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  1. up up and away - will trade it all for a 4200 x2 or a good 3800 x2
  2. I really would like to sell this suff togeather... otherwise I might just water cool again in the future... I'll just have to get a different top for the TDX. I don't have a fill port. Thanks for the bump
  3. You remove your bios chip (this is for the 4mb version) and plug it in to the bios savior then plug the bios savior in to your mb. There is a switch that will let you select which chip to boot with (the bios savior or your original bios. You will have to use a Force program switch when you flash the bios savior for the first time.... It will see the mb version I was using it on and not want to program it. Oh one more thing when first programing one of these.... You boot the original bios then use the switch for the bios savior to swap to its bios chip then program it.
  4. FT: 0. I have a Palm Tungsten T in exellent shape. All originall suff including box and software. Also has a Hard case. I would put this in a trade for any X2 amd 939 cpu with a 10 multipiler or higher (opteron 170, x2 3800, x2 4200.....) I can supply pics if needed. FS: 1. Bucket-O-watercooling suff – all parts ½ inch - 145$ Shipped CONUS -Swiftech MAG drive pump MCP600 *Best pump I have ever owned* with mounting HW -Two bags of clamps – nylon(22) – screwdrive steele(12) -Two bottles of HydrX – each bottle makes 1 leter of solution -DangerDen TDX with Mounting hardware (plus estra) and extra socket A top – And TDX -Accelerator Nozzle Set -BIX Rad with Cool Shroud and Thermaltake Fan -One Panaflo FBA12G12M fan -Tons of tubing – about ½ Tygon and ½ DangerDen UV Green -Two T's for routing or T line -One external mount for Rad (Warning I do not have all the Screws and this came with smaller tubing I have included all I can find of the bracket) -Mounting HW for a Maze4 gpu water block to older nvdia and ati cards Link to pic - suff mounted in Antec Case Link to pic - suff mounted in Antec Case If you want the case pictured bundled with the water cooling stuff I'll make you a killer deal - check the pick links to see them togeather 2. Gigabyte GA-K8VT800M (no onboard video and the agp retention clip removed due to getting in the way) socket 754 - comes with board, back plate, and burned CD with drivers How is 27.00 Shipped to your door in the CONUS Link to Pic of MB Will be adding more in the next couple of days. I take PayPal Heatware id is pharmd24 Sold 1.Belkin Wireless G usb network adapter – part # F5D7050 comes with everything in box Sold on hard to kenw Link to pic 2.IOSS RD1 Bios Savior (RD1-PMC4) - Sold on Hard to kenw Link to pic Link to pic
  5. SFF = Small Form Factor HG what kind of HSF are us using?
  6. up for updated thread and looking for a x2 3800
  7. I just bought one today from Radio Shack
  8. Just my 2 cents: If I was going to build a new (from the ground up) system I would do AM2. I believe the OC is about the same (but I'm not 100% so check it out), and with the DD2 memory you will have better options for upgrading later. Say if CoreDuo really really takes off you would just need a MB and CPU. Or if you get a X2 3800 - very cheep right now - you can upgrade later to the latest and gratest AM2. Good luck on the build! and I don't think you can do much better than DD. They have really exellent products and people!
  9. I have been using this one ( IOGEAR GCS614A 4PORT PS/2 KVM with Audio KVM). I am using a flat pannel with it. No problems with up to 3 different comp/vid cards/resolutions. This is the 4th kvm I have used and is by far the best!
  10. It would be really exellent if they would carry the universal metal plate (lookes like it bolts on to the amd64 top). Maybe some of the mounting hardware to.
  11. Had mine for almost 4 months and I like it! My MB/CPU plays very well with Ballistix. Link to OC database entry
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