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  1. Thats what I thought as well but some have said they received CG cores and can't by what Newegg list as the stepping. Personally, I thought all DTR 1mb cache were CG cores.
  2. My understanding is the PC3700EL Plat also carries the TCCD chips, same as the PC3200EL Plat rev2. Difference being the rev2 can do really tight timings at 200 but obviously if you own a DFI your not running stock, right? I think the 3700 will match the rev2 when both OCed to the max. I say get whats cheaper. Also check out Mushkin's new stick...........http://www.mushkin.com/epages/Mushkin.stor...uct/View/991355 What I like about that is you can buy just 1x512 where as OCZ is tough to find without having to buy a dual channel kit. Mushkin also carries the TCCD chips, some even say it has the new Samsung die of TCCD which supposively like voltage as well.
  3. If I was buying today it would be 939 system. A new 3500+ Winchester/MSI Neo2 combo with any TCCD chips is as good as it gets. Easily reach your 2.5-2.6 goal with that setup, plus its easier to run 2 sticks with the dual memory controller, though I can run 2x512 of OCZ PC3200EL Plat. rev2 at 270htt without errors, anything above my memory controller craps out. If you decide 754 then I suggest DFI UT LP/3400+DTR. The 11x will come in handy and prolly have a better chance at 2.6 over the 3200+DTR, which I have and will bench at 2.7 and run 2.55 everyday use. Goodluck with your choice. FYI, your Mushkin bh-5 sticks will run better on the DFI over the MSI Neo2. The MSI Neo seems pretty picky about ram chips.
  4. Like to make a comment on this silicone theory. Just received a new 3200+ NC CG from Newegg from a RMA. Here's the stepping..... ADA3200AEP4AX CBAZC 0434VPEW 1067824I40097 So if we go by the week this chip should have the new so called silicone. Don't know really how to tell. Maxes out at 2.75 on water where as my old 0421 benched at 2.85. Doesn't seem to be any quicker in SuperPI either. Maybe I just have a crappy stepping who knows.
  5. I would erase the drive and write zeros thru the whole drive. Then I would replace the SATA cable. Use SATA3 on your board. Just seems odd your getting such corruption with your Ballistix. Have you ran LifeGuard from WD and see if your drive is good? Could of been damaged right from the start.
  6. There's no doubt if this is your first Amd64 bit system then 939 is the way to go. Get yourself that new Winchester/MSI Neo2 combo, though I'm not sure how your ram will work on this board. And Yes the MSI seems be at the top when it comes to 939 boards.
  7. I'm not sure AMD included any 754 chips with the new silicone, thought only the 939's. Hope I'm wrong. Anyways I know the 3200+ NC CG 0421 that I have will bench at 2.8 on water, I haven't seen anyone with a 0432 post at anything over that, though I don't doubt that than can.
  8. No problems here with DFI UT/3200+DTR combo. Maxed out around 10x270htt for benching and 10x260 everyday use. Not sure if the shipped bios will boot with the DTR as I already flashed to the lastest 10/15 beta before installing mine. I think it will post so you might want to get a floppy ready and flash before installing OS.
  9. If your Raptors had a previous OS installed sometimes the XP or W2K setup doesn't always erase your drive. I suggest using the WesterDigital software on their site and erasing your entire drive back to zero's. If you need the link just say so. Make sure your using SATA 3 or 4 when OCing. You don't need to enable raid when using just a single drive on SATA.
  10. nothing wrong with retail as you get the 3yr warranty but not sure if all the new steppings are going to be CG cores as they tend to OC better than the CO's. Atleast with the OEM's your basically seeing what your buying before hand as Newegg tells you the stepping. I bought a 3200+ retaill last week at Newegg for a customer and it was a CG core. So I would think your chances of a CG core in a retail box are good.
  11. Newegg has the 3200 and 3400+ OEM's in stock. Both are NC meaning 512 not 1mb cache and are CG cores meaning they both should OC nicely with good aircooling or water. I personally think the 3200+ will do nicely, it has a 11x and if your ram scales well you'll reach 2.5 without blinking. The 3400+ will OC good as well but my thinking is the 3200+ will scale just as high as the 3400 for less money. Get the 3200+ OEM and a nice heatsink/fan combo and don't look back. Just my suggestion. Either chip will do what you want it to do.
  12. If you want the highest OC get a 3200+ NC CG core. Newegg has them around $186 for a OEM. This OC like mad. No problems reaching 2.5 on air, mine is benchable up to 2.85 on water not ice water either. I have a 3200+DTR as well doing 10x265 at 1.75v. Thats a nice 600mhz+ OC from stock. Though I would go for the 3400+DTR just because of having a higher multiplier is nice to have. Really good PS is a must.
  13. If you want the highest OC get a 3200+ NC CG core. Newegg has them around $186 for a OEM. This OC like mad. No problems reaching 2.5 on air, mine is benchable up to 2.85 on water not ice water either. I have a 3200+DTR as doing well 10x265 at 1.75v. Thats a nice 600mhz+ OC from stock. Though I would go for the 3400+DTR just because of having a higher multiplier is nice to have. Really good PS is a must.
  14. Clem, I have both boards you've mentioned. Your bh-6 chips should and will work better on the DFI. I can't estimate how high they will go but you can expect better performance installed on the LP. I'm testing some older Corsair PC3500 bh-5 sticks at the moment, didn't take a liking in my MSI but 2x256 doing nicely at 255htt with very tight timings 2-2-6-2 at 3.20v. Though this lastest beta bios allows up to 4v on vdimm I would need to modd my PS and increase my 3.3v line to take advantage of that extra voltage. The best ram for your MSI or your new DFI would be OCZ PC3200EL Platinum rev2. But I would hold out just a bit as it seems Samsung as changed their die on your latest TCCD chips thats allowing tighter timings similar to the bh-5 chips I'm testing now. I think Mushkin PC3200 level2 ver.2 might be the first offering these so called different chips.............http://www.mushkin.com/epages/Mushkin.stor...uct/View/991355 Like AG suggested anything with TCCD or Micron chips seem to be the ticket on the DFI. I have a stick of 512mb Crucial Ballistix PC3200 as well and can't quite keep up with my OCZ EL Plat. rev2. FYI, the lastest beta bios 1.56b works very well on your Plat. Don't know if you tried it yet or not. Give it a shot. Overall both are really nice boards the DFI gives you alittle more options to play with making more enjoyable if you like tinkering, if not save your money.
  15. Thanks for the heads up. Did you see any increase in game play, smoother maybe and more FPS? Thanks again.
  16. Think I'm going to reformat today with XP64. Thanks for the links Shroom and the sticky AG. Though before I start I doubt I'll be able to run my Nascar2003 on 64, would that be safe to say?
  17. Seems like alot of chipset voltage don't ya think? I've left mine at stock 1.6v. Maybe thats causing the instability that I'm encounting. Will increase and see what happens.
  18. Yeah, not very encouraging is it. I think my memory controller on this particular cpu is not craptioning correctly. It totally goes to crap when I try to run 2x512 even at default settings, that and being a real bad OCer. Yup sending it back gonna try the new 3400+ NC Newegg just got in. If my 3200+ NC can do 2.8 just hoping the new 3400+ can do sligtly better.
  19. I'm trying a 3200+DTR in my LP and not very happy with it. Tried the 9/14 and 10/15 bios and get same results. Seems ok at 10x200htt but increasing the htt is making everything unstable. Possible I have a bad DTR as I'm sending it back to Newegg and getting something else.
  20. Well the AP stands for a CO core which does not OC as well as the CG's like mine ending in AR. What bios are you running? Using the 10/15 here. Here's a pic of my temps as well.....no problem with voltage.
  21. Here's my 3200 DTR just got in today. CPU-Z identifies it the same as the attachment. Install and run this program this will tell you your CPU string...........http://cbid.amdclub.ru/files/cbid73t.zip Post your attachment once your done. The circle in my attachment is my CPU stepping.
  22. Anychance Oskar can come up with a bios that gives us members the option to enable bank interleaving. This has shown to give a nice increase in bandwidth. Why I ask is on my MSI Neo-FSR I max out around 250htt 1t but with the LP I can reach over 300htt easily, but my MSI at 250htt is just as fast say at 275htt on my LP, even after tightening up the ram settings alittle. I feel not all LP owners are running over 250htt and really could benefit with bank interleaving enbled. Just a suggestion. Sandra shows bank interleaving enabled on my MSI and not on my DFI. I assuming I can reach these insanse htt speeds because of that reason.
  23. Yup, I've noticed that as well compared to my MSI K8N Neo. Even with the huge difference in bandwidth it seems my MSI compares favorably in 3dmark at only 250htt. Need to do alittle more tweaken.
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