Hellfire, did you fix your rig up after that accident? What happened? Anyway glad to see that you're back!
  8. I cool my babe with a SP-97 and 92mm Tornado. Keeps em constantly in the low 40's. Temps rarely ever exceed 45C though unless running prime Large FFT's. I hardly have the time or patience anymore to run long marathons with prime. So to avoid system instability I feed it a little extra so that they just don't crash on me, period. Will definitely do more testing and tweaking once I get my 2 X 512 kit of BH5 goodness Note: Sig edited to include cooling details.
  9. Redrum, in your sig you stated 245X11 - at what vcore? I'm thinking of getting Buffalo PC3700 too but 512MB modules. Are the 512 sticks dual or single banked? Sorry, a little off topic here
  10. Hey mate I do own one with the exact same stepping. Currently running it at 236 X 11with 1.875vcore. When I first got the chip it did 2.6Ghz at 1.85vcore and could prime on for more than 24 hours no problems. I didn't have much time to do such long tests so currently I just run it at 1.875. Managed to boot in at 2.7Ghz (235X11.5) with 1.9vcore but I think my PSU couldn't take it. Thinking of changing my PSU as all my rails are below the ratings. Hope that helps
  11. Hi guys Just wanted to ask if there are any problems running SPD 2700 modules and dividers with these boards? I heard on some motherboards the dividers do not work and is stuck at 166Mhz. I might be getting some BH5 which has a programmed SPD at 2700. Will definitely be using the BH5 if I happen to upgrade to a DFI A64 mobo in the future. Thanks guys!
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