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  1. if i only had 50 dollars =(
  2. if i pre-order it you know if i receive the beta key instantly?
  3. Anyone been playing Bad Company 2. Videos look great and been a long fan of battlefield series. I think the beta ends in a few days but even so anyone got any extra beta keys?
  4. problem is the computer is a laptop and also downstairs
  5. If I wanted to watch a video from my computer to the TV which is the best way of doing it. Computers are in the same room as the TV but I was reading up on the the Apple TV but was researching into a few other things since I didn't want to be single minded. The cheapest way is to run a long s-video or component cable line from the computer to the TV and if you would like to pause something you would have to get up and walk to a different room which could get annoying. Thats why the apple TV interested me since it came with a remote but seemed a little costly for something so simple but yet again its apple. Also would be nice to view vise versa and watch the TV on the computer. Any ideas?
  6. Hello, My neighbor's router is about 250 feet from my router and we would like to play games together over the same connection since port forwarding to play over the internet is sometimes near impossible on some games. I can see his network but isn't strong enough to play games over. Is it possible to strengthen the signal. thanks a bunch
  7. my freind wants to buy a new video card around 250$ and hes a little iffy about overclocking but im a little behind on the times but i hope this question doesnt aggrivate anyone since i remember constantly hearing this question i came to you gurus first
  8. I heard its possible to hook up multiple monitors. My neighbor just got a xbox 360 and we share the same backyard so were pretty close. Was wondering instead of running a wire from house to house, would it be possible to make it wireless (having multiple monitors wirelessly). If that would be possible, would it also be possible to enhance the wireless remote also? thanks guys
  9. its not like he was the only one that fell for it, there were 19 bids all together guess thats what happens when you let greed take over
  10. My current 40 gb hard drive is clunking out from all the viruses (which is constantly filled up) and instead of doing the old reformat and reload I was thinking about getting a larger hard drive. Something with a nice fat amount of space thats relatively cheap. The entire hard drive would eventually be filled with 95% games. Was thinking about buying this one. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16822144391 Seems like a good deal but is speed sacrificed? Anyone recommend a fast cheap with lots of space hard drive?
  11. Happy Birthday buddy get anything cool?
  12. nah i dont really need to host really at all id just like to play on a 64 player server with around 800x600 resolution with max details on.
  13. My first job was at a bakery in stop and shop. I thought ohh bakery nice and toasty, but all I did there was lift 50 pound boxes of frozen dough inside a gigantic freezer all day.
  14. nah 800x600 resolution yes everything is on max settings except anti-aliasing is on none
  15. with my current system i can play 64 players with max settings with a slight bit of lag
  16. Im not finished with college so I dont have a resume yet or any hardcore history in anything that would get me a real job. Anyone work part time somewhere and love there job? I used to work at a supermarket but it really sucked so I quit any suggestions?
  17. Hardcore gaming Like balttefield 2, 64 player server with max settings
  18. i thought newegg would be the best to go with you guys recommend any other sites?
  19. thanks so much for the help any ati and amd mixes?
  20. Hey whats up guys Im a little behind the times on whats considered good products so I came to ask you guys. Currently I have a AMD 2500+ Barton Processor A7N8X Motherboard 2x 512 PC 2700 Memory 40 gig Western Digital Hard Drive ATI 9600xt Video Card Well those are the main things but id just mainly like to upgrade those 5 parts. For around 600-700$ (sorry for putting 500 in title) dollars what you think I could upgrade or what I should leave. Thanks again
  21. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?...N82E16896101506 i didnt know newegg sold toasters on a computer website
  22. Milk is terrible for you in any amount. Its made for baby cows not people lol Theres actually a law for the the amount of pus that is allowed to be in the milk.
  23. haha cool the whole family plays wow?
  24. dang you play world of warcraft like a full time job lol
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