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  1. CPU ADA 3500 DIK4BI CBBFD 0441 UPDW Memory Kingston KHX3200UL/512 (this will not pass memtest86 1.51 or prime out) slot 1 (have just one stick) The above cpu is fine with OCZ Platinum rev.2 2x512mb in slots 2&4 Both types of memory are supposed to be samsung based TCCD
  2. Have you tried loading xp with one stick of ram in slot 2? Are you loading the sata and nvida storage drivers from floppy during the install? I know if have asked basic questions but it usually the simple things that cause me the most problems. Also try using sata connector 3 for the HD. I used bios 2/9 and 2/18(installed twice due to hd changes) with optimized defaults and com1 and irda dissabled with cpu throttling dissabled, hd on sata connector3 and xp sp2 loaded fine for me, but I have some different hardware..... (canged pata to sata )
  3. I just bought some of that Kingston Hyperx UL stuff. I only ordered one 512mb stick to run in my NF3 board. I tried all the tricks to get it to pass memtest or prime in both DFI boards I have, so I then tried it in a Soltek NF2 board for my kids. It failed both memtest and prime. I RMAed it to Kingston. I got the new stick today....... It is failiing memtest86 badly. I tried it in my Ultra-D board b/c its is runnin some OCZ TCCD ram with out a hitch. Put it in slot 2 - it boots, but will not pass memtest at stock timings. I even tried Mr. Rgone's settings. Dose anyone know what is going on? If AG or Rgone wants it for testing I'll mail it tomorrow!
  4. pinnocchio, this maybe a stupid questions but; Are your Windows install disks equipped with Sp2?
  5. Have you tried both sticks by themselves? Maybe try them in another board. Might be the ram....... Do you have another pair to try in his? Just some ideas. Good Luck
  6. He might need to use the 2/01 or 2/09 beta bios to get that tccd ram to work in his board.
  7. What bios is he using? Has he tried to clear the cmos?
  8. Set the command rate to enable in the genie bios. Mine defaulted to 2t also but it runns 1t just fine. You can check it at boot up and the Everest.
  9. Nice - I just got my box together and used your tccd settings. It went straight to 300x8 bootable to windows and ran 3dmark and super pi. Will be watching your progress. I might even get my BH-5 in this board! What rev is yours? Is it true the only diff in the rev is the bios? I am hoping that is the case sice the egg stuck me with a R.A01 board. But then again its doing a fsb of 300 so I'm not incliend to conplain yet.
  10. I have one of those PSU's by Tagan and it has a 24pin connector.... I sure hope it works with the Ultra-D because I'll have one here by this Thrusday... That PSU has a huge 28A 12v rail!
  11. Bios Saviors are an exellent thing to have and the same one that works with the NFII's work on the new Lanparty 250gb boards. Mine has saved me on my socket A boards and once on the Lanparty 250gb. I was doing the unwackme burn in on some bh5 and somehow coruppted the bios. I laughed - reset the cmos, fliped the bios savior switch and was back computing in under 2 min....
  12. What version of Prime95 are you using? As I understand it, versions prior to 23.8.1 have problems with 1gb of memory. Of course I have only had experience with using the blend test......
  13. NF3 UT 250Gb 3200+ Newcastle @ 220FSB 1:1 (2420Mhz) DangerDen TDX - BIX II - MCP600 bios: DFI beta 10/15 - 4.0 vdimm - by Jess1313 & Samurai Jack(aka JSJ)
  14. I increased the vdd to 1.7 the vagp to 1.6 and no change. It reboots fine, but after setting for 20min or so, it will boot all the way to where the white backgound Windows 2000 profesional screen with the blue bar near the bottom and right when it should change to the windows background (I still have the default blue) the monitor clicks off..... This is nuts. I forgot to list that I have a Kypermedia burner as master and a Pioneer 115 DVD reader as slave on IDE 2.
  15. I for got to list my specs I have been running no OC trying to hunt this problem down. Vcore auto vdimm 2.8 vdd 1.6 FSB 200 LDT x3 2-2-6-2 all other items set to auto Serial port 1, IR port, and Parrallel port dissabled
  16. I have installed W2K with sp4, WinXP home XP2, and Win64 on this system. I have had Win2k and XP on my Samsung 160 hd using serrel adaptor on sat port 3, and on IDE 1. When I cold boot the board posts fine - will go to the black screen with the white bar then go to the Win2K screen with the blue bar across the bottom. When the screen would normaly blackout and cut back on with a blue background the monitor will click off (the led truns to orange) and the HD lite will continue to blink but no display! I have let it sit for up to 5 min before, but no change. When I hit restart or power off and power on - it loads fine. It is this way with every cold boot and works fine no matter how many times I reboot after the first time. It is this way with Win XP also. It will go to the black XP screen with the blue bar and when the monitor goes black then should blink back on with the xp background it clicks the monitor off. I have used the drivers from the DFI CD on both, and I have used the newest Asus drivers for my vid card. I haven't played with win64 on the cold boot yet. Has anyone else had this problem? My PSU is about 1y old and is a Antec 550 True power.
  17. I have a LANPARTY UT nF3 250Gb on its way and I will be using water cooling (DD TDX). and sugestions on the best CPU to get I will be using BH-5 ram (Mushkin pc3500 lvl II 2x256) will the CO or CG be better with this ram? Thanks, pharmd24 (DFI 64 noobie)
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