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  1. Thats really wierd...oh well. I'm used to ram being very overclockable. My old OCZ EL Plat. 3200 would do 275mhz @ 2.5-3-3-7 ! Does running it in 5:6 affect real like performance ( games/apps etc.. )
  2. Well after playing FEAR... my temps are.... 47* CPU, 44* PWM IC, and 43* Chipset Thats after about an hour. Dual prime is what makes it insanely hot, but its not like I have to run that program again since I found my CPU's sweet spot
  3. Exactly....but it never gets that high when benchmarking or playing games so I don't really think it matters much since I only run Prime one or two times to test my OC. Can't go any higher than 2.8 so I Guess its staying at 2.8 Prime stable...can't complain. Also, the Zalman doesn't really cool this area.
  4. Maybe thats why I can't get over 250...argh lol I got mine yesterday as well
  5. DAmn, wonder why I can't OC it that well. Does running it in 5:6 decrease performance? Just a little update.... I'm now Dual Prime Stable @ 2.8ghz ( 1.5v ) ...let it run overnight and everything checks out My temps were pretty bad though..... CPU was at 60-61*, PWMIC was at 75* ( !!!! ), and the chipset was in the high 40's. This was after a long dual prime though, they never get that hot with games. The PWMIC is whats scaring me though....75* is a bit much for my liking. With this new Zalman 9500, I get pretty much no air flow in that area....and I have no idea how to mod a fan in such a tight space! Any ideas?
  6. Whats up guys! Just finished up setting up all the hardware in my rig!! Heres my full specs... OCZ PowerStream 520 AMD64 Opteron 170 (170 0550 CBB1E VPMW) Zalman CNPS9500 w/ AS5 DFI LanParty UT nF4 Ultra-D (Stock BIOS) 2x1Gb G.Skill Extreme DDR500 ( 3-4-4-8 ) Sapphire X1900XT-X 512Mb SB X-Fi Fatal1ty Thats about everything that matters right? :drool: The rig! X-Fi Fatal1ty + X1900XTX 512Mb (690/800) Now onto the OCing! Apparently, my CPU is a very good OCer, so I thought I would put it to the test. Here are my results Highest stable OC so far = 2.8Ghz ( 280x10, 1.5v, RAM 5:6 ) Highest bootable OC = 3.0Ghz ( Loaded up windows, crashed w/ Sandra ) Now for the temps... Currently, at 2.8Ghz...the CPU is 35* idle / 50* load ( Dual Prime95 ), the PWM IC is at 42* idle/ 60* load, and the chipset is currently at 43* ( Load doesn't change much ) My temps are kind of high for my liking.....Keep in mind this is directly after playing FEAR maxed out, they're usually 1-2* lower. ****QUESTION***** I heard this G.Skill stuff is able to OC pretty well, but I cannot get it to run 1:1 with my CPU! If I try running it at 280Mhz ( 3-4-4-8 CPC on, 2.8v ) I always end up having problems. Any tips?
  7. Mines at 59* full load ( Dual P95 ) Any recomendations? I really wanna cool it down....
  8. Where did you get it from? From what i've heard, those things rock!
  9. same thing happening with me bro! (specs in sig) If it doesn't effect anything (just a visual problem), then I don't really care.
  10. Sup guys, its been so long since I last posted here! Anyways, I just got my new system up and running ( Opteron 170, DFI Lp nF4 Ultra-D, X1900XTX 512 ) and just finished installing a fresh copy of XP pro. Now, I noticed one really wierd thing before I installed. The splash screen that says DFI LanParty at the very begining looks like its supposed to be in full color, but its EXTREMELY fvcked up. I'm talking messed up colors, very pixelated and its just a mess. I'm guessing its supposed to look like the original one on the DFI LP nF3 ( same basic design ) and it is, but the colors/quality just look screwed up, so it kind of scared me. I figuired it would go away once I install my GPU driver, but it didnt. Second off, I can't OC this machine for CRAP! I tried 2.4Ghz, and it CRASHED. Apparently I have a good stepping also. Temps are fine ( 35* idle CPU/ stock cooler w/ AS5 ) so I dont know what the deal is. Should I flash my BIOS?
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