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  1. you should run benchmarks with only windows processes running, and try to tweak out ur windows to get better scores
  2. lol @ i still havent tried this bios. ahfung ran superpi and got 2 sec less! http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...ghlight=veteran
  3. ^^ same. 3.2v in bios, 3.4v real
  4. someone said 1x DS stick does 2-way interleaving. i think it was afhung. cause with 2xDS he got 4 way shown by sandra EDIT that doesnt really help you sorry have u tried loosening Tref or something?
  5. awesome! i used to have one like that, it died im making good progress too. before i could do 2.4ghz 1.78v which was stable, but very hot now i reseat hs- finally got it right and can do 2.3ghz at 1.6v 2.4ghz was unstable at 1.7v so i didnt try higher since it would be too hot
  6. no, its EB, so 3-2-2-10 is best the Trcd 2 is really good for system speed
  7. ur psu is not enough aspire 500w=300w noname i had 1, rails unloaded just running psu wer like 11.4 5.0 3.2
  8. looks like dual slot air cooling is too big for the board if you had 2 ultras or nv5s
  9. your ch5 should do 2-2-2 timings with the right volts
  10. the stick that comes in arctic silver adhesive, is perfect to lever out the slot form the top side. its impossible for me with nv5 and nf3 heatsink otherwise
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