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  1. wow alot of replies thing is i dont run 2x7800 any longer i have a 7900gtx instead, also playing around with an sapphire x1900xtx toxic atm. so this SLI thingy aint a problem for me atm. at the end of my SLI era, i used a TAGAN 580W -u22 and a X2 4400+ @ 2650mhz still the scores where low. so i bought a 7900GTX instead. :cool:
  2. u also on the expert mobo? i had and have same problem. before i had 2x7800gt in sli, performing badly at the beginning, but solved it somehow. now im on two GTX256 having same problem, sure theres somewhat speedupping, but my 2x7800GT whips my current GTX config.. got around 13500 with my 2 gt´s and top out at 12500 with my gtx´s thinking its the boards foult.. running 1440x900 4xFSAA 16xAF, gets me around 10200 marks ( 3dm05) ive tryed chipset driver from 6.66 to current, still no improvment.
  3. ran a SLI conf ( 2x7800 with a CORLORSIT 420W PSU with 19A on the 12 rail. worked like clockwork. ( this psu and enclosure cost around $40 ) so ur hiper will sure do the job!
  4. im currently using the 81.85 driver.. so way older than this? ran splinter cell Chaos Theory benchy @ 1280 all maxed out with 2 cards on the guru3d map 2 i got 53FPS and with a singel card i got 35. some games seems to benefit some not.. but the 3dmark05 score comoon
  5. no matter what i do, i cant get SLI to work proper? Using the nF4 Expert ( 12/07 bios) and 2x 7800GT cards MSI and POV, Opty 148 and my tagan 480W PSU for example running 3dm05 default with 2 cards gives me under 10000, running it with 1280x1024 2x FSAA / 8X AF gets me around 10500 :S 3dm03 gives me 27000, more normal there maby? running any Source engine game gives my wors FPS then with a singel card. ive tryed alot of diffrent chipset and Gfx driver combo, but the bad performance dosent go away any clues?
  6. soo any update? i will soon confirm my vdimm theory, see if its really this on my rig.
  7. i get this problem if i rasi VDIMM over 2.9V. even if the system primes 8 hrs and are memtest free, the system hangs when i put to mutch Vdim on My BH5..
  8. nice, nice indeed! just that i cant get 4x512 200mhz 1T to play at all. will check out ur settings tho.
  9. man i havent even come this far on my RDX, memory is the last thing on my mind atm, pls tell if u find some good settings tho
  10. 8k? little low for the x1800xt? i think i passed 8200 with my Overklocked 7800GT.. the performance on the board is still some wat mediocre yet.. tho my 7800 is on RMA i cant test to se if i get any diffrance..
  11. thats cuz its the same driver for the P4 RS200 chipset with AGP.
  12. this is an ATI chipset, and as mentioned no AGP = No GART
  13. TY that info was wat i needed, thougt ATI had their own sata stuff in the SB.. so wrong was i..
  14. true got around 100mb/s on my raptor.. need to run som benchies on my nf4 rigg..
  15. tested speed on both controllers pretty mutch the same for me.. tho using my maxtor DM9 on sil controller makes my computer unstable..
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