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  1. all sold to [email protected]




    My Heatware ID is pharmd24 - Email is pharmd24 at comcast dot net

    Paypal is good. I can make other arrangements if needed. I will not ship any ware but the low 48 US states. Home is smoke free. I pack stuff like I want you to package mine. USPS priority will be the shipping method used, unless other arrangements are needed and worked in to the deal.


    Any questions? Please email me or pm. Bumping is appreciated.


    For goodness sake buy something!


    *If you can take all the water cooling stuff and fans I'll do 145 shipped*


    * Swiftech MCP600 - awesome pump. If you know what it is then you know what I mean. 60$ Shipped


    * DD green & Tygon Tubing (1/2 inch) and 20 Plastic Clamps comes with the plastic suff that you can use to wrap the tubing in to keep out kinks. 30$ Shipped


    * Swiftech Apogge GT water bock with all the goodies and packaging 48$ Shipped


    * Fans: 1 Delta WFB1212M - 3 Panflo FBA12G12M - 2 Thermaltake TT- 1225A 35$ for all 5 fans Shipped


    * 1 bottle of HydrX Extreme duty coolant by Swiftech - Will "through" this in if you ask and spend more than 40 bucks.






    Thanks for looking.



    * Danger Den chip set water block (MAZE4 universal top with mounting hardware) 19$ Shipped

  2. Shipping/selling to CONUS only!

    PayPal preferred but other arrangements can be made

    Heatware ID = pharmd24 79-0-0


    On to the stuff:



    PM me with offers or questions, thanks for looking.


    Forgot to add the end all be all of disclaimers :) as with all OC - YMMV




    I have been using this 939 combo for 5 months now and I'm looking to change things up. This is my gaming/Linux setup and is running 2.6ghz on 1.4vcore ram is running 2T 2.5-2-2-7 at 217.


    1. AMD X2 3800 - ADA3800DAA5BV CDBHE 0608RPMW

    I have removed the IHS and have been using a DD TDX for cooling. The IHS is included.


    2. Epox 9U1697 GLI - This will include the box, cables, backplate, manual, and driver cd. Great MB!


    I would like to sell the MB and CPU as a combo for 135 shipped to drmccollum on [H]


    I have 2 mached sets of Crucial Ballistix 512mb pc3200 - 85 shipped - only one set is available :) - sold to Scoobert


    DangerDen TDX waterblock with 939 top, hardware, socket A top, and nozzels - 33 shipped sold Gerardjg on pcper



  3. Vista with its DRM, MS being able to turn off my stuff *because they want to*, and the hassle that insues after changing componants (including but not limited to Motherboards), has given me the push to move to linux full time. I have been using different distros for a few years now.... I like Ubuntu very well, and as far as nothing works *wispers* its called easyubutnu. The only hassle is setting up propriatary dirves and I just finnished that last night! Gaming you say - Cedega 15 dollars. Yep I have that working too. Works great with my MMMOG of choice City of Heroes.


    Now the sort of- I'll still be using xp on my HTPC boxen with GB-PVR. I tried the MS media experience it sucked and crashed alot. I know, I know some of you guys love it, Not me.... Be sides does it mark commercals? can you transcode to avi automatically???

  4. I have a MCE PVR-150 and a HP/hauppauge PVR-250. I'll have to say I think the 250 has a slightly better picture. The 250 is in a reverse matx case and has no problems with being near an antec tpII 550w psu. I have been using GB-PVR to run both cards (two different computers - one server and one HTPC) I also have auto comskip/transcoding via the postprosseing.bat and stattik_transcode.bat. The 250 works great with Koppmyth too.... I haven't had the chance to us the 150 with anything but windows.

  5. I have really liked mine. Ballistix works well with it and I have been able to run 4x512 with no problems (running at 250 2t). It has a really good bios with all the settings you will need. I have not run an x2 on it yet, but one is on the way. Raid is good. Only draw back is I cant the onboard sound to work with linux. The sb450 is seen as sb400 so nether the atiixp or hda_intell sound drivers will not work. Windows is flawless.

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