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  1. Yeah, I know cases can do that but I don't want to buy a new case just to get front USB and Firewire. Thanks for the tip about the BayOne 3.5.
  2. Does anyone know of a front panel USB/Firewire device that uses the motherboards headers instead of running cables to plug into the back ports?
  3. I was never able to get MemTest86 to work. It always would just cause the machine to reboot after it got past the bios.
  4. Anyone have the link to the 10/15 bios? I need to revert.
  5. So my machine went into a power off / reboot loop when Windows XP got to the logon screen.
  6. I set it to 1.3v since it runs perfectly stable at that voltage. The lower the voltage, the cooler it runs and my goal is a silent PC. I just recently set it to auto because I picked up a 6600GT and my machine immediately locks up in 3D mode. It worked fine with my 9800 Pro but I'm just eliminating the CPU as a possible culprit.
  7. I set CPU VID to Auto, and my voltage is currently 1.3v. I had manually set it to 1.3v, but now I want the default voltage back. I have rebooted, powered off, set the value ten times, but auto is always setting the core to 1.3v. Any help? Thanks
  8. If 1GB DIMMs were cheaper, I'd just buy one of those and be done with it.
  9. I have a CG 3000+ w/ 2 DIMMs and it doesn't work.
  10. Will there ever be a fix for the users who are having Cool 'n Quiet issues?
  11. You can also tell it to use your soundcard to do the beep. Then you can control the volume.
  12. Don't forget the sempron doesn't have X86-64
  13. I assume your amp is in digital mode?
  14. I think it's the readings because mine are super weird. It says my -12 is actually -9 and my -3.3 is almost 0.
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