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  1. here's all the official and beta bios's you will need. http://www.lejabeach.com/DFI/dfiut250gb/dfiut250gbbios.html Goodluck, you'll be happy with the DFI
  2. Your actually correct. My Neo-FSR is newer version and which actually fixed alot of issues with the Plat series. I could even tell my FSR is slightly faster than the POS Plat I had, though I doubt everyones Plat acted as bad as mine did. Also MSI has launched many more bios's since this review and actually made the board slightly faster, atleast I'm finding this with my FSR. Bottom line like many said I doubt anyone would notice any speed difference at stock. I have no problems suggesting the DFI to anyone.
  3. Its not fair to compare bandwidth as the MSI only runs 290 at 2t while the DFI 1t. Even you know better than to use Sandra to see which board is faster. I've ran test with the MSI at 10x255 1t against the DFI 9x285 1t and the scores within 60pts with the DFI on top. Obviously I keep the DFI in my box since I'm able to run 1t over 300htt, which I'm not complaining one bit. But everytime MSI launches a new bios I throw the MSI back in to test. Matter of fact their most recent one actually has some DFI options in it. Making make sure Oskar isn't moonlighting.
  4. My setup in my DFI is fine thank you very much. I think many underlook the performance of bank interleave. Sorry if my post bothers DFI owners and employees but the poster asked a question and I gave a honest answer.
  5. Hope I don't get sent to the bad corner for this but here goes........... My MSI K8N Neo-FSR(non Platinum) is faster than my DFI at stock speeds. Matter of fact my MSI is still faster up to 250htt as this is my limit my ram will run 1t at. Obviously with bank interleave disabled on the DFI LP it allows monster OC's up to 300htt and beyond as we can take full potential of todays ram modules. DFI is still plenty fast at stock speeds but if stock is all you want to run then MSI is my first choice, the board is just plain fast. Almost all reviews as the MSI as the cream of the crop or atleast top 2 but now since the release of the DFI LP all other 754 boards hardly get looked at. Bottom line is I have my fastest 3dmark01 with my DFI and thats running my ram at 295 1:1 but barely edges out my MSI at only 255 1:1 at same timings.
  6. Is this with 1 stick or 2? If 2 dont' use slots 2&3 use any of the other 2 combinations.
  7. First of all you don't need to be running with any divider with the ram you have. This ram will do over 270htt 1:1 pretty easy. As for the divider question, make sure your set to 166 in the bios and when you F10 and save and reboot check the bios again just to make sure the bios saved your changes.
  8. The 9/14 beta seems to like my 3200+DTR the best. I've tried the 10/5 and 10/15 and like the 9/14 the best followed by the 10/5 and 10/15. For some reason the 10/15 didn't bring out the best on my DTR. btw, interested what week your DTR is?
  9. If his sticks are single sided they should and will OC higher than your double sider 512mb sticks. Matter of fact even if his 256 are double sided they should still OC better than double sided 512's.
  10. I notice my LP for some reason will not boot up with the vcore I set to in the bios even after I saved and checked it again. Luckily have a few cpu's that can boot up pretty high with low voltage. I can see where this poster is coming from, some might see it more than others if they constantly like to play in the bios. Example is when I set my vcore to 1.55+110% I still boot up with 1.55v. Like I said this doesn't seem to be a huge issue for me but it does exist on my board but more times than not the board will boot up with the correct voltage as input in the bios.
  11. Do be honest the DFI will OC alot better than your current board. Seems 250htt is pretty easy to obtain on this board, obviously we need to take into conderation of your ram. Your PS worries me alittle as your ram voltage feeds off the 3.3v on the DFI. Do you know off hand what chips are on your Corsair?
  12. dam, that sux. I don't see a hardware issue in your sig, all looks good. What is the bios reporting for temps, though I know your watercooling just want to make sure your block is making good contact with cpu.
  13. If your not already using the SATA ports above the AGP slot then do so, your OC will greatly improve pending upon your cpu and ram. CO rev tends not to OC as well as the CG's. Maybe you should make a sig with your current specs so we can further comment on your situation.
  14. Really all depends if your 3400+ is a CG or CO core. How much voltage does it need to make 2.5 stable? Whats your cooling on your cpu? Next step is easy just leave your memory at 250htt and set your multiplier to 11x and see if it will boot. You might and prolly need more vcore to get there. Best to even start with multi 11x and set your ram at 240htt and slowly increase it. PS. You might want to make a sig with specs before the big boys see this thread.
  15. Thanks for all the suggestions. For those that don't know N2003 stands for Nascar 2003 obviously racing sim. Viper, that was was my next step, though my friend with a Chaintech VNF3 250 is still using directx 8.1 loaded on his XP, again though he's using a nvidia agp. Will trying everything mentioned in this thread and can ya posted. Thanks again.
  16. These are my symptoms, sometimes the game will just freeze and I can hear the game continue to play. Other times I will loose signal to my monitor completely. Again this happens when even at default settings and not OCing my video card. Most definitely a driver conflict somewhere. If this helps using W2K, SP4 and directx 9b. Thanks for the reply. Lets keep in mind this happens has well with my friends PC MSI Neo Plat/ ATI 9600XT. Pretty much exactly same drivers has myself. The game is N2003, my other friend just built up a 64bit system as well with a cheap G3 Ti200 and has zero problems with the game. This happens in other games as well so I know its not a N2003 issue.
  17. Fast writes have been turned off and tried with enable and same results. Why more VAGP? Seems odd I would need to do this, is this normal for all NF3 setups?
  18. Before I blow my head off this is not a DFI problem. Seems I'm having a serious driver issue with my 9800Pro and my NF3 board. My system randomly freezes at will while online gaming, does when my system even at default settings. I've tried my DFI LP and MSI Neo and get same results. Things I've tried: Different Nvidia chipset drivers 4.27 thru to the new beta 6.10's Tried different Cat drivers and even some Omega's Disabled VPU in the control panel Must be something I'm missing cause my friends pc I built with a 9600XT is doing the same, obviously I used the same drivers as myself. I thought after 2 weeks I could figure this out but I'm at the point where I'm ready to throw my pc out the window. I'm desperate:(
  19. cantankerous, I have a 3200+DTR sitting here doing nothing. Its a nice chips can bench it at 2.7 but seems best home around 2.55 with my watercooling. Stepping is as follows: AMA3200BEX5AR CAACC 0422XPMW No problems sending it to Canada, I live in MA.
  20. Personally I would get the OCZ PC3200EL Plat rev2. just for the simple fact their using the BrainPower PCB which makes them alittle more OCable. Also the Ballistix seems to generate more heat as well. I ended up removing the Ballistix heatspreader and runs much cooler.
  21. I have the OCZ PC3200EL Plat. rev2 and Crucial Ballistix PC3200 both do very well on my DFI. Ballistix will go to 300htt at 3-3-3-8-1t and basically stops there while the OCZ will hit 320htt 2.5-3-3-8-1t and will go higher if I drop the timings more. The Ballistix though will do 2.5-2-2-8-1t up to 255htt at 3.0v, the OCZ can only mustard those timings up to around 240htt or so. If you looking for the highest OC than the OCZ or GSkill is the way to go but for tighter timings around the 250-260 the Ballistix or OCZ EB sticks or even some bh-5 sticks but be prepared to mod you PS and up to 3.2vdimm.
  22. You ask you shall receive..............http://dban.sourceforge.net/ This will completely destroy any data on your disk. This won't check your drive for errors though. Goodluck
  23. Are you saying the chassis fan is working at all or just reporting fan speed? If not working try flashing your bios, I know it sounds silly but I personally experienced this before though not on my DFI.
  24. Running 1 drive on SATA does not require you to install any drivers whats so ever. Just hook up your drive to SATA3 or 4, leave raid disabled in the bios. I remember myself having this exact same issue on a MSI Neo before my DFI. I couldn't get W2K setup to recognize my drive. What happened somehow my Raptor became corrupted, I used WD LifeGuard to erase my drive and set the entire drive back to zeros. That worked for me. If Samsung a piece of software similar to WD then I would check your drive with it. Also if you go into the bios and look under first boot priority does it see your drive?
  25. Gixxer, here's http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...t=44647&page=5a thread on the TCCD chips I was referring too.............. You'll see a member purchased the new Mushkin and getting lousy results. Prolly want to stick with OCZ.
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