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  1. Change your settings from Overlap to Neither and total length to 32MB. That will keep your score consistant with the rest of results on here.
  2. I think your lying....because your sig still says 4.51Ghz. :nod: Congrats man. Nice numbers!
  3. Memory on your video card is DDR. Dual Data Rate. Take the number multiply by two and you have the actual speed your use to seeing people refer to.
  4. Thats crazy man! Sucks I got stuck with this China chip that woln't even stay stable at 4Ghz anymore. No more chips from that country for me. Even takes 1.6v to keep it going at 3.9Ghz. That has to be close, if not a record for a 875P-T. Not counting the BS Nitro cooled crap that you can't run all the time.
  5. I've been playing around with this some more and found that changing your stripe size to a small value really seems to help benchmark results. I've run a 16k and a 128k stripe size and find that ATTO shows a result difference of nearly 20-25MB on read and write throughput. Not sure if it's impacting that much in real world performance or not. Of course maybe this was common knowledge and I should of known better. I certainly expected to see a difference but not this much. soundx: Sorry I wasn't very clear with what I was saying in my post. I was trying to point out that referencing at ~148GB point the larger Maxtors were showing better throughput. Although thinking about this after the fact it makes sense they would. Given both drives have the same phsical size platters a larger disk should be gathering more data on a single pass even though it's spinning at a lower rpm. At least that holds true when the head is reading on the outer part of the platter. As it moves inward you can see that advantage dissapears and thats where the Raptors hold their own and then some. Jeff
  6. I get the same message. It only appears when the BIOS is set to RAID. I've just learned to live with it.
  7. But slower then my Maxtor 200GB with 16MB cache. The two guys that ran the raptor tests didn't run the test to large enough data size. You'll notice on their graphs they only go to about 148GB. Take a look at my graph at 148GB mark and let me know what you see http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/attachment...ttachmentid=286
  8. Angry: You've done what you can do. To us the "consumer" you've done what most woln't and we thank you for that. If your willing to hang your self out there to represent what WE want and expect from our mobo's I couldn't ask anymore. If DFI wants to place that against you then I have to question there values in the customer. We depend on you being the voice for us and as a result they SHOULD listen to what you have to say; even if it hurts. Again thank you, Jeff
  9. Yeah I've hosed the install before going to high on the FSB even without the memory divider. What blows my mind is how did setting the memory to 5:4 cause a physical fault in the Plat Rev. 2? This memory has been working fine for months now and all of a sudden I install a new BIOS change the divider and it's faulty. Seems like one hell of a coencidence. But none the less the Rev. 2's woln't even pass POST now. I'm up and running on my old memory.
  10. Wow well I'm not sure what happened. Well besides I have two sticks of Plat. Rev 2 that are dead. I updated the BIOS set the divder to 5:4 and changed the FSB to 265. I'm able to run that speed at 1:1 with a x14 multi no problem at all. I save changes and restart and notta, woln't complete post. Dead as a door nail. Next obvious step is reset the bios but it's still dead. Change the memory to my old PC3200 OCZ Golds and boom everything works. Put the Plat 2 back in and some sort of BIOS checksum error on post. Baffled as to what could of happened but to say the least I was not succesfull and don't think I'll try again.
  11. BigStan: Hey man! I've been busy with a new home thats under construction. For some silly reason it takes precedence over the computer hobby. I noticed you have a few new goodies in your sig. Lando95: Thanks for link. Think I'll give this one a shot and see what if any performance increase I see on my large SATA's.
  12. There's a bunch of pics in here to explain it better then I can. Link
  13. There's 6 of them really. 3 in the front and 3 in the rear. Yeah they are the Sanyo 110cfm fans. I run them at 7v though as they cool just as well at that speed.
  14. I'm running the Swiftech and it mounts well to the DFI boards. It's the least restrictive out of the bunch right now. If DD is smart he will follow that lead and make a NB block that doesn't affect the entire loop with a restriction. Well see. Here's a pic of mine with a Swifty in place.
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